Jun 6, 2013

Restoring Crushed Pressed Powder

Don’t you find it disappointing when you drop a brand new compact and its powder gets crushed like it's beyond repair? Don't throw it away because you can still put it all back together. All you need is a brush and a few drops of alcohol to restore your pressed powder. 

Compact Powders 

Compact powder is a cosmetic powder applied to the face to make it less shiny. Aside from toning the face, some compact powders are formulated with sunscreen thus reducing the risk of skin damage due to sunlight exposure and environmental stress. Since there are different kinds of skin tones, compact powders also have a variety of colors to match each skin tone. One of the most popular compact powders, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural can make one's skin look flawless and really natural. Professional makeup artists as well as amateur makeup artists who spend most of their time watching video tutorials on YouTube can practice make-up application using popular brands like Estee Lauder. Aside from using popular makeup brands, beauty and hair salons such as Rush.co.uk use high-end makeup tools/systems such as airbrush makeup technique to evenly apply makeup without using sponges and brushes. Learning how to use such makeup application technique can be another great way of bringing the interest to a whole new level. 

How to Put The Pieces Back Together 

Do you want to know how to restore a mashed compact powder? Follow the procedure below: 

What you will need: 

70% isopropyl alcohol 

Plastic wrap 



Synthetic eyeliner brush 

Q-tips cotton buds 


1. Using a plastic wrap, cover the compact entirely and be sure it sticks firmly to contain everything. 

2. Use a spatula to crush the pressed powder in a large pan. This will turn the compact powder into loose powder. 

3. Take off the plastic wrap and add 10 drops of alcohol. 

4. If the powder turned out to be sponge-like and very pliable, you can even it out using your spatula. 

5. Let it dry for a few hours then clean up its perimeter with cotton buds. 


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