Feb 27, 2013


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Shorts- Random Bazaar
Necklace- Forever21
Ponytail in my wrist- Fast Fashion
Heel Less shoes- Melissa
Bow belt- Japan

Showing you some random school outfit. Okay, of course I wore a cardigan at school! And I didn't wear a hat. hihi. I wore it the night before we went to HK

Speaking of HongKong, Here's another attraction we went to after we thrilled ourselves at HongKong Ocean Park that I blogged HERE
We intended to go to the House of Wax (which they call, Madame Tussauds) And then we found out only that night that it is located at the Peak. Without any doubt, we are so glad! Because we are going into 2 HK attractions in just one fare, effort and all that. It's like hitting 2 birds in one stone! Right?
So before I make kwento about the House of Wax or Madame Tussauds, I will show you first the place where it is located:

This is definitely the most freezing part in HongKong because its their Baguio version while the difference is that you can see here almost the whole HongKong City up high! The place is also like The Fort for me. All in all, It is the fort in Baguio but it is way more FREEEZING there. As in! You dont know how much I am freezing to death that time. The coldness is something that I don't want to feel that moment anymore well yeah it is because of my outfit, I underestimated HK's weather again. It is the kind of coldness where there is a fog/smoke that will come out to your mouth whenever you speak. (The firs time I experienced that was when I was in Japan :) And guess what? It is always cooler outside than the inside.

The Peak Tram is the specially made train from Central to The Peak or vice versa. Since The Peak is on the mountain top, and Central is not, the train goes up in a straight inclined position. This is the coolest train that I've been to!

Dont you love the architecture of this building? :)
I told you, it is like HK's The Fort (well, not to mention that almost all of the shopping centers of HK looks like The Fort. :))
Photo op with the city
View inside the Mall

House of Wax/Madame Tussauds is located inside the mall. Stay tuned for my next post! It'll prolly be House of Wax already :)

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