Jul 2, 2013

My Version of Military Glam

Hello Dolls! Remember my last post HERE? I told you there that I was invited by Meg Magazine and I share with you my interpretation of Military Glam and some outfit ideas. So, without any further ado, here's my own version of Military Glam :)

I was supposed to post this outfit idea on my last post but I didn't. I don't want you to spoil my outfit. hihi.. But well, here's my peg. I still want to stick to my personal style which is dainty, classic and feminine and that is by wearing a black lace dress. I also want to modernize that "Military" term by choosing leopard as an alternative to camouflage. Gold accents speaks "Glam", while studs and heavy metal accessories/necklace speaks "Military". I added up a military cap to make the military effect more obvious. heehee.. :D

military curl
SAM_0196SAM_0200 SAM_0199 SAM_0197

Necklace and Cuff- SM Accessories
Messenger's Cap- Land Mark
Clutch- Romwe


Finally! Someone gave a little effort to take a 3 minutes ootd/ootn for me! huhuhu.. I always skip that part of the day because I don't have someone to take photos of me :( My yaya maid was on vacation lately, and my boyf is not the "Behind-every-blogger's-ootd-is-her-photohrapher-boyfriend" type :| I just have to insist him to take me an outfit shots that night because I know that this is an outfit that I shouldn't miss here on my blog. Hellerrrr bihira n nga lng umattend ng event ang lola mo eh :| haha lol

Well, I still thank my boyfie for this "ambush" but decent outfit shots. hihi. And guess what? All of these photos except for the 2 face shots, are just taken by my Samsung wifi camera! After I lost my Sony RX100, I got shocked when Laureen Uy was advertising my newly bought camera! hihi.. I had a hard time of choosing the best mini DSLR camera to buy (Yes! A mini DSLR. I am never a fan of DSLR because I dont want to bring bulky ones lol), and I am glad that I didn't make the wrong choice. Laureen Uy is even promoting it on her blog! (see her post here) And the camera didn't disappoints me. Its just that I learned a better way to take pictures after these shots was taken. I will show it to you on my next post which is the Meg Magazine event itself :) 

What can you say about my outfit? And hey! Dont forget to join my on going GIVEAWAY here

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