Aug 30, 2013

Catching Up

Hello dolls! Its been a long time since I blogged seriously here :( Like, helloooo! We need to catch up!!! Grr... If only my schedule permits, I can blog all day everyday. But it doesn't :( I am such a busy bee this past few months. But don't you worry, Im doin great now! It's Trishie version 2.0 already! haha! Well, I hope you read my tips on how to become happy. If not, you can read it HERE hihi.

 By the way, before we start this catching up session, I wanna thank you for the everyday support and visits on my blog! I cant believe that I'm still on rank 20 to 50 on despite of the inactivity of this blog. Ahhhh.. I love you for that! I really do appreciate it. hihi. 

Soo... Let's start!

Sequence: Upper Left to bottom right. Alternate.

-Celebrated one of the Mapua Cheerping Cardinals senior's birthday :) I had a blast!
-At the pancake house. Had a dinner date with Diane before we rocked 7th High. Hello petite-me again! Hello Black hair! hello heatless perm! :D
-Party at Republiq  Club with Diane
-I was invited to a fashion designers expo at Miami Florida!! Im crossing my fingers now to get a US Visa. Pls pray for me guys! 
-Ombre nails. Plus I scored that authentic Chanel bag at a low price! Such a steal!

-On the moment of my darkest days, I always go shopping and buy shoes. Because shoes can always fit :) Thanks God I am better and happier now. I don't have to buy shoes that I won't wear anymore! hihi.
-Beerpong Saturday night out with friends :) 
-Another shoes!!
-Business cards and plate/floorplan sketch.
-My bed 
-Costume design for a cheerdance competition

-Trishie Couture RTW clothes at Robinson's Metro East!
-Model wearing Trishie Couture Skirt
-Hello black hair! Hello red lips!
-Trishie Couture window display
-Hey I'm still a Nivea girl! Thanks for the random packages, Nivea! :)
-New board cover. New plates to finish! 

-Hashtag Black Heatless Perm! :D Hashtag selfie, Hashtag vain! :))
-Rawr! Thanks to Gold's gym! But that was 2 months ago I think. If I wasn't able to blog already, well, I wasn't able to go to the gym for 2 months already too!
-Some random OOTD that I was able to took a shot.
-Another OOTD. The night I went to the casino and won. hihi.
-New make ups from my sister! :)
-Passport stamps! :) I will conquer the world! hihi

So... All photos are from my Instagram! I rarely use a laptop now because I am always out, busy and always doing some school and business stuff. So if I were you, follow me now and let's catch up regularly! :)

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Aug 21, 2013

Trishie Couture 1st RTW Collection

Heyah Dolls! Last March 2013, I launched my very first RTW (Ready To Wear) Collection at SM City Sta. Mesa together with the sponsors, JELLYBEAN, KARIMADON, REBEL GEAR, and SM DEPT. STORE CLOTHING. It took me forever to blog this one because it took me forever to get the pictures :| 

Anyways, You can buy any of these at ROBINSON'S METRO EAST! While, I will launch my 2nd RTW Collection at SM Sta. Mesa, Same location here on these photos :)
See you!

So without any further ado, here are my first RTW COLLECTION :)


This is Jerry Moyco Consulta, Owner of Diversity Modelos Manila, the modeling agency who organize and get models/modeling students for me :) Thank you so much Jerry!

By the way, Thank You Pink Fashion for my outfit and for my stiletto :)

Happiness 101 - How to live HAPPY by Your Fashion Architect :)

I lost my iphone, camera, laptop etc... And I lost another camera again... In my own home... I lost my yaya maid who worked for us for 10years. I lost some friends, I'm sick and I lost a healthy body and stable hands...I lost some friends... I lost a loved one... I am now completely independent and living alone. But...It's not the end of the world. There's more to life! :) I still have my very own home, my friends who love and care for me so much, my family who always supports and understands me. I have a blog readers who see me as an inspiration. I am studying in a great school with a course that I really want. I have a career with full of opportunities, a business of my own, a home with a dream bed and an every girl's dream - walk in closet, a kitchen with foods that make me full and I have the sweetest dog that you can ever have that never leaves me :) I may lost pounds, but most of all, I gained. I gained new friends. I gained happy memories. I gained more love and care from all of my real friends (believe me, they're countless), friends who can always manage to make me smile despite of all odds. Lastly, I gained lessons in life that made me learned a lot. I learned how to accept mistakes, how to forgive, how to loose anger, and to how to appreciate life more. I learned how to be happy standing in my own feet and without depending to anyone. I learned how to smile despite of the storm. I learned how to be happy despite of those problems and keen judging eyes around me. I learned how to become stronger in this battle of life. See? Don't make life too complicated :) There are a lot of happy things in life than those little problems. Don't put so much drama in life. Always look at the bright side. Happiness depends on you :) Smile on every chances that you get and be greatful of all the things that you have and all of the problems that you know you don't have. Don't let a bad day makes you feel that you have a bad life. Let go and move on of the past. Alcohol is not the key to the problems. If you want to get over a problem, stop mulling it over and talking about it. Do something to make that problem not a problem when it's necessary. Let go of all the things that make you sad. Remember, Anything in life is temporary. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it won't last forever. And if things are going bad, don't worry, it won't last forever either :)

I am happy, stronger, and better now, and you who currently reading this, I wanna say thank you... Thank you because you made me stronger.Thank you because you are part of my happiness :)

Your Fashion Architect,
Trishie dela Cruz :*

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Aug 10, 2013

MEG Magazine 15th Anniversary

Hello dollies! Sorry for the long wait. Without any further ado, my SHE INSIDE GIVEAWAY Winner is... (Drum rolls please) RAIN GATDULA!! Pls email me as soon as you read this. :)

Moving on,  for those who didn't get the chance to go to MEG Magazine's amazing festivity, Don't worry, you'll see it all here. Here lies all the things that you've missed.

One thing's for sure, MEG Magazine gave their all with this event. It was held at Republiq Club, Resorts World Manila. It may be a bit far for people who live at Malabon or Quezon City, but you just cannot let Great things passed by.

Now, let's all let the photos do the talking :)

Meet Diane, :) One of my best friends :) My event buddy, my partner in crime :)) HAHA!

Photo Op Wall


Cocktail Bar

Guess my height? haha!

SAM_0229 SAM_0250
Bianca Gonzales
Julz, Meg's first style ambassador
SAM_0283 SAM_0275 SAM_0269
SAM_0288 SAM_0298 SAM_0272
I had the chance to catch up with my FIP professors,  Paul and John Herrera. We just rocked the dance floor!

This Event came with  a wonderful catch. All the Guests were expected to wear Military Glam as their outfit. Everyone came with All out Camouflage, Leather, and studs with a hint of creativity from their own personalities with their outfit. Which I may say so is fab. All the fashionista's and all the designers went at this festivity. If you missed my blog post about my outfit for this event, check it out HERE 
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