Sep 29, 2015

Business Class (5 Motivational Quotes To Chase Your Dreams)

Hows everyone? Me, I'm here at the airport waiting for my delayed flight :( That's why I made this short blog post :) 

Here are 5 motivational quotes to keep you moving and chasing your dreams :) 

"IMPOSSIBLE only means that you haven't found the solution yet"

"While most people dream of success, WINNERS, wake up and work hard to achieve it"

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"

"If it doesn't challenge you, it wont change you"

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for" 

Sep 15, 2015

The Difference Between Joy and Happiness (Finally! I've started my book!)


I dedicate this book to my haters. To all the person who doesn't believe on me and to those who doubted on me and eyed me. You made me this far. 
I dedicate this book to all the people who never stopped believing in me. Who never stopped supporting me-whether I know them personally or not. To the people who are still here by my side. To my family, to my mentors, to my REAL friends, to my exes, to my pets, to all the kids and animals in this world and to the mother earth; and most especially, to my bestfriend-boyfriend that served my strength and who completes me. You guys are my life. And you complete this book. You are my inspiration. 

"You are the trigger to my gun. My gun is my book", and you are the trigger on how I will start my book. How did you become the trigger? By questioning my happiness. Now, you gave me a hint. 

I've been day dreaming or even night-dreaming on my book ever since I was a child.I tried to start to write about my life,  I've tried to start to write a love story novel, and so on. But I never finished it until a new chapter in my life comes along the way already and what was I already written is already left behind. Now, I'm in a whole new chapter of my life and I've been writing my book only on my mind and my brain. No more starting. Unorganized. Rambled thoughts. But one thing is for sure, one purpose in my life is to finish this book. 

If you only know, how so eager I am to write this book and I started telling myself that I will start to write my book for like for 2 years ago already but I have never started the new version of the book yet. I don't know where to start. Until this girl said that "Hindi lang siguro talaga sya masaya sa buhay at relationship na meron sya. Yung mga ganyang klase ng tao, hindi magiging masaya kahit kelan" may pa quote quote pa yan na "No matter how hard you try, you will never be". 
Dang! That was the trigger. I never think that a stupidity or bitterness or blindness or insecurity of a person will trigger me. "#SorryNotSorry" 😂 I always believe that everything happens for a reason. And now, this is the reason why I have haters. And I am really such grateful that I have them. No great person doesn't have a hater, that's for sure. 

I am never easily get offended to my haters. Whether they say that I am feeling famous, or I am kirat or whatever the fuck they say about me, I just laugh at it. The last time that I answered publicly and really got offended on a hater was way back 2010, when the girl told me "Nanay mo nga may sakit diba, sana mamatay na nanay mo". That's the only words that she said that triggered me. While "Yung kotse(my first car-2nd hand honda hatchback) mo angsarap pasabigun sa kabulukan", "magtrabaho ka na kaylangan mo pa mgtrabaho para makapagaral eh", "yung kinikita mo sa business mo baon ko lang", those words doesn't even considered as a trigger because I just laughed at those and I'm still laughing until now. Because she became my trigger and now, I made her eat everything that she said. I'm sure, some of you who follows my life, still remembers her. And I will not drop a name. 

Same situation again for this year. A group of haters are saying "Kirat", "You are famous", "You were never on top anyway", "Stop fooling yourselves that you love each other", "slut in everyone's story" "low class", "pathetic life", "pokpok", ohhh... It's so last decade 😂 So high school!! :)) Such a pretenders.  I pity them. I don't laugh now. But I pity. You can clearly see bitterness. And you can clearly see the truth. But I was not triggered by those words. I can still handle those words because I know the truth and I can see the immaturity of the people who have said that just like my previous haters. But in all fairness, coming from a girl that I didn't expect, told me that I am not happy and that I will never become happy. I don't know, but I'm telling you again, that THAT IS REALLY THE MOST STUPIDEST (Yes, most na stupidest pa) THING THAT I'VE EVER HEARD. Later on, you will learn why. And I thank you so much. Because you are there for a reason. For me to learn. And to really learn on how to handle haters. Because your ex-boyfriend taught me how, because he learned too! Hihi.  "This is what I've learned sa nangyari, learn to ignore. Kasi kahit anong sabihin mo as in kahit anong sabihin mo, hindi nila yun maiintindihan kasi iba ung utak nila. Mababa pa sila magisip masyado kaya di nila maiintindihan. Masyado pang immature and di pa nila naiintindihan yung buhay at kung ano na yung naiintindihan natin sa totoong buhay. Kaya lalala lang kung papansinin mo, e di naman nila maiintindihan kahit anong mangyari". Because of those haters, I proved how much my boyfriend protects me and loves me. He told my haters these: "She didn't say that she's famous, but I'm sure that she's better than ALL OF YOU, BIG TIME" 😍😍😍 and "No matter what will happen, I will defend my girl"- No words can explain how much blessed I am to have this kind of man(and this is another story) And, of course, the best thing that this hater that has impacted in my life was to give me an introduction to my book. Thank you so much! Because you have given me another reason to move forward. You don't know how much I really wanted to write a book. And thank you for being my trigger to start :) 


Do you really know what happiness is?
Well for me, this is such a big and broad word. 
What is JOY?
Do you know what's the difference of joy between happiness? 
I'm currently enrolled in the SCHOOL OF LIFE masteral in JOY AND LOVE. 
Let me educate you, "young lady".

A great person(I forgot the name and where I read it) once said "You can never live a real life, unless you understand the difference of Joy and Happiness" 

Happiness, happiness is the fulfillment of your wants. It is a satisfaction. A pleasure. Or, enjoyment. No one has ever become sad when he or she owns an iphone? Right? That's happiness...
What is Joy? Joy is a feeling. It is something that you feel when you feed your pet. What will matter if you feed your pet? Nothing, but there's this feeling that put a joy in your heart, whenever you feed them. And by just observing them how cute they are, there's a joy in your heart. right? That's the example of Joy. It's a product of passion. A product of love. It's a compassion. 
Well, you can be happy and have that state of "Happiness" even if it's a product of evil. Right? But not in Joy. 

Now let me tell you my dear frienemy, I am HAPPY and at the same time JOYFUL because I have the FREEDOM. 

And I think that FREEDOM is the best factor to give you the joy and happiness in life. 

Yes I have freedom. FREEDOM in my life and in my choices. 

Freedom to travel the world from inside the country to outside the country. From exploring the cities to exploring the cultures and the nature. 
I have the freedom to sleep and relax and regain energy and meditate and not be anxious. Yes, I sleep 8hours a day above. And I never forced myself to wake up when I don't wanna wake up yet. (Well yeah I think this is some kind of a wrong attitude but I'm still fixing it).
I have the freedom to have a day-off on my, let's not say work, but responsibilities.
And most of all, 
Freedom to reinvent my self from time to time and just do everything that I love. 
I have a freedom to become a CHILD AT HEART. The bible says: 
"You can never enter the kingdom of heaven unless you become a child"
And that is not easy to understand. I'm telling you, I don't have a religion, but I have faith and belief. And I will explain it further in this book. 

And let me tell you my friends, THIS IS NOT "LUCK". THIS IS ABOUT YOURSELF. This is about you, understanding your life yourself. If I am here on this state of level of life's happiness and joyfulness now, then you can too! It's all in the mind my friends. And it's all up to you. Not up to your school, not up to your boss, not up to your parents, well, it's all up to you. You can freely do it and easily if you understand things that should be really understood. The LIFE. And GOD. 

Well, maybe I am just a goal-driven and a dreamer catcher kind of person. And that made my personality. And that makes me. I didn't say that you need to study on a particular school or travel the world or whatever things that I am doing to become happy, it's just that, what I'm doing is me. Not you. I am just saying this for you to become inspired and be on the path. I see myself as this one. But you, is different. Maybe your happiness is to cook foods and take a lot of photographic memories, some of you just simply want to play or do something that you really likes to play or do. Then be it. But make sure to have balance. Some people are lucky because they already found theirselves early and they are really dedicated and passionate about the course that they enrolled in a university or school then it becomes easy for them to study. But some are not. Some people, they just found out what they really are and what they truly love after college. That's why it's never about the school or the course or if you're a graduate or not. It's about YOU yourself. "NASA TAO LANG YAN", and that's right. YOU control your life. And you can choose if you want to be happy NOW. Not later after you submit your task to your boss, not tomorrow if you finish the plates, and not in the future after you graduate. It is about NOW. Because if you will not start now, when? It is a never ending process. Sinong may sabi na walang forever (who says that there is no forever?) There is a forever. Forever tasks from your boss, forever traffic, forever bills, forver plates, forever work. There is a forever. So when are you going to start? Start living happily, the real life, and the real you, everyone has a "calling". Everyone has a purpose. When are you going to start living that life? If you start now, then you will start to feel the forever of love, joy, peace and happiness... Because when you start now, you will never feel like working again. 

Some of you will say that it's hard and it's impossible. But I am telling you, "NOT" is the answer. I have experienced living with a house but without a food, electricity, water, family, friends, but I only have rats and cockroaches in the house and a very few person who cares. Yes, sabi nga sakin "Grabe no, para ka lang nilagay sa isang lunga tapos pinabayaan". Well, don't judge yet. My saying always goes "You only know my name, not my story". 

I will set aside my life story for now, but what I'm telling you is, if I made it, then you can. I've been as poor as a rat before. Rat because I have a house, but I don't have the rest, even money. I've experienced that in my life. But I did it. I stood up. Step by step I fixed the house and made it better. Step by step I built myself. I stood up. I told my self "The more you fall, the more you master to stand up". It's not easy, I've been living with a lot of haters and people who will let you down. But I never let anyone of them become a hindrance for my happiness. To do what I love. To do ONLY WHAT I LOVE. 

Nothing is impossible but there is always a SACRIFICE. 

Say for example, me, I deprived myself from thinking that I am not yet a graduate while almost all of my batchmates are already graduating and talking about works. Because not enrolling in a school is a sacrifice. I didn't care about what others will think, but I cared for myself. I need to sacrifice the privilege to graduate early so I can find myself and what do I really want in my life. I sacrificed it because I want to save first for my education. I want a stable education where I will never be delayed on paying my tuition fee again. That's why I am working hard(but doesn't really feels like working) so I can sustain myself an education in the future. And so what If I'm not yet a graduate? At least I'm living a real life. A real life of freedom. At least, I know that one day, I will. Because It is my goal. And I will graduate. And when I go back to a Bachelor of Science education(Architecture) again, I'll make sure that I am already "READY". Ready in terms of I will never be late again or absent again(my weakness). 

Well, we are all different. This is just my own version of life story and it is me that made this. Because I just do everything that I love. I'm not a fan of entertainments. I love adventures and life lessons rather than entertainments. Maybe that's the con for me. When I was a kid, I was taught not to watch teleseryes and movies that I won't gain something.

I was given a privileges to study on whatever school that I want to study. (UST, Mapua, Ateneo) And that's a freedom on what school I wanna enter and what course I wanna learn. 
I have a freedom to study whatever I want, from piano and guitar,  to ballet and gymnastics and cheerleading, to universe and life and heart and soul. 
I have a freedom of life. Freedom to learn. I am just like a child who is free. Free to believe and listen only to my heart, not to anyone else. I have the freedom to love whoever I want. I have a freedom to help whoever I want. I have the freedom to write and touch and inspire and lead people without thinking of what might other people will say or think of me.

And let me tell you my friends, I am not telling this to boast or whatever. Just like what I am always saying, my life is not a walk in the park.  I am telling this because I want to give at least a little wake up call to everyone. 

A wake up call on what life really is. 
A wake up call on how you should be really doing to live your life? 

When are you going to start to live the real life and feel the real meaning of joy, life, love, and happiness? When? 

Sometimes, you think that you are living in a life. But what you are really living is in an illusion. Illusions made by humans itself. When are you going to live like a bird? A bird or butterfly that can fly freely? 

Our mind and lifestyle is already full of stress and pollution and hatreds and angers and wars and crimes and fears and media and politics and whatsoever fucking information that blinds us. When are you going to start living the real life? 

Sometimes, you're already too old to realize that you are missing the real life, when you are already not capable of doing the things that you should do when you are still young. Because you are too busy working for a living, where it should really be living and never feel like your working at all? When are you going to realize that?
Yes it's hard. And that's normal. Everything is hard. But you always have a choice. A choice to do things because of thinking about what other people might tell you or a choice to do things because you just love what you are doing?
Me, I can say that I am happy and joyful ever since in my life. Why? 
Because I love everything that I do. Yes there are challenges, but I never gave up and never lost hope. I am the person who never did a thing that I doesn't wanna do or love to do. Never. I'm such a very open person. My life is an open book. And I am just real ever since in my life. And that is freedom. That is joy. Joy of doing only what you want and what you love, for the better. Despite of all the challenges and miserable things that happened in my life, I can always still smile whole heartedly. I am always thankful and I never stop growing and learning. 

And most of all, I already found my purpose in life. I found myself. And I know what I really want in life now. That's a very hard process. I've been to a lot of things and experiences. I've met a lot and different kinds of people from elites to the lowest level. And I know that I touch people's lives. They may never learned my name because maybe he's a street children or she's a traveler or an OFW in a foreign country, but I know that I left them a story and a wisdom that they will never forget in their lives. I may never see them again, I may forget their faces, but to know in your heart that you touch people's lives, that's the greatest happiness that you could ever achieve in your life. What more if you can change a person's life to a beautiful or better life? Then that's a jackpot. 

Life is Joy. Joy is Love. And life is love. This is happiness. This is freedom. 

REAL Life and Love and Happiness. These are some of the scopes of my book.  Other scopes of my soon to be book are: 













And most of all, my life story. And I bet you, that you will read the most amazing story that you could ever hear,  for this generation. Even better than Steve Jobs I think.

This generation is the worst generation. And I became the eyes of this generation. And I will become the voice. 

I will prove in my book that still,
"Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan"

I found my happiness... My happiness is just simple. To love. I may not be together with my family physically, but since that I already understood what love is, We can still feel each other's love even though we are far away from each other. I'm already happy and contented enough that they are there for me. That I am still their bunso and their little princess. Then once in a while, we see each ofher and we explore and travel the world together. At the same time, I still have an on going dreams for my family, for my future family, and for myself. And I never and will never stop loving. And this is life. 

Pls help me construct the book that I'm writing. If you become a part of my life, or if you happened to meet or get acquainted with me or even if you just know me through internet or gossips or chismis hehe, please share it with me. How we've met, how you've known me, what do you want to say to me or whatever. If I've hurt you, please tell me, so I could learn, and I'm sorry. If you hate me, please tell me why so I could learn again. Pls also send a picture of us, if ever that you have one. consider this as kunyare "Testimonial" during friendster time. You could also ask me a question. 
Email me your thoughts at or drop a message on facebook, /trishiedc or just simply fill up the form in this link need to say your name if you don't want to. Thank You in advance! You will become a part and great contribution in my book! :)
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