Aug 3, 2015

8 Reasons why you need to start Pinterest-ing than facebook-ing

(Quotable photo quote from Pinterest)

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Well for me, weekends are still work days. Yeahhh, working hard to travel the world. Ughh... I'm so busy dealing with the business and clients. I feel like that I need some time to relax and unwind! Well, how do I unwind in the most simple way? By PINTEREST-ing! I notice that in our country, Philippines, the population of the people who use pinterest is still few, but what they don't know is that pinterest is way more useful and "brain-feeding" than facebook! I highly recommend that people should start pinteresting so that their brains would be filled with more senseful things rather than trashes and gossips and meaningless things on facebook (Sorry Not Sorry) >.< Ergo,  I came up to this blog post :) 

Hmmm... Technology and social media changed the world. Most especially facebook. No one can escape now. But I suggest, choose the right social media for you! 
Well, tumblr is getting obsolete. Pinterest is the new tumblr! And guess what? I've been spending a lot of my time in pinterest more than facebook or any other social media because I'm telling you, there's a lot of things and ideas that you could learn through pinterest-ing! And for me, it's better than google I guess. Not in all cases though. But well, what I mean is, it's more informative and full of ideas! Like for example, when I'm having a hard time and I need some motivational quotes, then I would just key in motivational quotes on the search bar and everything is perfect! Everything and anything that interests you are there. From DIYs, home decor ideas, science, architecture, memes, pranks, and the list goes on! 

Pinterest connects people through ideas and interests. People in pinterest make boards (like folders) and organize what they like OR did, and therefore when you search for something let's say a storage idea, you find either famous cool ideas or practical creative ones made by other people all over the world. 

Just like what I've said, most of the times people spend time on facebook idly, just flicking through meaningless jokes and posts, making sure we're following trends, friends and news. But not for a specific reason, maybe boredom or loneliness. It makes you updated on what's happening on your circle of friends or even enemies which only makes you depressed, envy, jelous, and whatsoever(hey, not my thing). 
Whilst, when I spent my time flicking through pinterest, escpecially after following all my interests more or less, it became a continuous brainstorming session in my brain. All day long my brain is making funny connections between ideas I see across the boards, and making me want to do something crafty, or design something, or simply try a DIY Project suggested in a DIY boards.
So regardless how much time you have on your hands, wasting it on pinterest won't eventually be such a waste. It might be the missing inspiration for your next project.

Enough with the bla... Here are the reasons why you need to start pinteresting than facebooking:

1. Info-graphics

Pinterest have infographics (see picture below) where you can easily scroll and understand things through "information with graphics" which is unfortunately not applicable in facebook's web design's template.

2. Articles and references

The only thing I spend time in facebook is reading articles. Well, pinterest have all the articles that you could find on facebook. And the good thing is, it is more targeted. 

(See, I just key in "successful relationship" in the search bar and then the results are mostly articles)

3. Self-improvement
The person who said “Reach for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars” would probably have been a fan of Pinterest. It encourages improvement, not perfection, and not comparison. Providing a host of ideas on how to improve your house, your looks, your cooking skills and so much more, Pinterest encourages the act of taking action.

4. Pushes you to become creative
Think of Pinterest as the equivalent of a little alien probe, poking at your long lost imagination, trying to wake it up. It begs you to think outside the box & try something new, in a very non-threatening way.
People on Facebook tend to over-exaggerate achievements, waving their latest accomplishment in everyone’s faces, just for the sake of looking important. Pinterest lets you decide what projects you will tackle, without making everything public. You may or you may not do it but atleast you could just save it and try for later. It made you try to do something you probably never would have attempted if you hadn't seen the pin.
Example Pin here:
*You can check the pin link here and click the pin title (written above) to get directed to the article" Yes that's how pinterest works. 

5.Pinterest is for intelligent people. Hehe... Kidding aside. Well, it's for Doers, Creators, Learners, Readers, and Adventurers

Facebook is for insecure show-offs, blabber mouths, attention getters, complainers & duck faced selfies. It’s kind of like Einstein and his Theory of Relativity VS Miley Cyrus at the VMAs.
If you’ve posted a picture of your latest channel bag, many of your “friends” may start to secretly hate you. The divorced friend with 6 kids & a status update a bucket list acheived is insanely jealous. Your auntie is probably angry that you posted your boyfriend's picture instead of greeting him on his time line during his birthday. 
Well guess what? On Pinterest, you can pin as many darn pictures of Paris as you want – and nobody will have negative things to think or say. Why? Because you aren’t waving it in their faces. Those pictures could have been taken 4 years ago. You did something that you enjoyed, and nobody is going to make you feel guilty.

(Quotable photo quote from Pinterest)

6.Pinterest Lets Pictures Speak for Themselves
No need to think of some witty or show-offey thing to say in order to get the most “likes” and most attention. You see a picture, you like it, you pin it. Done. If somebody re-pins it, cool. If not, your fragile little ego isn’t broken.
Basically, Facebook is for feeding already enlarged egos. Facebook addicts love to make un-extraordinary things look special. How many times have you seen posts that say "Just finished working out drank a protein shake!!!" or "picked the kids up from school and made dinner!!". Well you don't say. Nobody has EVER done that before. Pinterest is the polar opposite - intended to for enrich your current knowledge base, without the need for bragging or begging for attention.

(Quotable photo quote from Pinterest)

7.Pinterest Does Not Encourage Whining! 
After seeing a series of posts about breaking up, dying dogs, broke’ down cars, and job losses, I discovered that Facebook is basically a really bad 80’s country song. People LOVE to complain on Facebook, to generate a barrage of “aww poor you” comments from friends. To say "tanga" or stupid to each other even though they are just both stupids. Hehe... It’s pathetic. It’s immature. But Pinterest has a much more positive outlook; one that says “here’s how to improve your future” instead of “let’s cry & complain for months about our past”.

(Quotable photo quote from Pinterest)

8. Pinterest Does Not Judge 
So you’re a 60 year old woman who thinks Justin Bieber is awesome. Go ahead, create a Bieber fan board on Pinterest – nobody will judge you! On Pinterest, you have the choice of following only certain people or certain boards that interest YOU. This means, you can share your loves with like-minded individuals, without fear of criticism. So go ahead and pin every off-color joke, bizarre picture, or inappropriate fetish that you want ~ without fear of hearing from Great Aunt Betty about how unchristian it is for you to do whiskey shots while riding a mechanical bull. If she does happen to come across your picture on Pinterest, she probably won’t even recognize her precious little angel! Oh, and just in case you still aren’t that brave, Pinterest even allows you to create Private secret boards, which only you (or those you specifically invite) can see.
Before I end this blog post, check out this article here from pinterest. I know some of you might be needing this :)

Don't have pinterest yet? I suggest you should make an account now! And guess what? Someone should invite you to join! It will make you feel privileged because of that :) 

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So, gotta go now, gotta pinterest before I sleep! 
Good Night er'one!

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