Feb 3, 2013

HONGKONG DIARIES: (2nd Time Around!) Airport and Hotel

It's been a week already since the day we flew to HongKong.
Actually, that was the 2nd time that I went to HongKong. The last time was way back 2003 I think.
We also went to Shenzen China that year. And then way back 2006, we went to Tokyo Japan and Taiwan. Unfortunately, that was the last time that I traveled abroad. And I cant hide my happiness and excitement the moment we're about to ride a plane, AGAIN! :D Hello! after ilang years akong hnd nkasakay! parang first timer ako ulit! hihi
Boarding Pass
And guess what? We rode CATHAY PACIFIC! (My 2nd time around as well)
And Cathay Pacific is the BEST AIRLINES for me, I think :)
Cathay Pacific was my favorite airlines because each of the passengers have their very own TV unlike the other airlines/airplanes who only have a couple of TV's for all. Not to mention that I love the food that they serve rather than the other airlines.

But as far as I can remember, the last time that I rode Cathay Pacific, the TV is not only a TV. It was also a game box! You can choose and play several games using the remote control. But this time, they only have a TV with different channels :( Well, it has a cable though! hihi.
My boyf is too kind  (pft.) that he exchanged seats with me. Of course I wanted to sit besides the window! hihi. Well, pinilit ko p sya no!  my boyf travels every year naman. Or like twice a year. He already almost travelled the world even Europe! That's why I have to knock her conscience when he doesn't want to exchange seats with me. I told him that he rides an airplane every year naman so why dont he give me a chance! hihi. So ayun, even when we got back, I am also sitting besides the window :)
My No-Make-Up-Face inside the aiplane's comfort room :) Honestly, I always love airplane's comfort rooms! They are only small and cute but very convenient and clean! And the unique thing that i love about it is that their water closet doesnt have a water! - Or for those who are not an architectural enthusiast and doesn't get what I mean, for short - Walang Tubig yung bowl nila! Pero may flush! haha!

Now, Let's go to my outfit.

I slightly underestimated HongKong's weather that's why I only wore shorts. (Well at least I wore my Dorothy Perkins Long sleeves and my wholesale-dress.net booties!) And then I regret that I didn't layer my clothes the moment we landed at Hongkong coz it was so freaking COLD!
I wanted to wear a hat para "Touristang Tourista" ang peg! hihi.
DSC03233 DSC03234
By the way, of all the Airports that I've been, HKIA (Hongkong int'l Airport) is still the best!
My luggage is very fashionable too! It screams Look-at-me statement! :)) Well, at least it is eye catching and never hard to find :)
One thing I love about HongKong is their Fashion. This is the place where I can wear whatever I want without staring judging eyes. If only I can take photos of every fashionable people around me. But I cant. They are everywhere!
This shot was in our hotel already.
We checked in at Rambler Oasis Hotel

Top- Dorothy Perkins
Shorts- ROMWE
Boots- Wholesale-dress.net 
Necklace- ROMWE
Earrings- Forever21
Hat- Forever21
Bag- Tory Burch

Our Hotel Keys
View from our room. The swimming pool doesn't have water because it is winter and no one will dare to swim. 
By the way, in case that you didn't noticed, I am wearing this necklace from Romwe :)

Okay Okay, This post is getting longer and longer! I know I cant make kwento in just one whole blog post. I will promise I will post more of my HongKong experience Soon!
Stay tuned!

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