Feb 1, 2013

My Hair Revolution Experience

The day right after I cam back from HongKong, I was invited to be one of the first Filipinas to try the L'Oreal's Steam Pod Treatments at the Bench Fix Salon.

I told you that I am the kind of blogger who doesn't really much pay attention to events because I have a lot of tasks and responsibilities to do rather than go to events. But this is an exception!
Who wouldn't want a FREE hair treatment from a salon? (And the fact that was thinking to get a rebond before I went to HK) And it is not an ordinary salon, It is BENCH FIX SALON. What's even more? It is by L'Oreal! :)
So the moment I read the invitation on my email, I said YES! right away :)
The Theme was actually and "Urban Chic" but I wasn't able to dress up for it because I have classes and an interview in the morning and I just went straight to Glorietta 4 for my hair treatment.
Steampod DSC04488
I came earlier than my chosen schedule Himala! (2:30pm) so I had time to roam around and take photos :)
Ms Venus Rah interviewed by TV5
So, the 2:30pm schedule started around 3:30ish pm
They assigned me to my seat, gave me my plate and my name tag and as well as the freebies :)
The event started with a short video presentation, a short program and a mini hair fashion show.DSC04529 
Ms. Venus Rah Look at the legs! Me jelly! getting amazed. I think? hihi.
The people with bouquets up there are the people behind this Hair Revolution :) Clap Clap! :)

Then, after the program, 3,2,1 Let's start this HAIR REVOLUTION! :)
Hairdresser's Steam Care Step by Step Procedure
So, this is how the magic in our hair works!
Washing Area
Versus Iron 2
Versus Iron
Satisfied my tummy while waiting for the whole process to finish :)
This is not the usual parlor treatment. I got used to videographers and photographers who roam around to cover everything. He even asked me to say hi to the video :) I wonder where it will be shown?
Viola! A soft, smooth, shiny and tangle free hair! :) 
What's even more? They gave us the complete hair treatment products so I can continue treating my hair at home! :) (I just don't have a steam pod though)
DSC04646 DSC04652

By the way, I mentioned on my previous blog post that they are having an
More details HERE

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  1. you hair looks awesome!!


  2. I want my own steam pod. HAHA. I wonder how much it would cost to own one.
    Love you hair Trishie! ;)


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