Nov 4, 2015

How to dream? Set Goals. Set Bucket Lists. With your love one!

Srsly, Our dreams and bucket lists are the reasons on why we are goal driven and we are so determined to do productive things in our life.
P.S. Being productive is different from being busy smile emoticon
It's definitely true that money can't buy happiness, but it can give you something that will make you enjoy the life in the world, to the fullest.
I don't believe in Luck. But I believe in principles. And I believe in a choice. In the real-life-lesson, walang mayaman walang mahirap. Lahat pantay-pantay. And everyone has a choice. You make your life. Not other's life. Everyone has a power to choose on what life do you want. Sabi nga ni Dom, "You choose on what road you will go. Pwedeng mas mahaba, mas mahirap o mas malubak na daan, pero mas maganda naman yung destination". Us, we choose to travel and to do some extreme experiences and adventures and enjoy life to the fullest! That's why we do productive things-to make money, not just to have something to post on facebook. But it's not just that, we plan. And it feels so good to do and see things physically na dating tinitignan and pinapanuod mo lang sa internet. Just like the saying goes, "Work hard, play hard!", and "Money can't buy happiness, but I prefer to cry on a Mercedes, than on a bus" 👌🏽 ... But more than anything of these, still, the best feeling is to touch people's lives. It is something that no amount of money could buy.... Help? Or make a change? Or do nothing? And when I say nothing, I mean deep. You choose.
Oh, by the way, earlier this morning while I was out in the neighbor-wandering, there's a neighbor friend whom I talked with; I believe that he's a God's instrument for me. A messenger. And the best lesson (out of many) that I picked up for this day is;
Me: "Angswerte nyo po no kasi may mga kaibigan kayong mga nakakasama pa din sa adventures kahit matanda na kayo... Mga kaibigang totoo... Ako po kasi I learned that as we grow older, we'll realize who are the real people to us."
Him:"Totoo yan, totoo yan. Dumadating tayo sa punto na tumatawid tayo sa tulay. Tapos yung akala mong maraming nakasunod sayo, pag lingon mo, wala pala. Pero pagdating mo dun sa kabilang side, dun mo sila makikilala. Pero mahirap un. Bilang na bilang lang talaga ung mga mahahanap mong mga ganung kaibigan, o kapartner"
I am lucky enough that I have a partner who dreams with me while we do the goals, together. He's really an answered prayers, literally smile emoticon And yes! We are indeed a team. Partners in crime", sabi nga nila. . 
I am more than blessed. And I thank you God. You have given me more than enough challenges in life and you know that I didn't let you down. And I think that this is your reward for me. And thanks for letting me know who are the real people in my life. Thanks for giving me many mentors and instruments who play, or, played, a great role and lesson in my life. Those who taught me. And thanks for giving me a wonderful family smile emoticon To the highest being, everything that I do is for you. Because the challenges that you gave me taught me how to never stop loving and understanding life. Thanks for answering my prayers... Unti-unti, tinutupad nyo na lahat ng pangarap ko... And I'm hoping for the best. I know that you won't let me down smile emoticon

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