Aug 10, 2013

MEG Magazine 15th Anniversary

Hello dollies! Sorry for the long wait. Without any further ado, my SHE INSIDE GIVEAWAY Winner is... (Drum rolls please) RAIN GATDULA!! Pls email me as soon as you read this. :)

Moving on,  for those who didn't get the chance to go to MEG Magazine's amazing festivity, Don't worry, you'll see it all here. Here lies all the things that you've missed.

One thing's for sure, MEG Magazine gave their all with this event. It was held at Republiq Club, Resorts World Manila. It may be a bit far for people who live at Malabon or Quezon City, but you just cannot let Great things passed by.

Now, let's all let the photos do the talking :)

Meet Diane, :) One of my best friends :) My event buddy, my partner in crime :)) HAHA!

Photo Op Wall


Cocktail Bar

Guess my height? haha!

SAM_0229 SAM_0250
Bianca Gonzales
Julz, Meg's first style ambassador
SAM_0283 SAM_0275 SAM_0269
SAM_0288 SAM_0298 SAM_0272
I had the chance to catch up with my FIP professors,  Paul and John Herrera. We just rocked the dance floor!

This Event came with  a wonderful catch. All the Guests were expected to wear Military Glam as their outfit. Everyone came with All out Camouflage, Leather, and studs with a hint of creativity from their own personalities with their outfit. Which I may say so is fab. All the fashionista's and all the designers went at this festivity. If you missed my blog post about my outfit for this event, check it out HERE 

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