Feb 9, 2013

The Colour of Spring 2013

It’s a known fact that colour is symbolic and influential on mood and behaviour, and it’s no mistake that in the post-Christmas wake so many of us complain about the January ‘blues’. It’s also no surprise that being a little wider around the waist and a little less rich than we were a month or so ago; most of us just want to retreat into a world of grey and hibernate until spring.
But while we might still be a long way from summer, the evenings are gradually getting lighter, the weather is improving and the daffodils are almost out; so kick start spring with 2013’s favourite new colours according to Pantone’s spring colour chart. 
African Violet. This delicate, dusky shade of purple is pastel perfection. Traditionally a regal colour, purple is also associated with relaxation and creativity. Purple dresses are de rigour for spring but if you’re not bold enough to go all out purple, lilac and pale green are a perfect springtime colour combo. Redheads take note; this is your perfect palette - look to Jessica Chastain and buxom beauty Christina Hendricks for style inspiration.

Lemon Zest. Yellow is the perennial colour of spring but this year shun tangy citrus tones in favour of a more rich, buttery yellow. Especially flattering on golden blondes and rich brunettes!

Nectarine. Orange tones don’t generally fare so well in the fashion spotlight; notoriously difficult to wear, they usually remain the preserve of bolder fashionistas. This season’s soft, light nectarine is a different story and if the recent Golden Globe awards are anything to go by; from girl-of-the-moment Jennifer Lawrence’s rich silk maxi to Jessica Alba’s delicate couture gown, this peachy dream of a colour will be hugely popular this spring. 
Tender Shoots Pantone
Tender Shoots. Ok, so far these colour names have been fairly self-explanatory, but this one might need some clarification. Tender Shoots, as Pantone have so ambiguously named it, is somewhere between olive and lime, a bright, punchy green that’s perfect for spring.  

Linen. Another colour that was awash on the red carpet at the Golden Globes; Amy Adams, Megan Fox and Hayden Panettiere all looked demure in soft, nude linen tones. Understated and versatile, it’s also a great option if you’re tying the knot and don’t want to wear white.

Whats your favorite? Mine is the Linen :)
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