Aug 30, 2013

Catching Up

Hello dolls! Its been a long time since I blogged seriously here :( Like, helloooo! We need to catch up!!! Grr... If only my schedule permits, I can blog all day everyday. But it doesn't :( I am such a busy bee this past few months. But don't you worry, Im doin great now! It's Trishie version 2.0 already! haha! Well, I hope you read my tips on how to become happy. If not, you can read it HERE hihi.

 By the way, before we start this catching up session, I wanna thank you for the everyday support and visits on my blog! I cant believe that I'm still on rank 20 to 50 on despite of the inactivity of this blog. Ahhhh.. I love you for that! I really do appreciate it. hihi. 

Soo... Let's start!

Sequence: Upper Left to bottom right. Alternate.

-Celebrated one of the Mapua Cheerping Cardinals senior's birthday :) I had a blast!
-At the pancake house. Had a dinner date with Diane before we rocked 7th High. Hello petite-me again! Hello Black hair! hello heatless perm! :D
-Party at Republiq  Club with Diane
-I was invited to a fashion designers expo at Miami Florida!! Im crossing my fingers now to get a US Visa. Pls pray for me guys! 
-Ombre nails. Plus I scored that authentic Chanel bag at a low price! Such a steal!

-On the moment of my darkest days, I always go shopping and buy shoes. Because shoes can always fit :) Thanks God I am better and happier now. I don't have to buy shoes that I won't wear anymore! hihi.
-Beerpong Saturday night out with friends :) 
-Another shoes!!
-Business cards and plate/floorplan sketch.
-My bed 
-Costume design for a cheerdance competition

-Trishie Couture RTW clothes at Robinson's Metro East!
-Model wearing Trishie Couture Skirt
-Hello black hair! Hello red lips!
-Trishie Couture window display
-Hey I'm still a Nivea girl! Thanks for the random packages, Nivea! :)
-New board cover. New plates to finish! 

-Hashtag Black Heatless Perm! :D Hashtag selfie, Hashtag vain! :))
-Rawr! Thanks to Gold's gym! But that was 2 months ago I think. If I wasn't able to blog already, well, I wasn't able to go to the gym for 2 months already too!
-Some random OOTD that I was able to took a shot.
-Another OOTD. The night I went to the casino and won. hihi.
-New make ups from my sister! :)
-Passport stamps! :) I will conquer the world! hihi

So... All photos are from my Instagram! I rarely use a laptop now because I am always out, busy and always doing some school and business stuff. So if I were you, follow me now and let's catch up regularly! :)

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  1. We missed you..!! I am really happy that you are back and I know that you enjoyed this party a lot..!!


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