Jul 29, 2015

Anything Random(Life Lately)

Hi dolls! I want to incorporate something in my blog, the "Anything Random(Life Lately)" series. Sometimes, I am just way too busy(business carreer) to blog. That's why I decided to just post some interesting or informative articles or things or inspirations or anything under the sun regarding my current mood or what I do lately, without any captions or writings. 

Most usually, the photos that I will post are from my camera roll(finally, my screenshots will come into place), instagram and pinterest and I will usually blog this series using only my phone so please bear with whatever html error that could occur :) 

So here's my first turn! 

Sentosa Island Singapore #TrishieTravels

One of my businesses :)

Shabby Chic Salon And Nail Spa's Loyalty card designed and made by yours truly :) 

Been back and fort to Singapore for how many times already, but that was the first time that I saw "Gardens By The Bay" this close.

Porsche At China Town Malaysia(Their divisoria). My malaysian friend actually get out of that car! 😱

@ Thailand 

Our baby simba! Smallest-cutest creature in my life!

Will have a new life in this town homes :) 

Current wall paper. 
Application Used: Monogram Lt

Hond Brio Set Up! Soon for baby Bry :) 

Facebook Post @Dominique: "Hi Crush! ❤️😍😘" 

And that's business! 

(Throw Back! Haha!)

Broke my heart :( 

Instagram @trishiedc: The Smile Can Hide #24 #Last

Currently Reading! :) 

My post got trending on the "Ausie Bloggers" facebook group! Haha! 

Missing the nature already :( 

(How dangerous this swing chair is?)

This is so me! Haha! 

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