Feb 8, 2013


The moment I saw our itinerary to HongKong, I knew that I would wear a kiddie-colorful outfit on day 2. Why? Because day 2 was the day that we went to Disney Land! The Happiest Place on Earth! And grabbed the opportunity to be a kid again and dress up as much as I wanted without caring the people who will judge me. But hey! I was in HK! And no one cares about your outfit! Its normal for them! hihi.
We had a breakfast and a City Tour after. And my outfit didn't justified the coldness in HK. I am telling you, I am freezing! I wore my socks crumpled and just up to my ankles but it cant help. I have to stretch it as high as it can so it can warm my legs! Plus, I didn't wear any inner wear inside my sweater and the good thing is that my boyf brought an extra shirt. So as you can see, my boyf's grey shirt is peeking in my sweater :| UGGHH.. I should've layered my outfit more! Now I know the consequences of underestimating HongKong's winter.


I guess you know where am I huh? I will make another blog post about my Disney Land experience soon!
I didnt bother to wear heels because heels are a major NO NO in theme parks! That's why I opted to wore my brogues :)
It's my 2nd time at Disney Land, But first time in HK's. My first was at Tokyo Disney Land. And Disney Land is indeed the happiest place on earth! And I hope that my outfit justified it :)
I also hope that you noticed my ribbon head band :D I actually bought it in Manila just so I can wear it there at Disney. You know, Minnie Mouse inspired! hihi.
Just so you know, I so much love pastels ever since in my life! And I am so happy that I was able to wore a whole pastel outfit combo! :D Im always afraid to try it here in our country because I dont want to look like that innocent kid who wants some candies. I hope I am making sense here. heehee.

In case that you didn't noticed, my outfit have a lot of small details in it that I love so much!
 Let me share it with you :)
Top- Floral details of my shades. Lower Left- Scarf details. Lower Right- Sweater Details
Another that I love about my outfit is that I am wearing almost all of my favorite brands :) 
Upper Left- My Authentic LV wallet. Upper Right-JellyBean Bag Bottom-xoxo scarf

I cant wait to show you my Disney Land experience most prolly on my next post!
Stay Tuned!

Sweater- Sheinside
Skirt- Trishie Couture 
(Pm me if interested to buy)
Tights- FOREVER21
Scarf- XOXO
Socks(Cream)- UNI QLO
Socks(Pink)- FOREVER21
Wallet- Authentic LV
Shades- Secret shop
Belt- Japan

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  1. Cute outfit Trishie!!!! I love pastels too. Pwede nmn yan dito, especially now that Korean fashion is in! haha :)


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