Feb 12, 2013


Okay Okay. These photos are embarrassing! haha! From my dark color to the blurred pictures and all. Ugh. But I have no choice but to save and appreciate them because they are just some of the few pictures that we saved :( All of my travel pictures outside our country (HK, Taiwan, China & Japan) got broken :( They were compiled on our photo albums and unfortunately, they all got carried away during the Ondoy tragedy :( If only that facebook is already discovered those times. :( #JustSharing
It's pretty obvious that the photos from above were taken at DISNEY LAND! hihi. But that was not at HongKong. That was at TOKYO DISNEY LAND! :) My first time to be on the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! :D That was way back 2005 and this time, I will show you my Disney Land experience at HongKong that happened just this January 2013! 
But before that, para buo ang kwento, be sure to read my other HONGKONG DIARIES POSTS HERE 

Done? Then let's let the photos and captions do the talking!

Starting my kwento with HongKong Disney Land's Map Guide :)
DSC03611 DSC03613 DSC03615
My boyfie holding our ticket to the Happiest Place on Earth :)
DSC03618 DSC03620
The first thing we did is rode a train at the Main Street Station.
View from the Main Street Station. The Main Street USA :)
DSC03627DSC03636 DSC03650
This is one of the newest attraction at HK Disney Land. The "Grizzy Gulch" Land :)
The roller coaster ride (Lower left) is really awesome! It was not that thrilling but I love all  the gulat factors! Not to mention that it is fast :)
This way to my favorite land in Disney Land...
The Toy Story Land!
I've been a fan of Toy Story when I was still a kid. My sister was even collecting a lot of toy story characters for her son, Miggy. I really missed Miggy so much the moment I saw this land :(
I really felt like that I am just a small toy on this land. So cool!
Skinky!! Hihi. This is more like of a Caterpillar ride here in our country.
My boyfie who looked like a kid that got amazed and wanted to buy the toys. 
One of my favorite rides in Disney Land, The parachute drop! :)
Hey there my boyfriend toy soldier! :)
Another favorite ride! The RC Racer!  This is more like an Anchor's Away ride at Enchanted Kingdom
This is The BEST 4D SHOW ever!! If only I can show you :| But I am telling you, 4D in Enchanted Kingdom is nothing when you tried this Philhar Magic.
Eh kasi naman terno ang outfit sa background. hihi
The "Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh" is like the Rio Grande at Enchanted Kingdom. Too bad we wasn't able to ride it because of the lack of time :(
This is my land. The "Secret Garden" Look at the colors! Pastels! My favorite! And it matched my outfitey! hihi.
We also wasn't able to go to this land- It's a small world after all. :( We just passed by here and went to the "Tomorrow Land". Tomorrow Land is perfect to visit at night because of its lightnings and futuristic effect! :)
Stitch Encounter is the more likely the first attraction at the Space Land. But we wasn't able to enter here. Huhuhuhuhu :( Half a day is not enough :( And it made me feel bad because Stitch is my favorite Disney character :( Alam nyo naman, maka Sanrio-Hello Kitty ang lola nyo. :))
But of course, we rode this-Astro Blazters! AHH. This ride is one of the most clear rides that I experienced at Tokyo Disney Land. That's why I made sure to experience it again together with my boyfie :) 
Why? Because it is a ride with an interactive game! You have a gun, particularly Buzz Lightyear's gun and you have to destroy/target Zurgs and other enemies! Individual scores are indicated and according to the status board, based on our final scores, my boyfriend was a PLANETARY PILOT while I am just a SPACE SCOUT. Loser me :((collage3
This is another ride that I can clearly reminisce from Tokyo Disney Land. Because this ride is awesome! The Space Mountain. You will never know that there is a thrill ride inside because of its exterior. And another thing that made it awesome is that it is so dark inside that you cannot see the rails of the coaster and you wont know whether you'll turn right, left, up or down.
 I searched some picture (Left) so you can more understand what I am talking about. :)
Space Mountain is the last ride that we entered. Because we had to go to the Main Street for the Amaaazing Fire Works show! AHHHH.. This is absolutely the happiest place on earth! Disney's Fireworks are always the best of the best! It is so magical! Imagine watching them while there's a magical background music is playing. :) I have a video of this show and I will post it as soon as I can :)
This blog post is getting too long!! I compacted it as I can but it still doesn't included all of my Disney Land experience :( 1 blog post is not enough! I didn't even mentioned about the parade, the train, the food, the balloons, the queues, and so forth and so on. I just wished that someday, Disney corp would make a "HAPPY PLACE ON EARTH - DISNEY LAND" here in our country, Philippines. So It wont be hard for me to make kwento na. Yay! hihi..

I really had fun at Disney Land. But honestly, I enjoyed OCEAN PARK more than Disney Land. Yes Disney Land is definitely the happiest place on earth, but I am the kind of person who loves to ride thrill rides and Disney Land lacks of it. But dont you worry, I will also make kwento about my Ocean Park experience soon! So stay tuned! :D

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  1. Disneyland is the best place to enjoy with family members, this is one of happiest places in the world.


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