Feb 22, 2013


Ocean Park is the best them park that I've been to so far. It have a lot of thrill rides rather than Disney Land. And I am the kind of person who is not afraid of any thrilling rides. boo :| Thus, Ocean Park is for me! :D Let us now let the photos and captions do the talking :)
We woke up late and our service left us. :| That's why we have no choice but to commute! No regrets! At least we explored HK even more! :D
And we were able to rode a 2 floors bus! Weee! :D
Inside their train/MTR
HongKong Ocean Park have 2 parts. The first one is the non-so-thrilling-rides part. The rides are just for kids and then there are a lot of attractions, shows etc. You have to ride a cable car to reach the 2nd part which is the Thrilling-Rides-Part. hihi.
This is just 1/8 of the Not-So-Thrilling-Rides Part. The next photos are some of the attractions on this part that we entered and explored :)
DSC03991 549431_586769858019633_1040358022_n
Photo op with Sharky!
Of course it wouldn't be called Ocean Park without ocean creatures! Haha. How I wish that Manila Ocean Park is look like this
There are a lot of shows that you can watch (sea lion show, dolphin show etc) but we just didn't, to save time for the thrilling rides. I already watched it the last time I went here anyway :)45805_586769718019647_1777684571_n 
Love Making Sea Horse! Get a room! Haha Kiddin aside
Cutie Patootie squid! hoho
Real Life Panda! I wonder if he is still the one I saw the last time I went here.
Panda is yawwning! Gotcha! hihi.
DSC04000 Crawl with Crocie the Crocodile Experience.
We passed by here on the way to the cable car station. This is the old HongKong. They are selling a lot of traditional foods here. And at that moment, I cant explain how much excited I am to go to the thrilling-rides-part! Weee!
HongKong Ocean Park's famous CABLE CAR! Wohoo! I am telling you, this is so high! It passes through mountain and sea!

We are now at the Thrilling-Rides-Part!
hair riser
First Stop, The hair riser! This is one of my favorite ride :) Indeed a hair riser!
This is one of my solo modes. My boyfie was afraid to just vomit if he ride here. So there, Boyfie-Photographer mode.
This is one of the 2 flying-fiesta-like ride.
DSC04208 DSC04158
Left: Ocean Park is such a bog theme park and it is located in a mountain side so you have to go through so many mega-long-escalators to visit all the rides!
Right: That is the Ocean Park Tower and we chose not to ride there because we think that its kinda waste of time. Hellooo! I have to prioritize the thrilling rides! Time is runnin! hihi.
mine train
The Mine Train
Showing you all the thrilling rides!
Can you see that super high tower? Scary huh? Not for me! :P
Guess what? Mission accomplished! Napilit kong sumakay si boyfie! wohooo!! If only you knew how much he is afraid! hehe.. peace :P I love you Jan :p
Another loner mode :| And this is the last ride that I rode :) Then instead of riding a cable car again, we rode the train (which enters the mountain) going back to the not-so-thrilling-rides part where we can exit the park. (No pictures though. We are so tired that moment. :| )
And despite of being exhausted, we still went straight to the House of Wax and then to Mongkok and then went home at the hotel. That's how much we want to make our HK trip worth it :)

I will make kwento about the house of wax next!

P.S. These are not yet all the rides and attractions that we rode. I just wasn't able to take pictures of all. And hello! one blog post is not enough no! :|

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  1. Hey Trishie,

    Great post! We really think Ocean Park is still worth a visit and have written a post about it. Do check it out yah?

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