Aug 5, 2015

1st Architectural Project- Shabby Chic Salon and Nail Spa (SPA PRINCESS PARTY PACKAGE)

December 19, 2014

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I can say that, this is probably one of the greatest achievements in my life looking at all angles. From architecture, to business, to passion, to love, to life. Definitely a step closer to my dreams smile emoticon

I studied Architecture because of one reason. I want to build, design, or create something. Something that I can look and say na "Wow. Design ko to"...

And standing in front of my salon, looking at its facade, is really amazing. Wow! I just achieved one of my dreams! I funded it! I earned the capital by myself alone... I'm an Architect! I build something. I designed something. I designed a structure! I managed people. I managed carpenters, electrician, etc. I'M THE BOSS. I'M THE OWNER. AND I'M THE DESIGNER! And I'm only 21 years old! Well, I'm sorry for the brag. Sometimes, I think that it's a healthy thing to brag tongue emoticonNevertheless, I am just PROUD and CONFIDENT smile emoticon

Constructing and designing this salon is a not a walk in the park since the lot is a triangular lot. I am the one who man (contractor) during the construction. I handled a lot of people. I applied all the things that I learned in Architecture. I measured and computed for the lot area(take note, it's an irregular triangular lot. And this is not just a plate anymore. It's A REAL LIFE PROJECT!), so that I can know how many tiles and other construction materials should I buy(I bought and chose all the stuff by the way. I become a PROFESSIONAL member labeled as an Architect in Home Depot. I have the EXACT SAME PRIVILEGES just like their other Architects and Engineers. I'm also the youngest! Just a WOW for myself).

I designed the floor plan, the electrical plan, lighting plan, ceiling plan, plumbing plan and the interior design. grin emoticon And I am a proud MAPUA ARCHITECTURAL STUDENT smile emoticon Thanks to all the people, especially to my professors, who input the kind of knowledge in me that made me able to do all those designing and planning stuff smile emoticon This one is a BIG ARCHITECTURAL EXPERIENCE in my life! I've learned a lot! And it's priceless! smile emoticon

On the other hand, I want to thank all of the people who never stops supporting and believing on me. Most especially to the people whom I inspire the most. You are my greatest inspirations too!

I live to inspire and to bring compassion in the world. And I love you all with all my heart smile emoticon

Cheers for a better 2015!!!

Photo by: Kevin Dela Cruz


My Design Materials :) Everything Digital. :)


Yep that's me! Manning my workers. Contractor Architect at work!!

AWe are working until night. They are my friends who gave me a hand. We painted the walls! Fact: I am used to painting walls. Ever since I was a child, I always help my sister to paint our walls ;) hihi


Feel the classic, vintage and girly vibe of the salon's interior!

First ever Salon in the Philippines to have a "100% Organic Foot Detox and Supplement" Mask and Scrub :)

A lot of imported and branded nail polishes to choose from!!

If you want to have a private spa party here, don't hesitate to contact us!
(02) 216-0795 or
(63)  917-8587474

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  1. I'm really impressed and inspired at the same time. I'ts nice to know that at the age of 21 you already had that kind of achievement. Goodluck and Godbless. Looking forward to read your future blogs.


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