Jul 31, 2013


Do you like fashion? What is your favorite style? As for me, I am in favor of stripe. Stripe always gives me the sense of simplicity and nature.

Nowadays, stripe has become one of the strongest elements in the fashion world. Regardless of the classic black and white stripes, or different tonal collocation of color stripe, or the stripe splicing combination, can be a necessary match for this summer.

Here I want to show you my last order from ROMWE.  My favorite one is leggings  which is ROMWE’s own design. It is black and white with vertical stripes. They are so comfortable. They are almost wearable with everything like T-shirt, blouse, sweater and pullover. And I can pair it with many colors. The key point is they have a good quality with affordable price. All my friends around said the ROMWE Vertical Stripe Black-White Leggings look very good on me. And the vertical stripes make me look slimmer. Haha! They also wanted to have the leggings. Now I am waiting for my new order of Black-white "Stripes" Maxi Dress and Stripe Double Pockets Shirt. I can not wait to wear them. I will try more striped clothing. Haha!

I think simple choice makes perfect. Do you have a striped item? Do you want to have a try?
image001-4 image002 image003

(The photos above are all derived from ROMWE)
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Jul 12, 2013

Buy Trishie Couture RTW Collection at Robinson's Metro East!

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! For those who are asking on where they can buy my Trishie Couture Ready-To-Wear (RTW) collection, FINALLY, You can BUY them at Robinson's Metro East - Tinsel Boutique!!! :D Join us on our Grand opening on July 28, 2013 to get a 20% off on all items! weee! See yah! 

Here are some previews of my collection. I have no official photos of them so I just gathered what I have here :| hihi. Hope you like it! :) Stay tuned for my next collection!!

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Jul 2, 2013

My Version of Military Glam

Hello Dolls! Remember my last post HERE? I told you there that I was invited by Meg Magazine and I share with you my interpretation of Military Glam and some outfit ideas. So, without any further ado, here's my own version of Military Glam :)

I was supposed to post this outfit idea on my last post but I didn't. I don't want you to spoil my outfit. hihi.. But well, here's my peg. I still want to stick to my personal style which is dainty, classic and feminine and that is by wearing a black lace dress. I also want to modernize that "Military" term by choosing leopard as an alternative to camouflage. Gold accents speaks "Glam", while studs and heavy metal accessories/necklace speaks "Military". I added up a military cap to make the military effect more obvious. heehee.. :D

military curl
SAM_0196SAM_0200 SAM_0199 SAM_0197

Necklace and Cuff- SM Accessories
Messenger's Cap- Land Mark
Clutch- Romwe


Finally! Someone gave a little effort to take a 3 minutes ootd/ootn for me! huhuhu.. I always skip that part of the day because I don't have someone to take photos of me :( My yaya maid was on vacation lately, and my boyf is not the "Behind-every-blogger's-ootd-is-her-photohrapher-boyfriend" type :| I just have to insist him to take me an outfit shots that night because I know that this is an outfit that I shouldn't miss here on my blog. Hellerrrr bihira n nga lng umattend ng event ang lola mo eh :| haha lol

Well, I still thank my boyfie for this "ambush" but decent outfit shots. hihi. And guess what? All of these photos except for the 2 face shots, are just taken by my Samsung wifi camera! After I lost my Sony RX100, I got shocked when Laureen Uy was advertising my newly bought camera! hihi.. I had a hard time of choosing the best mini DSLR camera to buy (Yes! A mini DSLR. I am never a fan of DSLR because I dont want to bring bulky ones lol), and I am glad that I didn't make the wrong choice. Laureen Uy is even promoting it on her blog! (see her post here) And the camera didn't disappoints me. Its just that I learned a better way to take pictures after these shots was taken. I will show it to you on my next post which is the Meg Magazine event itself :) 

What can you say about my outfit? And hey! Dont forget to join my on going GIVEAWAY here
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