Jul 2, 2015


Hello everyone!

It's been a very very long time since I last posted a serious blog article. There's a lot of changes, adventures and happenings in my life these past 2 years! Browsing my old blog posts, I've realized how far I've become from the old self. Oh, travels and bad experiences molded me a lot! 

This July, 2015 is the 3rd Year Anniversary of "Your Fashion Architect" and I decided to get back to blogging with the whole new version of me. Eventually, you will know me better through my upcoming blog posts! Oh, expect a lot, like A LOT of back log posts that happened in my life! That's why I'm hoping and asking for the same support that you guys gave me just like the last time. 

This platform would be a personal diary blog now. My upcoming posts would be about the events in my life, my travels, and my philosophies, understandings, and perspectives anything under the sun most especially about wisdom, happiness, and life lessons that I've learned during my daily adventures in life. Oh by the way, I hope you liked the new layout of my blog! 

Here are the 7 reasons why I decided to get back to blogging:

1. To Express Feelings

My family are born writers. My mom was a previous editor of REX publishing company. My dad works at Manila Bulletin for like 20 years. My brother won a silver award on book writing competition in Washington, USA. My sister graduated Cum Laude in University of Santo Tomas with a Mas Communication Degree. And lastly, my youngest brother, works on news paper companies and a poet-in-heart. My point? We love to express feelings by means of writing and any form of media. I'm aware that not everyone loves to write, but if you are like us, expressing feelings via writing means passion and happiness. I have a lot of new ideas and knowledge gained this past few years and someone knocked me saying "Hey Trish! Speak out! Express what's in your heart and head".

2. Stress Reliever

 Not expressing my feelings made me made me stressed. And I guess that it was bad for my health. I write a lot of things on my notepad and it just became a mess! My thoughts are rambled in my head and always makes me overthink! I decided to put an end into these. I need to write. I need to express. And I know that writing is a sure thing that I love. And doing what you love is the number one thing to distress yourself from the problems and challenges that life gives us. 

3. To Inspire

Not blogging for like 2 years made your readers and fans miss you. Even though I'm not blogging anymore, my blog views everyday is still running. Facebook always reminds me regarding Facebook page "There are 15 new page views on Your Fashion Architect". Twitter notifies me, like all the time "@Someone added you to list MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS". And some of my readers and fans messages me or tweets me that they miss me blogging. And that's the biggest stress reliever factor. To inspire! Experiencing this and having some achievements in life that is not usual for my age means that I really do inspire a lot of people and I think that this is one thing that I can do to help the society and the youth. Inspiring gives you the joy and happiness. Who lose? None. So I better get back and inspire again :)

4. To Invest a Property on The World Wide Web

This always amazes me and somehow tricky. Imagine how big is the World Wide Web and how infinite it is but somehow, just like owning a house, you buy a lot or property that have a space on our mother earth. That's how blogging works too. You buy a web host and a domain so you will have your own property on the world wide web which is an infinite and a space that doesn't exist. Kudos to Technology! My point?  This generation has a lot of booming properties and establishments. And just like a house or property, you have to invest. To have a blog is also to invest. Imagine how many websites and blogs are launching every single day? The world is getting too fast! And the older the property is, the higher the value it will have. So invest now because we don't know, maybe someday in the future, every citizen would be required to have their own domains or maybe, some day in the future, owning and building your own website will be way more expensive than today. Just like how the lands, foods, properties and even golds have a higher value every year.  So buy now while it is still affordable and easy to buy.World Wide Web is getting populated too, but remember, it is infinite. You know, you don't know what will happen. So it's better to invest earlier than later.  And as an ex-blogger, why not make use of my blog since I already have it?  

And the bonus point here is that owning a blog means having a diary. And it feels so good that years from now, you can get back to the memories that you've posted or written and it will remain forever on the web and your future grand children can surely be able to see and read it clearly rather than the old school hard copied photos that will become rotten someday. 

5.To Become Google Searchable 

Ever wonder where does your searches on google came from? Some of the people don't know how google works. If you want to become a google searchable, your name needs to be published on websites or blogs. And that's where the search results from google comes from. From the blogs and websites. Only humans and individuals put contents on google through their blogs and any other platforms(I guess you should be realizing now that you shouldn't be believing on everything you read on the web). And having your own blog means you have the freedom to implant your name or anything you like on google and become searchable. That's where the SEO or Search Engine Optimization becomes a big factor. Check my blog post about SEO here.

My blogger mentor, the owner of designrshub.com once told me "No one will ever steal your name anymore. Because you already implanted it on google". And yes that's true! When you say Trishie dela Cruz, google it and that's automatically me! And no one can ever steal it unless someone build a strong blog with the same name as mine and made my blog posts and articles wiped out. In that case, I need to become active again. Who doesn't want to become a google searchable anyway? :)

6. To Become a Better Writer

Yes! Indeed! Blogging is a means of practice for your writing skills! I admit, I am not good in grammar and I have a lot of haters who use it against me. And so what? I know that I am good at other things like Mathematics, Arts, and Business rather than grammar. And I love writing anyway! And I can say that we just have our own talents hihi. Going back, my point is, though I have a bad grammar skills, by continuously writing, eventually, some of my followers notices that my writing and grammars are improving than the way I write before. 

The only way to become a better writer is to write – pages and pages, day after day.
Of course, that’s exactly what an active blogger spends his or her time doing. The more you blog, the more you write – and the better writer you become. Practice makes perfect. So why not practice? I own a blog arena to use anyway! 

7. To Earn Money and Have a Lot of Freebies and Benefits

Blogging is an industry. Yes, there is a blogger industry. And every industry means money. And yes! You can earn money through blogging(I will tell you more about it on my next blog posts).  Also, just like me before when I was still a fashion blogger, I have a lot of sponsors. Meaning, I used to have a lot of free items that I will wear for advertisement here on my blog. From clothing, to shoes, to beauty products and so on. Who doesn't want free items? 

Another great thing that I experienced from blogging is the perks of having a lot of "invite-only" or exclusive events where you will be able to meet and socialize with the people on the industry. Some times, you will be able to meet business men, celebrities and the elites. It's a network of connections! And who doesn't want connections? 

Lastly, having a blog means a free advertisement and connections to your business or career

There you go! So if you're like me who used to become a blogger and stopped for some instance, I suggest that you too should get back! Or if you don't have a blog yet, I suggest that you start to invest now :)

Some of my upcoming posts would be

"How to make money easily and become self-dependent"

"How to build a successful online shop"

"The perks of having a bestfriend boyfriend"

and a lot a lot and super a lot of my travel diaries :)

Stay Tuned!!


  1. OMG. YAY TRISHIE! FINALLY YOU'RE BAAAACK!!!! I'm not that expressive when it comes to your blogging but seriously sis, sobrang namiss ko basahin blog mo! so yay! finally, you are effing back! hihi :3

    xoxo, rae

  2. I'm so glad you commented on my Ramen post on my blog because I get to discover your amazing blog. I love the way you write, your words flow so smoothly. And your blog design is really nice! I look forward to reading your upcoming posts :)

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