Dec 31, 2013

BEST OF 2013 - Your Fashion Architect

Hello Dolls!! How are you? It's been a long time since I posted a long and serious blog post. Of course because I won't end this 2013 without catching up even a little with you guys :) I can't believe that it's been a year since I last wrote the "Best of" Kinda post. :D Here's my "Best of 2012" post if you already forgotten it :)

 2013 has been such a lucky, or should I say, BLESSED year for me. A lot of changes and blessings happened in my life. I don't believe in horoscopes, but I probably call this as "My Year" instead? :)

January is the start of the year and my birthday month as well. So I guess that I should start my "Best of 2013" post on how my birthday went. Well, I didn't have any grand event for my birthday this year but my friends, family and lover (that time) surprised me with a birthday bash party with a romantic 20 surprise presents. 20 presents because obviously, that was my 20th birthday. hihi. What more can I say? Another birthday which was definitely one of the books as I may say :)

Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Japan... And this year, I went back to Hongkong again :) I celebrated my 20th birthday by traveling with my loved one as well. And yes, using my own hard worked money. :) I said to myself that starting this year, I should be able to travel and go to different countries once or twice a year :) I love traveling and knowing the culture of different countries. "I love to fill my passport with stamps"

2013 was the year where I had my last tattoo (Haha how I wish that my mind wont change that decision).
 Tatt meaning? "God is always at my back" :)

Wouldn't last the year without shopping and buying new shoes! hihi. Not practical but at least I'm spending my own money :D

Year is not complete without procrastinations, pressure and frustrations because of school stuff. I guess my life would be so easy without these stuff. And I wouldn't give up on these because these are the foundations of my DREAM. A dream to be an architect :) So everything would be worth it :)

This summer, we finally had our own jetski in our resort at Zambales and that was the first time I tried jetski-ing. I think that that made my 2013 summer quite memorable and extra-ordinary. Other than that was just the usual outings and swimmings with friends and family that we do every year :)

I I tried Go Karting and got interested with guns! I bet on NBA odds and do other guy stuff. Most of the time, I'm with my guy friends too! Less Drama. Great Company. I'm officially one of the boys this year! HAHA

2012 was my piggy year because I didn't have any exercise nor any sweating hobby that year. My body is used to cheerleading, gymnastics, ballet, and sports - thus, this year, I decided to enroll at Gold's Gym! So Tadaaa! My firm body is back! :D I stopped again for months now though :(

My year wouldn't be complete without friends. Well, they are the ones who always make my every year a memorable one! I have a lot of friends. Like true friends. That's why I always have a lot of errands and events with each groups - Parties such as Close Up Summer Solstice and Meg Magzine Events, "Prom Kinda Night" (Archi Night), Walwal Nights, BeerPong Nights, Wasted/Drunk Nights, Tambay and Chill Days, Swimming Party Nights, House Parties and so much more! Those pics are not even half of the fun that I had this year. It was really a YOLO year for me. hihi.

Being a fashion designer, It is a must for me to practice this profession once in a while. That's why I should accept clients despite of the busy schedule at school and business :) Photos above are some of the clients and creations that I had this 2013 :)

If last year, I achieved my dream walk-in-closet, this year, I slightly achieved my "Dream Bed Room" :) High bed, Hello Kitty heaven and full of pink stuff. A princess kind of bedroom. Hihi. I was also able to had a general cleaning in my walk in closet! A simple achievement for me hihi.

Although I was already able to held several fashion shows last 2012, Having another 3 fashion shows for my 3rd and 4th collection this year was also considered as an achievement I guess. Right? :D It was also my first time to had a bazaar!

Magazine and News Paper features would serve as a memorable hard copy for this year :)

Another dream was achieved :) You can now buy a Trishie Couture RTW in one of the leading malls in our country.. Robinson's Metro East :) I am so much thankful for this kind of blessings and opportunities. I can't say anymore about this but Thank You Lord! :)

First time to try a new noticeable hair cut! Full Bangs! :D


I bought a New Sala Set :)


I bought an iphone5, twice!(The first one was lost), I also bought an Android phone as a temporary phone, an iPad, a MacBook Pro and a Mini DSLR camera. I can't explain the feeling of buying your own gadgets and stuff using your own hard worked money. Thanks muchy to my business. :D Indeed a great blessing to me!

 P.S. After applying for a Globe postpaid plan the past years and got rejected, this year, I finally got approved into a 1800php plan monthly! :) 


I also bought my DREAM DOG! A yorkie! My new baby :) A tea cup yorkie is normally worth 35k above and I can say that Im fortunate to bought her for only 20k :)


My license and my credit card are also a big part of my 2013! :D Sign of aging huhu

Lastly, 2013 Would be one of the best year for me for the reason that it is the year where I finally achieved one of my biggest dream and goal in life. "TO BUY A CAR" using my own hard worked money. My business is really such a blessing and a hit this year. It really changed my life. Despite of the haters and staring judging eyes out there, I may say that I am one of the happy girls right now. My life right now is something that I really enjoy a lot. I earn my own money which makes me able to buy and do what I want, I have a lot of "TRUE" friends - A friends where I can always lean on, and a cool and happy relatives who never stop supporting and be proud of me :) I am so glad that the cruel events and losts that happened to me this year didn't pull me down but instead made me change into a better one. Made me change to a person who appreciates what I have and a person who knows how to become happy as easy as 123 hihi. Less drama in life. No Regrets. YOLO. FREE. LIVE-LOVE-LAUGH Kinda Life. A happy life. Thank You Lord for such a wonderful year with full of blessings and happiness :) 

 To my Family and Relatives, Archi/Mapuan Friends, Bitchesss "Shot for Life" Friends, Km8s, ShowTime, Cheerping Cardinals Pep Squad, Blogger friends, Blog Readers, LCCians, Thomasians,Ballet Friends, Party Friends, DDG, ILS, RBC, RBS, BHP, and friends of friends, Thank you so much for making my year such a wonderful year :)


 Lots of Love, 

Your Fashion Architect :)

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