Jul 6, 2015

PLAN YOUR DREAM DEBUT ON A BUDGET! (21st Birthday- AquaSphere Pool Party Venue, Roxas Boulevard, Manila)

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Hi everyone! It's raining cats and dogs! I hope that everyone is safe :)

Did you read my last short blog post? I promised that I will post another blog this day(Monday) and I want to stick to it :) So, of all the too many backlogs that I have, I was thinking on what topic should I blog first. And I think that this particular event in my life should be the first one because birthdays are important and only happens one a year and I never failed to blog about my birthday since I started blogging, so I guess I need to complete the list till I reached 22 :)

 Without any point of bragging, I want everyone to know that I financed and budgeted the last debut party that I had. Yeah, my 21st :D It was really an important birthday for me because that was the birthday where I first celebrated it with my mom. Technically, with my family(more of the family stuff here). Ergo, I didn't have any 2nd thinking if I will use my savings for this. But don't you worry! Here are some of the tips that I did to save and still achieve my dream debut party on a budget!

Be your own Event Organizer
Yes! If you are really on a budget, you better just be your own event organizer with just a help of some of your friends or family. 

I organized like 6 events already( birthdays, launching etc.) on my own! And it saves a lot of money. And the good thing is that you will absolutely learn on how the party/event industry works and someday, when you feel like you're already an expert, you yourself can become an event organizer and someone could hire you for your service! 

See, you didn't just save money, but you can even earn money from it! And the bonus part is, your network of connections will expand! :)

Have a Digital Invitation
Duh, what's the use of technology and social media? If you're really on a tight budget, you better just save a paper by not printing an invitation. Congrats! You just saved a tree! hihi. I guess, all of your guests could be reached on social media anyway :) I did my own invitation and posted it on my facebook and tagged everyone that is invited and most especially those who are involved in the program. 

In order to make your own digital invitation, you just have to have some Adobe Photoshop skills. But if you don't have, don't worry! There's a lot of simple and easy-to-use photo editor websites! Thanks to Steve Jobs, you can even just use and make your own digital invitation on your phone! Yes, a thousand of photo application! :) Check the e-invitation that I made here.

Choose The Right Venue. Book In Advance
Venue is one of the biggest factor that makes your debut/party expensive. Why? A good and cozy venues costs hundreds of thousands. There is the Glass Garden, One Esplanade, Palacio de Manila, Fernwood etc. Yes the venues are so beautiful and extravagants! Really a dream venues for a dream debut party. But remember, you are in a budget! So I suggest that you research early and book early. Expensive venues are expensive because the number one reason is you pay for their name. But I promise you that there are a lot of good venues out there where you can choose and still celebrate your dream debut party. 

Aquasphere is a perfect location because it's located on the Metro, Roxas Blvd. Venues in Manila are pretty expensive because of the location itself. But, after researching for so many times, I found it. A hidden venue in the heart of the city. Yes it's not that easy to find. But if you do, Jackpot! And it just costed me 13,000 for the venue itself. And it's already a garden venue with a swimming pool. It's an outdoor venue so it doesn't have an air-condition. And an air-condition is the number one factor that makes the venue expensive. You can just eliminate it and save money.

Lastly, book in advance! Because a good venue is always fully booked! Some venues even give an early bird promo rate :) Be wise! If you're living in CAMANAVA Area, Check out Shabby Chic Style Studio as they provide a cheap yet elegant venues with Tifanny Chairs! Yes, not plastic chairs!  

 Make or reinvent your own gown/dress.
As a fashion designer, of course I just made my own gown. But if you're not, you can search a lot of DIY(Do It Yourself) gowns on the web. You can also reinvent your old gown. You can rent, or you can even just borrow to your best friend :) 
Gown is expensive. And eliminating the gown expense is a big saving!

Check out www.facebook.com/ShabbyChic.StyleStudio for gown rentals for as low as 2,500php!! 

Be Your Own Make Up Artist or Have an X-Deal
I don't know how to put make-up on my own that's why I hired a Hair and Make-Up Artist, but, if you are good at putting a make-up on yourself and you have a really tight budget, you could just skip the HMUA. Or, if you have friends who is still just learning but do good, you could hire them in exchange to exposure. They can put your pictures on their facebook and use it as their portfolio, or you can even thank your HMUA during the event. If the HMUA is really that good, aha! He or she may find their first customer on your dream debut party! And yes, that's how x-deal works. A win-win situation :)  

X-deal can also be applied on hiring your EMCEEs :) They could also be your friend/s or family member/s who has the confidence and is good at talking.

Design Your Own Stage
In my case, I'm just lucky because the stage design is already included on my catering package. I just added up some balloons to make it more appealing. Tho I can design my own stage just like what I did to my brother's birthday surprise's stage :)

TIP: Use an accent chair. 

Choose the Right Food Caterer. Add Some Own Cooked Food.
Except for the venue, catering is one of the biggest factor on why your dream birthday debut party becomes expensive. And in my case, I just chose the mid-package. The package which only includes a mono-block chairs with a seat cover and ribbon, rather than the Tiffany chair. Yes, there's a big price difference when it comes to the chair.

Catering has a lot of food packages, you can choose the cheapest package and you can just ask your relatives to cook for you and just add it up on your buffet table. Or, you could just buy a cooked food like lechon, suchi platter etc. 

Settle For Cupcakes. Or Bake Your Own Cake!
What is a birthday without a candle to blow? Of course you need a cake!
Fondant cakes are expensive! So I just settled for a simple 1 layer fondant cake and then a cupcakes!
If you do know how to bake, then go ahead! Bake for your own cake! 

OJT Photographers
Though I hired and rented for my photo, video, live-view, and on-site video, I found out that the company's photographers and videographers are still having their On-The-Job training. So I guess that you could just ask some of your friends to cover your event if you're really on a tight budget. 

Get Your Money Back!
Organizing an event is not that easy. It's effin pain in the asss! But Hey! Don't forget that it's your birthday! Get yout money back! How? Here's what I did

21 Baccardi 151 Shots
I have a lot of guy friends. There are those... Uhm, you know, those who doesn't have a budget to buy a gift, particularly guys. So the best things that they can give me is a message! And a cheers! hihi...

21 High heels
I'm so addicted to shoes, you know that! And instead of 21 roses, my guys should give me a gift. and their gift is a high heels! They will wear it to me and then we will dance :) Haha! Jackpot right? That's fvckin 21 pairs!!! 

21 Surprises
I love surprises! And the bad thing about being your own event organizer is that you already know everything that will happen. I experienced that during my 16th Birthday (See here). Ergo, I made the surprises as one of my programs. 21 fvckin surprises! Who doesn't want that? Some of my friends surprised me with their effort gifts, my pep squad made a video with a lot of people from our school are saying a birthday message for me, some made even a human size picture and some even made a "SURPRISE" words banner haha! 

21 Thousands
Yes yes! A message and a thousand! No need to explain this! hihi....

P.S. Bring some extra pairs of shoes, so if ever that some of your invited guest for the "21 heels" didn't come, you still have an extra shoes and ask for a proxy and then your 21 dance will still be complete :)

(After 21 years, this is my first time to have a family picture. We're not complete though)

(Ehem, who would think that this guy would be my boyfriend, after 2 years? hihi)

(FYI, This is the "Trishie Pose". Since Highschool! haha!)

(Guys meet girls! Of course you have to put a games to spice up the party)

(Explaining the game rules)

(The Winners!)

(First time that my father danced me :)

A lot of the guests cried during this event because of emotions and joy. Because for the very first time, I celebrated a birthday with a family :) After 19 years, I met my mom again. My brother kevin sang a song to me and gave me a surprise. He added a program to my event. A family dance. Just like how they do it on wedding. Ahhh! First time to dance with my dad. And I saw my mom and dad danced too! This is definitely a dream come true for me :) This is the best time of my life :) All in all, I spent 200k for this event. Not bad! right? I can be your next event organizer too! hihi... 

(The After Swimming Party)


(3 tables of beer pong)
Check out more pictures here, here, here, here, and here :)


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  1. Nice to know that you're back on blogging. :) keep it up!

  2. Holycrap, your party looked amaazing. You look beautiful in that white, gorgeous dress! Plus you hosted your own party (and many other parties when you were younger?!) - that is crazy xD You're so pretty, talented and mature. I really admire you, and I can't wait to read more of your new posts! Keep it up! <3

    NICOLE'S NOTEBOOK - lifestyle, food, travel & beauty+

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Trishie!! :) Also congratulations on a successful party that you organized. Cheers!

  4. Most of the youth would rather just ask money from their parents and let their parents do the planning and organizing of their party celebration. But you took initiative. That's very admiring!

    Louise | www.louisechelleblog.com
    Added you in my reading list. Hope we can be blogger friends :)

  5. Your dress looks so beautiful, and so are you! Great event organizing tips! Really helpful for me because I didn't celebrate my birthday on my 18th, but I'm planning to celebrate it on my 21st birthday as well at my own expense. I figured I didn't want to make my parents splurge on a party like this, but I'd still like to have one. Thank you so much for sharing! And the last tip is my favorite of all. Haha unlike the 18 roses, etc.. I think 21 thousands, 21 Surprises and 21 Heels are much more awesome! I guess the unlucky thing about celebrating on your 18th is that your colleagues are still students by then - they wouldn't have money to really give you expensive gifts. But at 21? I bet my friends are all professionals by then and could afford such 21's. Hahaha. Will share this article by the way <3

    Mimi Gonzales | The Foxy Heroine

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  7. I must say that you planned for a wonderful party. I have also searched for wonderful space Miami events and now looking for some good and budget friendly party planning ideas. Can you suggest me something helpful please?


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