Nov 28, 2014


WARNING: Never judge or say to me that this writing is just too long to read. Don't tell me anymore. Because I don't care if you'll read this or not. What I only care about is how I can save people from the system and influence and change their mindset to a better life and get the success that everyone deserves. And I'm telling you just even at this very start, you should learn how to read. BUT! You should know or choose what to read. Reading the RIGHT stuff is one of the key. That's a promise. That's why you should start learning how to read now.

1.) Don't worry, there are no negativity and personal issues in here. Just SOME "universal" truth. And truth hurts :p  

2.) I'm writing this up above the sky/earth :) (In the plane, on my way home to where I belong) 

3.) I just want to help people reach their dreams and the success that we all should have.

4.) I am just thankful :)

5.) Enjoy reading and I hope you get a lot of lessons to take in :) 

Dear papa God,

I wanna thank you for guiding me in the place where I don't know anyone. Thank you for putting another check marks on my bucket lists. I also wanna thank you for giving me the best life that you can offer 😊 I doubted on you once, but I am here again. I may stopped enrolling at school, but I never stopped studying. I studied everything that is not being taught in school and I really do understand you now. I may not have a religion, but I do believe in you 😊 God, I just had one of the most terrible yet happy experience in my life. And I am really thankful because due to that experience, I really learned a lot! And I just saw how beautiful is my world. Especially how beautiful are the people around me and most of all, you just showed me how many people are looking after me and are inspired to me. Inspiring people is PRICELESS. If you will allow me to do so, I would like to inspire people for the rest of my life.  God, the experience that I recently had was terrible. Terrible because I've hurt a lot of people through my words. I also wasn't able to control myself for posting a 2 negative novels in my life 😣 mehehe. I know you can forgive me. And I would like to make it up to you by spreading some of the many wisdoms and all the life experiences and lessons that I've learned since childhood and traveling 😊 

In case some of you don't know, I have no regrets that I posted that they-so-called-novel or vent out because I just found out that a lot of people read my writings and I inspire them. But the problem is that, people are too keen to chismis or gossips. Maybe that's the reason why the others read it. Well yeah, that's for sure. But one thing is for sure too, no matter what was the reason why the people read my novel or writings, the thing is, they read it. Means, I just caught their attention. And I will grab that attention to inspire and awaken the people even more! See, then why would I regret doing or posting that stuff? No. I wont. I have no regrets in my life. That's a fact. And you should too if only you learn how to look at the bright side and believes that everything happens for a reason. So if you're good, good things will happen for a reason. If you're bad, bad things will happen for a reason. You know, just like all the mathematical equations and scientific laws that everything is equal. Well, I believe that I'm a good person, that's why alot of good things happen to me. It's because of my golden heart :) Uh, that's why I encourage everyone to just be a good person. Yup! I hate bullying! It's like its my mission to save the people that are being bullied :( 

Soooooo.... End of the topic. Here we go! Hihi...
How do I start? I actually don't know how; because there's a lot of lessons, science, truth, life thoughts and so much more in my head. I've been to a hell of life already. I had a lot of experiences that I can tell that of all the people I know, I'm the one who has the ultimate experience in life. They even said that "pang Maala-ala Mo Kaya yung buhay mo", or "Bat di ka sumulat kay ate charo" haha! And the list goes on. And for me, that experiences are the FOUNDATION of everything that I have right now; may it be a business, or the strong personality that I have. Another foundation is my passion to travel. Because traveling is experience. And traveling is the greatest investment that you can have because EXPERIENCES ARE PRICELESS. Uhm. A lot of people, like REALLY A LOT, ask me "How do you have the guts to travel alone? Are you bit afraid?"....  My father even once said to my mom, "Saan kaya kumukuha ng lakas ng loob tong bata na to"... 
I actually don't know the answer. But what I do really know is that, I am good to people. And that's the only secret. Just be good to everyone, anyone, and anything that has life. And the goodness will come back to you. Whenever I travel, the biggest make up that I have is my smile. I don't have that killer smile, but I know that my smile can make some random stranger smile too. And smile is a big impact to someone. 

Another secret? Just be you and you have to know yourself very well. Some people think that they already know theirselves because they are already stucked  up on the things that they do and on the commands that the system are giving. Like, since childhood, admit it, 
Eversince a child, we are already directed to our life. Study gradeschool, then higschool, then college, then work. In school, they also command you on what to do and what to think. NOT HOW TO THINK. You know, assignments, projects; teachers have lesson plans. School itself have rules. etc etc. Everything are commanded to us already. The system makes us busy. Too busy to forget to know and ask, "who am I?" "What do I really want?" "Is this the life that I want?"... Well, education is important. I know. Because it is where you learn basic stuff. YEAH. BASIC. So never misinterpret education from LEARNING. And just like what they say, Life is a continuous lesson. And NEVER STOP LEARNING. Take note, do not also misinterpret learning from INTELLIGENCE and KNOWLEDGE and INFORMATION. They are all different. Information is what usually school gives us. That's why, you yourself, you have to study alone. Or do that self-study thing which I usually do that's why I am here on where I am right now. Read. Read and research. Read and research things that no one asked us to research and read. Study. Study or do something that you really love that is not being commanded and taught to us. And mind you, it's bot that easy. Because sometimes, we are doing things that we don't actually love. That's why it's very important to wonder and ask yourself questions. You have to FEEL it. Sometimes, your TRUE feelings is the answer to the questions. And that is if, you already know yourself. I am saying this stuff because I myself proved it already. If I tell you the things that I did and studied in my life, you wont believe me. It seems like impossible. Excluding all of my self studies, here are some of the stuff that I did in my life. I became a model, I studied ballet, gymnastics, cheerleading, piano, guitar, drums, lyre, civil engineering, fashion design, architecture. I'm a student, blogger, cheerleader, business woman, entrepreneur. I wrote for a magazine for a few times. I write poems when I was a kid and won poetry contests. I join quiz bees and won for many times too. I won a declamation contest as well. I became a choir in a church, I attended bible studies and sharings. And the list goes on. Yah, too good to be true. I may not finish some of them, but three things are for sure; 1.) I chose to study and do them all. 2.) I loved and still loving them all. And lastly, 3.) I LEARNED. Today, I enrolled in an English class program so I can have a good American or Australian accent. And honestly, I admit that I am not good in english. I have a lot of grammar mistakes. And so what? :) Practice makes perfect right? :D  And guess what? Just imagine all the things that I already did in my life, not even considering that I've became a alcoholic, a bitch and stupid and even suicidal in some time of my life; And after all the things that I've done and studied, it's only just a few days ago since I started to know myself very well. I want to be a lawyer. Crazy huh? :)) Well, I'll finish studying architecture first. Then I'll take a LAW major. I'm only 21, and finishing architecture  plus studying law will only take 6years in my life. And what is that 6 years of studying for me? I love studying and learning anyway. I don't want to give a final word though. I might be contented on what I am establishing now. Who knows? Hihi... Well, it's not that I am born this way that's why I think and act like this. I am pretty sure that everyone can be like me. Yes. Everyone! If only that you will open your minds, be awake, and know what's really going on in our world, or universe; if only you will acknowledge the TRUTH in your life, everyone can have the life that they wanna have and see the beauty of the world with just a snap. 

The moment I realized that I wanna be a lawyer, I also realized that no one can win a dilemma or a debate against me ever since.  I'm not bragging. I just know that I'm already in the position to say this and the people who stoop on me and judged just made me want to say this :D Why is that no one can win against me? :p Maybe because I am just well informed since childhood ;) Sometimes, it get too boring that I just make people win. Or sometimes, the one I'm talking with is just too nonsense to talk to for me to just give them the trophy. Lol. Haha!. Again, I'm not bragging. I just have the fighting spirit and the confidence. In fact, I'm fearless and I know that I'm in the position to say this because In a very lowest and simple reason, explaining rationally just like how the rest of the people think and how they consider smart; I am always on top of the class from kinder to HS even without studying or bringing any study materials in school. :p yah. I even made a record or a legend. I'm a transferee once, and being a transferee made me not possible to become a cream section, After one school year, I entered the star section. :p My grades just broke the rule. Uh, rule? What rules? there are no rules!! Hihi. And you know what? It is really not about the school, the semesters that you have in school, your grades, or whatever. It's not about those. In anywhere you study, whether private or public, it's on the person itself. The school, semesters etc. are just names and labels. Do you know that Steve Jobs and the youngest female billionaire is a college drop out? Ironically, sometimes, students are smarter and more knowledgeable than professors. That's why the most important thing is YOU. It's about you. Not your school, not your grades. It's YOU. 

I'll tell you one secret. I explained it to you already anyway 😜 But here's a summary. You just have to love what you do. Anything you do. And make sure that that is the thing that you love. Then money and success will just follow. But again, mind you... Success is NOT money. There are a lot of successful people that are not wealthy and a lot of wealthy people are not successful. Why does the hollywood stars and the filthy little rich politicians still ruin their lives through drugs and corruption? Because they don't consider theirselves successful. While our natives and tribes are contented living on the mountains with a simple life? Well, they are successful for me... You better know and research and understand, what is the real meaning of success. Well anyway, going back to the topic, you just have to love what you do. You should know what's the JOY that you can give yourself. Joy is different from happiness. Okay? Joy is like something you feel, or THAT FEELING whenever you feed and dress and comb your shitzu. If you ask me, what's the JOY that I can feel? Besided the joy that my dogs give me, It's the joy whenever I inspire people, HELP people, feed children, and make someone believe in me. And the simplest joy that I can feel? Is whenever I posses a pink, girly, and hello kitty stuff. See? That's joy. And SUCCESS IS A PRODUCT OF JOY. For example, I told you that it's my joy whenever I see and posses a girly, pink, or hello kitty stuff. At the same time, I really do love architecture, and making things in real life. Especially designing. That's why I love fashion design. Through that joys, little by little, I achieve my dreams and get everything I need and want. Until up to now, my salon, it's a pure product of joy. It really gave me joy and even completed my dream because I designed a real life structure. Do you know how much joy you can feel whenever you see something that you can tell yourself "that's my design", "I made it", "I designed it". Yah, I really enjoyed and loved designing the floor plans, plumbing and electrical layout of my salon 😊 That's an ultimate joy. Second, the interior design of my salon is that girly-pink-hellokitty stuff that I'm talking about. Can you imagine how will I feel? The foundation of my salon is a PURE JOY AND LOVE. And the money will just follow. Bonus pa that I can have free and unlimited pampering to do. 😊 See? That's the basic principle.

Everything I do, everything I have, are all a product of joy and a good heart. Another, this traveling stuff that I'm doing, this is a product of my business. And my business is a product of joy. It's just so happen that I have given a very intelligent dad who taught me how to think NOT RATIONALLY but, OUTSIDE THE BOX. And I just apply and implement this kind of thinking in my life and in my businesses. Because I'm telling you, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  Just like what Audrey Hepburn said, "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I'm possible"... (I'm not sure if Audrey Hepburn is the one who said it. But the name is not important) So... I think, I think, I think. I study, I study, I study. I research. And those are not hard things to do because I study and research only the things that I love. I read a lot, but I don't finish novel books. I finish the twilight, tan lines, fifty shades of Grey and some other few though. Hihi. Well, I rarely finish a book now a days. Because a lot of times, I already know what they're talking about. Just different versions...
Anyway, speaking of traveling, one thing is for sure, we are all a traveler at heart. Remember, the very first generation of the history of man kind, people are NOMADS. People doesn't have a stable house to stay. They travel. They travel a lot. And don't forget that everything that we have right now was because of them. They are the first inventors and discoverers of the world. Think about that :) And guess what? Man kind is not the first creatures in this world. Who? What? Dinosaurs? Yah. And those creatures are travelers too. 

I do and study almost everything that my mind and body can. That's why Pacquiao is my idol. A lot of people hates him because they say "lahat na ginawa at pinasok ni pacquiao"... And so what?! He just do what he loves and in everything that he have and try to get involved with, is a learning and experience. It's his life. He have the life. All the money that he have is just a product of the things that he loves (I don't know about his politics though). I think pacquiao has a good heart and he really just do love to help. A lot of HYPOCRITES even question his faith to God. For me, you should never ever question faith. Respect each religions. What important is that you have to have faith to whoever or whatever you call God. Regardless of whatever religion you belong. Look how ironic the people is. To question pacquiao's faith? It's none of their business anyway. They're just envy. That's why they just ended up being "no one" and their judgements and hatreds never get pacquiao down. Did he? He actually don't care to anything you say that's why up to now, he's still doing things that he wants and love. Pacquiao is a traveler too. Remember that he and his family visited Jerusalem and Israel? One of the most historical and religious places in the world. And that's the best kind of a traveler, a traveler who study and explore history. Remember one of the Bob Marley's song? KNOW YOUR HISTORY. Mind you, Bob Marley is one of the most influential people in the world... (That's why he got killed) 

 Some people, uh, let me rephrase, a LOT of people think that they think. But they do not actually think. That's a one biggest SICKNESS OF THE SOCIETY nowadays. The system makes the society stupid. Yeah. Truth hurts. A lot of people today think they're great but they are actually stupids. A lot assume that they know everything. Ironically, Just think how small is your neighborhood compared to the whole Philippines? And how small is Philippines compared to Asia? To the world? And think how small is the world in the universe? Then ask yourself. How small are you? Do you really think? Do you really live that LIFE that you deserve? Ask yourself, "What do I really know?", "Ano ba talagang alam ko?".... Do you even know yourself and who you really are? Yes you know your name. But who are you? I told you, name is not important. At some point in life, everything will be forgotten. So start asking yourself now. WHO REALLY AM I? And after that, tell yourself that you are that. Then you will be. Just like telling yourself that you are successful, then eventually, you will be successful. 

Let me give you some extra spice on this article, essay, novel or whatever you call this writing. A fact, I'M A STONER. Yes. I smoke, drink and even eat cannabis. Or should I say weeds or marijuana. I don't go to church. I only go to church occasionally. But I memorize the books of the bible and I know how to use the bible but not the rosary. I don't believe on the story of the bible, I consider it HISTORY. But I believe in the bible and all the other scriptures. I believe in the bible because I understand it deeply. Not literally. It's an instrument for the people to do goodness. Sooooo,  Am I good or bad? Are these stuff what really defines me? Nah. Some might say that I'm "addict" because I use marijuana. But no. I'm just awake. Before you say that the marijuana users are addict, do you even ask yourself, why is it illegal when it is nature and made by our so called your God? Just like what Bib Marley said, "Illegalizing marijuana is just like saying God made a mistake" Ironic right? I know all the answer. But that's a big and complex topic. Hihi. So I'll just keep you hanging. But one thing is for sure. Marijuana made me think outside the box. Marijuna made me the your so called "smart". If only that all of the stoners and marijuana users know how to use it right :( FACT: Marijuana is everything. Like I mean, useful in everything. Do you know that there is already an eco car made entirely from hemp/marijuana? Yes. Like everything. It's case, machine, seats, and even it's gas. But why is it illegal? Ask yourself now. What do you really know that the system is hiding from us? What do you really know besides hollywood, MTV, gossips, hates, insecurities and all the bullshit stuff that the system is implying to us? Those are the only things that you know that's why you don't think. Instead of reading and posting life quotes from great people, you are busy posting "banats", 9gag, sex, and nonsense stuff(well, that's not bad though. I understand that it's an entertainment. But, choose what will entertain you and limit it) Instead of knowing how Steve Jobs became successful, you are busy knowing the life of the person you hate and judging the people you really don't know. Instead of knowing or watching your history, or our history, you are busy watching non-sense telenovelas. Instead of standing out, you always try to fit in. Remember, it's always easy to fit in a crowd, and it's harder to stand out. Which do you prefer? Who are you? Are you just trying to fit in and trying NOT to be you and just a replica of other people? Know yourself. You are more than you know who you are. 

My life is not a walk in the park. But it's definitely a STORY. My life is a story. And you? When are you going to start the story of your life? Until when are you gonna be a slave of the system? I studied a lot of things. From science, to religion, to nature, to aliens, to illuminati, to angels and demons, to souls to aliens, to marijuana, to system(media,government,education,religion), to 7 deadly sins vs. core values, and anything under the sun. I even studied the life of the mosquitos because at some point, mosquitos are bugging my house. Thus, I studied about them. I studied their life, and what repels them and what attracts them. Hihi. Well, I'm telling you, everything in this world, or should I say, universe, are CONNECTED.. And everything in this universe are BALANCED and DESTINED to happen. Yes. DESTINY is REAL. That's why you really have to know who you really are to enjoy that life that is is destined to you. To live the life that is destined to you. 

FACT: Albert Einstein is a genius; it means that, if I said the things that I've said here, If I thought all of these, it means that Albert Einstein also did think of all of these. Point? Everything that I've said is proven and real. And mind you, this is not even 1/123454356 of the things that I have in my mind. What more of Albert Einstein and all the great people in the world? That's why you should't assume that you know everything. As a matter of fact, it's better to look less informed but too much knowledgeable, than to look and pretend that you know everything but actually, you what you know is nothing. Uhm, do you know what's very common and easy to get from their teachings? That MIND  and HEART are so POWERFUL. Go ahead, study what the placebo effect or medicine is. I'm sure you'll get amazed :) 

I am actually looking for a book that consists of everything that I am talking about and all the connections of the things in the universe. But there's none. That's why I decided to make a book. I will be the one who'll do it. And I love it. Can you see what's coming? I love writing and expressing my feelings through writing. I also love spreading wisdom and inspiring people. That joy and love will lead me to writing a book. Product? Success and happiness. Then If I get lucky, money will follow because if the book will get published, it means money. :) See? Just know yourself and love what you do. Know what you want. Know yourself. Start questioning yourself. Start wondering. Start loving, start erasing all the negative stuff in your life and body. Start changing your mindset now. Start changing your perspective in life, start your life, your real life. Now, I'm asking you, Who are you? Comment below if you know who you are. Super few, or even none, will comment because 1.) they don't know the answer. 2.) truth is, people won't read worthy readings now a days. 3.) they are too busy to read because they are slaves of their time.  Take note: What is few to you anyway? :p    Well, all I can say is that, lucky are those who read and lucky are those who reached this part. 

Actually, I can just not care about the people and just keep my life secrets or my self studied knowledges and learnings so that I am ahead. But no, I am the kind of person who follows my heart. And my heart keeps on telling me to share the knowledges and wisdom that I learned and experienced. I want to inspire even more. I want to leave even a small mark in the heart of the people... And I will write a book which will inspire people and make them believe that if I can, they can too. It's a book that will teach you how to think and how to become the so called "smart". It's a book that will make you believe that there is really no such thing as "bobo" or moron If ONLY you will just release the inner and true you and what's more with in you. Remember, I started my business with nothing. I started it because I have no money to pay for my bills and I even don't have money for food. No, I didn't become a beggar. Ironically, I have a shelter but I have no food. I become and I have what I have right now because I told myself, "Hindi pwedeng lagi na lng ako umiiyak dahil wala akong pagtuition"... Then here I am now. I have 3 legit businesses that I love which gives me an identity and money. At the same time, I'm successful at MIND and HEART. I live the life. I have the life. And a lot of people loves me and I have a lot of REAL friends :) Not just here, but around the globe :) Again, If I can, YOU CAN TOO! 

So, I am Trishie dela Cruz, God is with in me(also in you), I am like water that can be in any form. I am everything, and I will make a book :) 

Since I started this writing with a prayer,, 

You, will you read my book? :)

Since I started this writing with a prayer, I'll end this with a prayer 😊 

Dear God, 
Super thank you po dahil binigay nyo na po ung lahat ng hinihiling ko. At ung matagal ko ng hinihiling simula bata.... I remember when I was still a child, I always pray, na kahit paulit ulit lng nmn tlg pinapray ko, pinapray ko pa din. Ganito pa nga po un oh,
"Papa Jesus sana po gumaling na po si nanay. Sana po mabuo na po kami ng pamilya ko. Amen".... Ganyan na ganyan ung prayers ko every night... To follow nlng mnsan kapag nagsisimba ung matagal na prayer, na besides of the basic prayer and wish that I pray, I follow it up na sana makapunta ako sa Amerika... Because my mom is there. And I wanna be with her... But then we tried and tried until how many times... I really cant go to America to meet my dreams... Until I got tired and my thoughts already told me that... My family will never be complete again.... I lost hope. I lost faith. I became alcoholic. I even smoke cigarette. I felt alone. I felt that I don't have a family anymore... I broke a lot of guys heart making them believe that I love them. Just because deep inside of me, I just want someone who's always there with me. Someone whom I'll never say goodbye everyday. Ung friends ko kasi mahilig dto samin magpunta kasi alam nila wala akong ksma sa bahay and malungkot ako magisa. Ung magisa sa bahay. Magisa matutulog... Kaya mahilig akong umalis at lumabas. :)) Pwede na nga ako maging Trishie The Explorer eh haha! Kasi ayoko pang umuwi. Kasi nga magisa ako sa bahay. Tapos hndi na ako nagpapray... Nalayo po talaga loob ko sa inyo... Kasi po, kung tutuusin, pwede naman po tlgng sa lola ko na lng ako... Kaso po minsan nagseselos po ako kapag nasa lola ko... Kasi may ibang favorite 😞 sakin po, parang walang may favorite 😞 kaya okay na din na andito nlng ako sa bahay tapos out of comfort zone pa and mas natuto sa buhay 😊 And super thankful po ako na binigyan nyo po ako ng mommy and daddy na nakapagpundar ng bahay at lupa para samin 😊 kaya eto, mas natuto po ako. May dahilan po pala tlg lahat pati the moment that I became bad, and alcoholic and puro gimik, lahat po un nangyari because there's a reason.... And hindi nyo po ako pinabayaan... Mas lalo ko na po naiintindihan ngayon kung bakit po everything happens for a reason 😊 And Talaga po pala talagang 3 lng ung sagot ni God, oo hindi and magantay lng 😊 And lahat po un may rason kung bakit po yun ang sagot sa mga wishes... 😊
Pero ngayon po, sobrang thankful po ako. Na ung wish ko nung bata... Na sana mabuo po ung pamilya ko, binigay nyo na po :') hndi ko po aakalaing mangyayari pa po yun eh :') Nung sinurprise ko po si kuya dido, super saya ko. Pinakamasayang araw ng buhay ko. Naramdaman ko pong favorite po pala ako ng lahat :') mother side and father side... Napakadami po tlgng nagmamahal sakin :') At nung gabi din po na un, naramdaman ko na may magulang ako... :') sabi ng tatay ko, kasi pinapauna ko na po sila s bahay eh... Sabi nya, "sabay sabay tayo uuwi." Sabi ko "e si nanay gusto na umuwi"... "Hndi... Edi pag umuwi kami naginom ka na naman hangang umaga"... Hehe tapos inantay po tlg nila kmi matapos uminom. Tpos umuwi na po kami, tapos nagkwentuhan kaming apat. Si kuya dido, ako, si nanay, and si tatay... Hndi namin namalayan umaga na. May araw na 😊 sobrang napakaganda po ng paguusap namin na un papa God. Ultimo love life ko napagusapan po namin at lahat ng mga mabibigat na dinadala ko nuon dahil sa mga experience sa buhay... Nawala pong lahat... 😊 sobrang salamat po dahil binigyan nyo po ako ng dalawang napaka matatalinong mga magulang. Tatay ko na matagal nagtrabaho sa isang malaking company nuon(dahil uso pa dyaryo before), Manila Bulletin, na hndi naman nakapagcollege at talino lang talaga ang ginamit... At nanay ko na editor ng isang malaking publishing company, REX... Na may mga novels din... Talaga po palang may lahi po siguro kaming manunulat... 😊 At salamat po dahil isa po sa inspirasyon ko to become where I am right now at this age, ay yung mga kapatid ko... Alam nyo po, lugi ako kasi bunso ako... Ako po ung pinaka may maikling time na nakasama ko si nanay at tatay. Kasi pagkapanganak pa lng sakin may iba ng family. Tapos po si nanay buntis pa lng sakin nagka Parkinson's disease na... Kaya she just have to flew to "USA, The Land of The Rising Sun", para magpagaling at magtrabaho para mabuhay kami... Kaya bata pa lang, wala na akong parents... Ngayon po, nagpapasalamat po ako dahil mas lalo ko naintindihan kung bakit nangyari ung mga yun. And mas lalo po akong naging thankful. And nagpapasalamat dahil binigyan nyo din po ako ng hndi lang matatalino at mababait ma magulang, kundi matatalino at mababait pang mga kapatid...  foundation ko po para maging ganito, ay yung mga kapatid ko 😊 Yung ate ko na po nagalaga sakin simula nung umalis sila(3 yrs old)... Napakatalino din po nya, cumlaude ng MASCOM sa UST. Na nuon eh mga trabaho lumalapit sa knya.. Naging ina ko po sya, tatay pa, kapatid pa. Sya ang nagturo sakin ng lahat ng dapat matutunan ng isang bata. Sya nagturo sakin magbilang at magbasa. Imagine, college pa lng sya nun. May dalawa na syang alaga agad. Ako at si kuya dido... Yung isa ko naman pong kapatid, si kuya dido, isang napakatalinong tao din na humahanga ako dahil kuntento at masaya sya as long as masaya sya sa ginagawa nya... Napakabait nya at open minded. Madami din po akong natutunan sa knyang mga informations and knowledges. At pati tungkol sa buhay, sa knya ko nalaman na hnd dapat magpakulong sa bagay na d mo gusto o mahal o hnd ka masaya. Kasi po, angaling dn po nyan, maganda ang trabaho nya pero office work, graphic artist sya so nkaharap sya sa computer buong araw... Pero mas gusto nyang maging photographer dahil mahal nya photography at sports at hawak pa nya oras nya 😊 Madiskarte din po sya! 😊 at parang kaming dalawa ang magkaugali. Kami ang magkasundo. Hehe. Saaming apat, hindi nya ako iniwan... Sya ung naging kasanga ko ngayong malalaki na kami. Binigyan nyo po ako ng hndi lng kapatid. Kundi barkada at tatay... Lahat halos ng mga naging manliligaw ko po o mga naging boylets, hehe, e nakilala nya po 😊 simula 14yrs old. Haha! 😊 Imagine that. At simula naman bata pa kami, kami na ang magkakampi laban sa ate naming masungit! Hehehe... Higit sa lahat, naging inspirasyon ko po talaga ung isa naming kapatid. Si kuya Mark... Hindi ko po sya naging kaclose. Hnd ko po nga ata sya nakasama sa bahay. Pero ngayon, napaka-successful nya na po sobra. Sya po ung partner ko kapag nagchacharity sa Trishie Couture 😊 At sya po ay isang napakatalinong tao din... Nanalo na po ung isa sa mga sinulat nya na silver award sa Washington DC USA. Kahanga-hanga po talaga. At sya po ang nagturo sakin kung pano maging madiskarte sa pera. Dahil po khit maraming marami na syang pera, hnd nya kami tinotolerate ni kuya dido na umasa sa knya. Akala ko minamaliit kami, kaya mas lalo ako nagpursigi. Minsan nya na kasing sinabi na, ung pagaaral ko daw ng archi hnd nmn daw mahalaga. Nainis ako nun. Pero ngayon naiintindihan ko na po kung bakit 😊 Sa knya dn po ako natuto sa internet world. Sya din po ang nagturo sakin kung pano maghandle ng haters 😊 Hindi nya po kami tinolerate at ininspire nya po ako na kahit sya lng ung nalayo saming apat na magkakapatid, sya pa ang pinakasuccessful ngayon. Idol ko nga po sya eh. Kasi traveler din sya at nililibot na din po nya ang buong mundo ngayon 😊 magkikita nga po kami sa Cambodia sa february 😊 at puro historical places po ang gusto nyang puntahan. Na gusto ko din 😊 napakahilig din po nyang tumulong 😊 At napakatalino pong talaga. Pati family nya inspiration ko and yung love story nila ni ate Rhea and kung gano sila ka-happy family ngayon 😊 kaso lang po sana magkausap sila ni tatay. Parehas po kasi sila sobrang talino eh. And dahil mas naniniwala sila sa purely science nuon, hndi sila naniniwala kay God. Pero si tatay ko kasi ngayon, sya ung nagturo sakin ngayon na magkaron ng faith at maging maka-Diyos. Regardless of the religion nga po daw. Kaya po naisip ko, may mga bago pong life lessons si tatay na dapat malaman ni kuya Mark ngayon, kasi po minsan pong nagalit ata si kuya ko na iniwan sya ni tatay sa ganung paniniwala... Kaya po si tatay ko sabi nya sakin gusto nya daw makausap si kuya mark... Naiintindihan nya po kasi si kuya Mark talaga eh sa totoo lng. Kaya po sana papa God, pagbigyan nyo po ako sa wish ko ngayong pasko... Konting konting kahilingan na lang naman po papa God eh. Hihi... Binigay nyo na po kasi talaga ung hiling ko. Ung magkasama-sama kaming pamilya nung after surprise bday party ni kuya dido... Naramdaman ko pong bunso talaga ako :> naramdaman ko po ung buo ung pamilya. Ung nay nanay at tatay... Kaya po sana papa Jesus, konting kembot na lng sa dreams ko, bigay nyo na po! Hehe. Sana po matupad na po... Mabuo na po sana kaming anim(kasama ung dalawa ko pang kapatid), apat na po kming mgkksma binigay nyo eh! Hehe. Dalawa nlng po! 😃 Sana makasama din namin si ate min at si kuya mark 😊 Hiling po namin ni tatay yan sa inyo ngayong pasko... Kahit po isang araw at gabi lang... 😊 para po mas lalo kami magkaintindihan at mas magmahalan at maayos yung mga bagay na dapat ituwid 😊 Sana po pagbigyan nyo po ako sa wish na un papa God. Sana po isa si kuya Mark sa nagbabasa nito. Sana po mabasa nya to... Alam naman po naming lahat na napakalaki po ng kinikita nya(nagpapagawa nga po sya ng football field sa Cuba eh. At proud ako dun) kaya po sana, iregalo nya samin ngayong pasko, ung oras nya 😊 Kayang kaya nya po sagutin ang pamasahe nilang dalawa ni ate Min dto sa Pilipinas ngayong december. Kahit 3 araw lang. Pera lng naman po ang mawawala eh. Pero pag nagkasama-sama po kaming anim, PRICELESS po yun papa God. Walang katumbas na pera. Literal na literal na PRICELESS po at DREAM COME TRUE.... 😊 Kaya po sana po papa God, pagbigyan nyo po ako sa wish ko ngayong pasko 😊 Salamat din po pala at naiexpress ko po itong feelings ko ngayon na matagal ko na pong gustong gawin at iexpress 😊 Aantayin ko po ang sagot nyo sa prayers ko 😊 


"Just be good. Be good to yourself. Be good to everyone. Understand that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes that's why you have to learn to forgive and forget. Remove hatreds and all the negativity in life. They are nonsense. Change. Move on. And balance everything. Learn to apologize SINCERELY. Stay humble. And just be good. Eventually, all the people around you will be good to you. Until you also feel good about yourself. And life will be good to you." -Trishie dela Cruz

May 28, 2014


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April 26, 2014

Apr 6, 2014


(Late Post, Inspirational Post, Personal Post)


18 or 17 yrs ago, there is this day that my mom went to abroad because she is sick of Parkinson's and she have to work for the future of her children. The days before she left, I never heard any goodbyes or messages. Sabi na lng nila, my mom said goodbye while I was sleeping, and nagising pa daw ako nun, but I just felt asleep again. baby pa eh, 3yrs old. I will never forget na pag gising ko nlng Im asking ate min "nasan si nanay" nsa palengke lang daw.. hangang sa hindi na bumalik and found out the truth...

I learned that there will always come a point that you have to say goodbye. For me, that is today. While for my mom, this is the second time. Medyo malungkot kasi unlike the past 3 weeks, sya palagi ung gumigising skin even though in a very awkward way. I am the kind of person na hnd agad gumigising, but if si nanay, once or twice lang na "tricia gising na 10am na" then tatayo lng sya in the corner of my room and will never leave hngat hnd ako tumatayo. Nakatitig lang sya skin. hahaha! So I have no choice kung hndi gumising na. Then after that, We will eat breakfast or lunch na. Angsarap magluto ng nanay ko! Most esp the sinigang, adobo, and the caldereta We eat together everyday for 3 weeks. Her, my brother Kevin and his baby Ethan and most of the time with Len Barrios Angsaya saya ng ambiance ng bahay Alive na alive Sometimes pa bglang ddting sila ate Amihan and kuya Ed together with the makulit na six! Hihi. Then before I sleep naman, I have to take care of nanay. Fix her bed, help her drink her medicine, help her pee sometimes, hug her, and show how much I love her everyday. But today, same old ordinary life again, ung pag gising ko, I have to be independent again. Tahimik ng house, I have to cook or buy for my own, or most of the time, diretso sa school nlng and eat with my friends.

In comparison of the situation on how I wake up 3 weeks ago till yesterday than today, there is really a big difference. But why did I said na "medyo" malungkot lng? Why not super lugkot? Hmm.. Remember the last bastard who said a lot of things to me na kawawa daw ako na magisa lng daw ako and I dont have a family? God just did the revenge (in a good way) for me to her. God just proved her wrong. The past 3 weeks showed me all the goodness in life. It showed me that a person can really change. My father said sorry to all of us from the bottom of his heart. Yes I can feel how deep is his sincerity. The world showed me how he really loves my mom... How he really loves all of us.. And it is so heart warming how she started calling me "my baby" because I am the bunso of the family I felt how to have a happy family. My dream of having a family picture happened. It's a magical feeling. A dream came true.

I am not so lonely because on that past 3 weeks, I've learned that everything really happens for a reason. They left me when I was still a child. I become independent. And now, they went back to me and saw what I am now.. I've showed them what my life is. They learned how many friends I have and how many being loves me despite of their absence. Maybe, what happened on my childhood happened because if not, I wont feel the gift of this magical feeling.. I wont feel the "dream come true" feeling. And most of all, if they didn't leave me, I wont become what I am right now... A better version of me. A Trish who is a dreamer. A Trish who is a strong woman and who never gives up on the battle of life. They made me feel how proud they are to me. I even showed and surprised my mom on the things that I can do that a girl couldn't normally do (ung pag eelectrician sa house hehe)...

The past 3 weeks made me see all the beautiful things in life more and how much should I be thankful how blessed I am. And today, today is the day where I have to continue living and working for my next dreams. Today... Today is the day where they left me a beautiful memories and big love in my heart.

Why should I be lonely when is in fact I should be very thankful instead? Thankful because I know the meaning of my life already and I know how to live it happily and with no regrets. Thankful because another dream was given to me. Thankful because it proved me that every moment should be treasured because we don't know when would be the next time. It proved me that there should be no space for loneliness in our lives because life is beautiful. We just don't look at it because we are busy fixing and looking for the bad things... We are busy making stupid issues that doesn't really matter. And I'm proud to say that I don't do anymore the past few months

3 weeks of living my dreams. 3 weeks full of memories and lessons in life. 3 weeks that made me stronger. And on that 3 weeks, I was able to inspire a lot. I was able to share how to live life happily... I was able to show everyone that dreams really do come true... "Always look at the bright side. Because everything happens for a reason"... Remember?

Farewell ..Hangang sa muli nating pagkikita at pagsasama sama! Have a safe and happy trip! I love you all

Apr 5, 2014

Secret to Blogging - SEO (Meet my BREGGENDIES)

Ever wonder why my blog rank is always on top 10 to 40 and never goes down even if Im not active on blogging anymore? Well, other bloggers does wonder and questioned me already about this. Others ask me on what is the secret because somehow they are already struggling through blogging and yet they still haven't accumulate number of viewers. Thus, now, I will tell you the secret. It's about the SEO of blogging. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a very broad aspect and somehow hard to understand but is very important when it comes to blogging.
What is SEO? Giving you my own explanation on how I understand SEO, it's about how you use keywords on your blog and how will it appear on google. 

Most of the viewers of other blogs come to their domain through the DIRECT URL. Meaning, they type directly the website to the URL/ADDRESS BAR of the screen. And that is the weakest way of earning money through google adsense.  
(Refer to the photo above) In my case, even if I don't have a new post everyday, many people get directed to my domain(blog) through google EVERYDAY. Look at the REFERRING SITES and REFERRING URLs above. Almost all of my blog visitors are the person who searches something on the web and google give my blog on their search engine. 

FYI, the page views on the graph is only for this day. Take Note, I didn't blogged anything for the past few days until only tonight. 

So, what keyword/s does make my blog have a high SEO?
According to the stats, it's the underarm whitening, my name, Trishie dela Cruz, to be followed up by the mini walk-in closet.

On this photo (above) I tried searching my name, as well as the other high keyword which is the underarm whitening (See photo below)

Now, It's up to you how are you going to have a high SEO. That's why if I were you, start typing up SEO on your google or any search engine now :)

Now, I will make a blog post which I want to appear on google. Say for example, I want the pictures of my archi friends named"BREGGENDIES" to appear on the "Images" search results on google. How?
First and foremost, I have to put that as the title of my blog post. 

Second, I have to repeat and repeat that keywordm which is the BREGGENDIES through out this blog post :)

According to one of the group members, Dominique Miles Alferez, Breggendy (Plural: breggendies) means "Nature". 

We are together for better and for worst. In good times and in bad times. Well, I really cant actually remember how my breggendies started but all I know is that they are the friends for keep and the friends where I can always actually lean on. They are my boy friends and I'm their "baby girl". We are family. We are one. And I know that when the time that we are already "Architects" we are still together. . . We are still "breggendies" :)

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