May 31, 2013

Trishie Couture Catalog

Hello dollies! I am really sorry if this blog is not that active anymore :( I am this busy because we're cooking up some business. Not fashion related though. I promise to be active as possible as soon as we settled down this business. :) Btw, I want to thank you guys for still viewing my blog even if its not that active anymore. Look! You can still manage to make me on top 40+ :) I so love you guuyyss :) hihi.. 

Moving on, I am sharing with you some artwork done by a friend. He is a Multi Media Arts student in Mapua and he is also my team mate/pep mate. :) He is Kuya Brian "Ayan" Milante :)

It is a catalogue collection of my fashion design works and styles :)

Hope you like it!

AHHHH.. I cant wait for the final output slash hard copy! :) I so love it! Thanks kuya Bri for these! :D How I wish that all of my outfit posts would be look like these :D

May 26, 2013

CloseUp Summer Solstice 2013

Last month, I attended a Music Festival event that was said to be the biggest party in the Metro so far. It was the Close Up Summer Solstice. We really had a blast! I've got 12 free Gold tickets from @CloseupPh and we are lucky enough to even enter the VIP with those gold tickets. We had a drink on a parking lot (My first time! hihi) And it was really fun! What made me even enjoy more is that Im with my different group of friends and they became friends with each other as well too! :D (Archi friends, Village friends, HS friends, cousins and boyfriend) :D 

I cant explain our happiness that night. What BONDING it was! :D Thank You Close Up for this awesome event and free tickets! Looking forward to next year's! :D


These 2 pretty girls beside me were my first companions. They came in my house  a little early so we can prepare and do the girl things. You know.. Make ups! hihi.
Can our outfits pass to Coachella? hihi.. Dreamin! Well, Someday... Soon!


Random Friends! (Incomplete though) We started our parking lot drinking sesh a lil early! haha! 

2 of my 6 cousins who also went there :)

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Meet Lou, one of my guy best friends :) Ugghh. Buti pa kami may picture lol :)) My boyf and I doesnt have any decent picture together >.<

943512_618128118214671_1359292843_n 942708_618126244881525_2109714898_n

This is definitely one for the books!  P.S. All of the faces you see on this blog post are just half of the people that Im with that night :D I am so blessed with friends and family :D 

May 18, 2013

Swimsuit used as top

Hi dollies! How are you? Its been a while now since I last posted an outfit post. Haaaay. Honestly speaking, I am really not in the mood to blog these past few days because I lost something important to me. And that is my camera :( That camera is the heart of this blog :( You know.. Its like I'm still on my mourning stage for my camera that's why this blog is really not that active. Mehehehe. Well, everything happens for a reason. Right? I just have to accept it. I still have my brother who have a lot of DSLR and I still have my phone who can take a good quality of pictures. Thanks to Steve Jobs! Haha lol. So speaking of Steve Jobs, what will I share you today are taken only by my iphone5. At the same time I am also blogging here on my phone thats why all of my blabbers are here on top. You have to get used to it until I bought a new camera >.<

Moving on, this outfit shot was taken at night on the parking lot that's why the photos are kinda dark. I wore this on a normal weekend malling with le boyf. It was too hot that day that's why I opted to wear a very comfy top. Its airconditioned back is a plus on a little bit of sexiness! Hihi. I keep my hair pony tailed to stick to the sophisticated look :) What do you think? ;)

Top- swimsuit of my sister
Shorts- Levis
Flats- random shop
Accessories- gift from boyf
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Bow Cuff- Tinsel Shop

May 16, 2013

Learning through Instagram

Hi dollies! Did you already followed me on instagram? :D if not, pls follow me @trishiedc !! :D Do you know that in 2 months of using instagram, I discovered that it is not only for socializing or for sharing your thoughts and some stuff through pictures. It is also for gaining some knowledges and ironically and interesting facts! Here are some of my favorites! :) Enjoy!! :)

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