Feb 6, 2013


Hello guys! I just want to share with you my closet in our hotel at HongKong :)
What do you think? :) By the way! I just had my latest tattoo last night! hihi.. 
P.S. I drew the cross. I used my archi skills. Thanks to my T-square and Triangle! hihi.

It's so amazing that I didn't feel any pain! hihi. I am even just facebook-ing while the artist was making my tatts. Hihi. I am so lucky that I have a high pain tolerance, I think.

"Thanks God, you always have my back" :)
Simple tatts with full of meaning. I am so much thankful to God for bringing me to where I am right now. I know I am in the right path. I have a loving and supportive family, friends and boyfriend. A lot of people love me and that is enough to make me feel so contented right now. I know God will always be by my side and will  soon be giving my DREAMS. :)

Do you have a tatts as well? :) If you are just a new reader of mine and you haven't know me that much, Learn more about my tattoos and its meaningful meaning HERE :)

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