Mar 29, 2013

Im on a news paper!

Hi guys! Im really sorry for not blogging these past few weeks. It's been such a busy week for me. I will resume blogging after holy week!

Moving on, have you read the news paper (Abante Tonight) last tuesday? Weee! I was there!! :D It was all about the successful launch of my second collection :) Read the photo below for more details! :)

By the way, Im here now in our rest house here at Zambales and I am currently watching my boyfie and my cousins play basketball. As usual, scorer ang peg ko :))<\i> So, We'll just catch up each other after holy week eh? Follow me on instagram ( @trishiedc ) so we can catch up with each other! Hihi


Mar 26, 2013

DJ Trishie in the House!

Sharing with you a Saturday night when I was a DJ. hihi. 
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take outfit shots :( So  I just took a picture of my outfit details :)

Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Random shop
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbel c/o
Clutch- From HongKong

Mar 25, 2013


Romwe Galaxy Souvenirs & Upto 70% OFF for you this Easter:
Galaxy bowtie for orders over $40
Galaxy collar for orders over &70
Galaxy bag for orders over $100
From 27/03/2013 to 29/03/2013

Mar 22, 2013

Trishie Couture Fashion Show at SM City

Hello dollies!!!
Remember the post where I told you that you can be one of my models?
Did you enrolled on the modeling work shop? Or did you attended the GO-SEE?
If yes, See you at SM on Sunday!
and to my readers and friends, Pls go to SM City Sta. Mesa this Saturday!!
Watch as the models rock the runway wearing JELLY BEAN, SM Dept. Store Clothing, Karmiadon, Rebel Gear, TRISHIE COUTURE, and other designers!! 

AHHHHH.. You don't know how much happy I am to be part of this! JELLYBEAN is one of my favorite brands!! Rememberrr?? And now, TRISHIE COUTURE will be rockin the runway together with JELLYBEAN! How cool is that eh? hihihi.. I never expect that this will come to my life.
So pls pls watch and support! hihi..

and follow me on instagram!! @trishiedc :D

Mar 21, 2013


DSC02947 DSC02958 DSC02967
Looks familiat? If yes, It is because of my post - HONGKONG DIARIES: Packing Night
I know I know! Backlogs again? :| UGH. I just have some (yes only some nlng, not a lot!) backlog folders for post here on the laptop. That's why I am just randomly posting it whenever I feel like. Oh well, I know you're used to that already. :o
Moving on, this is what I wore to school (Except that I didn't wear a hat and I have a cardigan) the day before we went to HK. :)

Shorts- Random Shop
Heel-less Shoes- Melissa
Necklace- Forever21
Hat- Forever21
Belt- Japan

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Mar 20, 2013

Meow Meow!!

Hello dollies! Im on my way to a movie date with my boyfie. Hihi. Im inside the car right now and I so love the convenience of blogging here in phone :) Atleast I can always share with you things and leave you something to read whenever I am. :)

Moving on, this is what I wore to school sometime this week :)
Dont you love my dress? I loooove it!! I dont even gave effort on styling it because the dress itself is already cute bit stunning! Oh the power of fur! Hihi.

Dress - romwe
Kitty head band- from brother
Wedge- Janilyn

Mar 18, 2013


Hello dollies! How are you? Are you one of my readers who watched Trishie Couture's Fashion show and who bought stuff in my booth at the Solstice Bazaar? :) hihi. Well, Me and my partner Julie had fun! Solstice Bazaar is a Success! Other than that, I ranked #19 at the fashion and beauty section.  This is a flattering thing to me because this is a sign of your love and support to my blog :) A big thanks for always viewing my blog even though I don't consistently post everyday. 
Everything is such a BLESSINGS. And we decided to share that blessings with you by giving away some stuff from our clothing line, Trishie Couture and Pink Fashion and some of my pre-loved clothes that I just newly grabbed from my closet this morning.

Since I am just a newly instagram active user, this giveaway is for INSTAGRAM USERS only. So if I were you, go ahead and make an INSTAGRAM account! Its fun! :D

Whats even great is that there will be 3 WINNERS for this contest!!!

First Winner will get this set of prizes.

2nd winner will get this set of prizes

And the 3rd Winner will get this set of prizes :)

Now, All you have to do is...
1.  Follow me on instagram @trishiedc (Just click the link)
and Julie (Owner of Pink Fashion) as well. @cutestprincess
(I will be checking the winners' entries if they followed us on instagram. If not, he/she is automatically disqualified.)

2. Enter the Raffle Copter Below for Entries

By the way, I finally picked my BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY Consolation Prizes also from
Pink Fashion Shoppe! It took me a long time to generate this because of some raffle copter widget problems/issues. Finally, They resolved the problem already!
So here are the Winners!
As I have already announced before, Vanessa Mabel Camba is the Grand Winner.
While the Consolation Prizes goes to:
John Carlo Bautista (Lucky! Guy eh? hihi)
Renee Pascual Salipot and
Lorraine Carla Laplap!

Contact Julie of Pink Fashion Shoppe to redeem your floral corset :)


Mar 17, 2013

Simple yet Sophisticated

Sharing with you what I wore the day I got my iphone5 at Globe Trinoma :)
Black and White outfit is one of the trends that I am enjoying right now!
White can always give you that simple yet sophisticated vibe. 
That time, I just opted to do the basic and natural hair bun.

I opted to wore this red and leopard heels to spice up my look. What do you think?

Top- Versace Monaco
White Polo- Dorothy Perkins
Shorts- From States. Thanks mom!
Watch- Casio
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Shoes- So Fab
Earrings- Forever21

I have one more week then its time for me to enjoy our super duper little vacation :( You know, Mapua doesn't have summer :'( Oh Just Random! Happy Sunday Everyone! 
By the way, The photo above is the instagram-ed version.And yes, for the nth time, Dont forget to follow me on instagraaaaaamm!!!
Follow me pretty puhlease!!! Newbie here!. hahaha! 


Mar 16, 2013

My Accessories

Hello dollies! I have been sharing with you my walk-in-closet for a lot of times already. But I haven't shown you the close up of my accessories yet. And I will! Now. :D And I will be selling some of them in my booth at the Solstice Bazaar! This is my 2nd day already so I hope you guys could visit me there and shop for a lot of fabulous finds!!
DSC03031 DSC03024 DSC03022 DSC03021 DSC03017 Im selling a these bangles for only 5php to 20php only! DSC03013 DSC03007 DSC02993DSC03003 DSC02998 DSC02995 
By the way, Here's my booth. Picture from yesterday :)
Are you gonna visit me now? Pls say yes!
And oh! Before I forget, THE FASHION SHOW WILL START AT 7PM!!
Watch as you can see pretty models ramp on the runway wearing some of my
Trishie Couture Collections! :D
See you!

Black and Gold Trishie Couture

Sharing with you another Trishie Couture creation for a client :) What do you think of it? :)

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