May 9, 2016

Why do you need to invest on travel NOW?

Do you know how I started traveling solo? I have a business where I sell products. I have customers from Singapore who orders the product and pays for the delivery fee. I gathered number of orders and instead of paying the courier to deliver their orders, I just bought a plane ticket and I deliver it to them, alone! And that's my first solo travel story :) Yeaaah, Making ways to travel even without a money...

"Travel changed my life and how I see and appreciate the beauty of life. Travel is inside me. Travel is a necessity. Travel will open your mind. Travel will make you smart. And travel will make you ready for whatever challenges in life that you could have. For me, everyone should get out of their comfort zones, and see what we are missing in the world because once you go out and travel, you'll be surprised on how much you are missing in your life"- Trishie dela Cruz, me! :D hehe

Left to right: MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge USA., New York Time Square, Statue of Liberty, Airplane view from Chicago, Harvard University, Boston USA. 

You might not own the most expensive car in the world, nor the biggest house on earth. But one thing is for sure your dreams are bigger than those things. Have you heard stories about people who quits their job just to travel? Well, because “Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. “ Yes and yes! I agree. Not all the people will understand it most especially when they haven't experience it. But once you do? You'll say that traveling is something that is inside you. It is something that gives you life. It's an addiction. Here are the things why traveling is an investment. 

1. You cannot buy memories. During your first plane ride, I know you can still remember how your heart pounds when the plane is about to take-off. A simple memory like this is something you can’t buy, the feeling, the sweaty palms, the nausea you’ve felt, the wonderful “I-feel-like-flying” you experience; all of these cannot buy with money.

2. You grow as a person. When you are totally pissed and tired from work, the first thing you have in mind is to take some time-off, not for the sake of the company that you are working with, but for yourself. You go on a vacation and unplug yourself from the real world; while having a beer on your right hand and a book on your left while watching the ocean glistening right before your eyes, your mind do all those realizations about life, about work, about everything in life. And when you get back, you become a different person, and most of all you grow as an existing human being.

3. It restores your belief in humanity. Most especially when you travel alone, there comes to a point that you really cannot get on how to read your map or in-short you are LOST. Yes, when you break the good news to your family that you have decided to take that trip of a lifetime, the usual thing that you will hear from them is “Traveling… Alone? Are you out of your mind? Isn’t that scary?”. Everyone is scared and you are excited, how peculiar feeling is that? But you still go on and do it. Then, on your journey you will meet people who will help you get the next cab, who will tell you how to go the substation, who will try to help you without any motives to harm you. And sometimes, you will experience bad things that will make you even more stronger: You will learn how to trust and feel the vibes of a person bit by bit.

My home in the Philippines

4. It gives you a taste of the world. Different sides of the world, different continents, and different people. It allows you to embrace how the locals live, how they live it to the fullest! You will discover how things are made, you discover that there are some poorer or to others, richer countries than yours and lets you embrace the beauty of life, the beauty of the world! You understand how they do it, and why they do it. You become part of them, you see things through their eyes!

5. You gain self-confidence. If you are struggling with your self-confidence, I advise you to travel alone. Aside from facing your fears, you allow yourself to be yourself, to talk to a complete stranger, to give yourself a boost of self-confidence. It might scare you at first, but believe me, it works! You will come back home braver and much more different in a good way than you were before.

My family in Boston

6.You see a whole new horizon. Everything becomes a routine that we all try to break. When you travel, your perspective becomes broader, you embrace the new horizons of life. It gives you an idea how lucky you are in this world, from the people you meet and from the things you see. The best advice you can get is from a stranger; it strikes you like a lightning and one day you wake up and have decided to change the old you into a version 2.0.

7.You learn to trust yourself. Becoming true to yourself is one of the spice in the pillars of success. You cannot buy trust, you gain it. And by traveling, trusting yourself is one of the hardest battle you will ever encounter. You will meet people who won’t be as good as you have thought, who will frustrate you, who will break you. But the bits and pieces of those that you have experienced will let you learn how to trust yourself. That in the end, you will realize that you can only “love many and trust a few”.

8.It teaches you more about life than the 4 corners of your cubicle in your 9 to 5 job. It exposes you to the real world! It is an Investment that cannot be snatched by anyone from you, it’s like education. And guess what? I've heard a lot of stories where they got a job because they talked about their travel experiences on their interviews. Because travel is an investment that you can share to anybody! When you’re old and cannot travel anymore, it is the stories that you will tell to your grandchildren! It’s like investing memories in your head, because in the future someone will benefit from it; it can be yourself too!

New York Grand Central

10.It gives you real friends and connection around the world! Yes, you can definitely say that "The world is small" while you travel. You will meet locals and you will have a friend and you know where will you go once you visit that country, and even though you travel just in the neighboring countries, you will still get to meet different nationalities from the other side of the world who are also traveling just like you. For example, when I was in Malaysia, I gathered friends from New York, France, Brazil etc. And how cool is it to have facebook friends from different parts of the world? How cool is it to say that "Oh, I have a friend in New York that bla bla bla bla", or when you randomly had a conversation about the country you visit, you'll say "Oh, Japan? I met a friend there that bla bla bla". And guess what? You could see something new in your facebook newsfeed from around the world because of your new travel friends' posts. Nothing is cooler than that rather than the material things!! 

11.Opportunities! It is really an investment because you will see a lot of unique products that the country is famous for, that you cannot see in your country, and if you have the guts to do a business, then traveling will make you an entrepreneur, just like me!! Whenever I travel, I always look for items that I could sell in different parts of the world! And guess what? You could also meet entrepreneurs or connections that could help you in the field of life that you are in right now. Can you see now how traveling is totally an investment? Me, even though I haven't traveled the whole world yet, but still, I already have a global connection around the whole world now and I have a place to stay in wherever part of the world. Whether it's my first time to stay on that country or not. 

My new friends from Harvard Architecture :) 
My new family from around the world! 

12.Lastly, it gives you happiness. Years back, only rich people can afford to travel. They have these private jets and having a toast first class up in the sky, we can’t blame rich people if those luxurious things makes them happy. But now in our 20-something-century-modern-day anyone can afford to travel with DLC Backpackers most especially that we offer installment plan without a credit card! Well, traveling gives you sense of fulfillment, a carefree liberty, and a sense of happiness. If you are reading this up to this point, now I'm telling you,  go ahead and grab every opportunities where you can travel! Explore the world, fill your eyes with places and faces, hope and happiness!


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"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"

Why do you need to invest in travel NOW?

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