Sep 13, 2013

Tinsel ft. Trishie Couture Boutique Grand Opening at Robinson's Metro East

Finally! I am now blogging about one big step in my Trishie Couture Clothing Line :D
First, I want to Thank God for all the blessings that He gave and will give to me :) I am so contented of what I have in my life now. I'm happy and I know that I am blessed. I am so much releived now about the challenges and trials that I've been through these past few months. I knew it! That everything will be fine and everything really happens for a reason :) Thank You Lord :)

Moving on, It's been a month now since Tinsel ft. Trishie Couture Boutique was launched. If you are a follower on my instagram and twitter - @trishiedc , I guess you already knew about this. But for those who aren't, GOOD NEWS! You can now buy my TRISHIE COUTURE RTW designs/collection at ROBINSON'S METRO EAST, 2nd Floor, Fab Shop :) Yay! I cant express how happy I am for this opportunity. I never think that this kind of blessings will happen to me at this early age. Yes, I dreamed of having my own clothing line, and I think that my dreams are just too kind to me, or I guess they're just in a hurry haha. ( I hope I passed that joke :/ lol haha ) Thank you so much to ate Tin for giving me this opportunity :) More power to us! :D 

Sooooo... As usual, Let the photos and captions do the talking :)

To give you a clearer look, "Fab"  is like the "The Ramp Crossings" in Trinoma and other malls where in variety of fashion boutiques can be found in that one big closed space. It was really the Fab grand opening so obviously, since the boutiques are in it, it was our grand opening too! :)

 The event was just a simple cocktail opening event with a ribbon cutting and a group of perfomers. 

Trishie Couture Dress and tutu skirts on a mannequin. Never did I think that my very own clothing line piece will be on a window display at this early age of 20 :D I am not lucky. I'm BLESSED :D  

Trishie Couture Tags :)

Have you spotted the Trishie Couture Clothing label? Well, I wanted it to be like an ambercrombie-ish label which is something fade-y and vintage-ish. But I think it doesn't turned out to be that nice :( What do you think? 

With the beautiful ate Tin :) We look like sisters right? :D

With the actress Sussy of GMA  ate Tin's friend, who was also present at the grand launch :)


I missed you readers! And oh, before I forgot, I want to thank you readers for your unedning support to my blog! I can't believe that I am still on rank ranging 20 to 50 on despite of my inactiveness. I love you so much for that! :D I promise to get back to regular blogging as soon as I finish all of my important errands. One of it is a big opportunity in my career as a fashion designer.  I can't tell you now, but I will surely do. Soon! So STAY TUNED! :D 


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