Feb 4, 2013


Hey there dollies! Does this outfit looks familiar? Hihi.. If you're a good observer, you'll notice that it is the same outfit that I wore on my packing night post HERE  :)

Le boyf. He always wants to match his outfit with me! hihi.

This was outside our hotel.

We went to Mongkong during our first day in HongKong. Mongkok is a very famous place in Hongkong because this is where the shopping takes place! And hey! Do you know that HongKong is the shopping capital? :) More about Mongkok on my next post! Let's focus on my outfit for now :)
Oha! Fast forward to night agad! lol. :)) By the way, look at the girl on my right! I so love her outfit! Uggghh.. I so love the fashion there in HongKong! How I wish we also have a winter here in our country :(

This was taken on our way to our hotel. Haaist. Im sorry for the inconsistency of my HK outfit shots. My boyf is always lazy to take photos :| He can only give me less than a minute to take an outfit shot and it is only once in a blue moon to have a nice shot. Ugh. So all I have to do now is to get every decent photos from my so called "less-than-a-minute-outfit-shot-spots" so you can appreciate my outfit. Not a big deal anyway? At least I can tour you to HK through pictures. Heehee.
My outfit was so dark that's why I have to give some color by wearing my no-fail-Lancome-red-lip-stick :)
 wholesale-dress.net booties! :) Thank You!

Fur Coat- From States
Top- Mango
Shorts- Forever21
Tights- Oasap
Scarf- TopMan
Earrings- Forever21
Bag- H&M

Le Boyf Outfit
Top- Zara
Pants- Zara
Shoes- (Chuck)Converse
He is a Zara lover! Just Random. hihi.

How's your Monday everyone? :)
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  1. i love your tights! tapos omg girl! sana nga may winter din tayo :/ and sobrang bagay sayo yung color ng hair mo! :))


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