Feb 20, 2013


Hello my readers! I am out of the house right now and my Wi-tribe Internet sucks :/  boo! :/  So since I don't want to give you guys a day without any posts, I am now blogging on my boyf's iphone5(cant wait for mine!) while waiting for our order here at Gerry's Grill. I am now together with my 2nd family, my boyf and my friends. Biglaang lakad every week!  hihi. 
Since I dont have pictures for blogging here on his iphone I am with them right now, I'll show you our last bonding moment that happened just last Saturday night! The photos are random. Im having a hard time to blog here. But I'll make kwento on what happened :)

Poker faces! P.S. The guy in grey is my brother, which is also part of our group(friendship) :D

So,we drank a liquor (our own mix!) while playing a poker. And guess what? I won!!!!! wohoooo! I drove a golf cart to buy something (passenger ko ang boys haha), we had a dawn breakfast at lope de vega and then we played NBA 2k13! Imma tell you something, this is our usual Saturday night, and this is our usual Wednesday night, and any other nights :) They are the kind of friends who will never leave you. We've been friends for almost 10years and they never leave. They are just one call away :) I love you.... SHOW TIME! :) 

P.S. The one who took pictures is also our friend :)) (wala daw ksi sya sa picture >.<) 

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