Feb 7, 2013


Do you remember my outfit post at Mongkok Here? As promised, here's my Mongkok experience :) Hmm. The last time I went to Hongkong was like 9 years ago and I cant barely remember if I've been to Mongkok already or not. But I can clearly feel right now that I am now missing Mongkok! You know-SHOPPING! AAAHHH.. It is proven that HongKong is the SHOPPING CAPITAL of Asia (or even world?). Mongkok means "Busy corner" in cantonese and it is one of the great shopping places that you can find in the city of Kowloon! From shoes, jewelries, clothes, electronics, name it, they have it there!
And yes, electronics and shoes are way more cheaper in HongKong than in our country.

So... Pictures and Captions, Its your turn!
This is the MTR ticket station. All you have to do is to touch (Yes it is touch screen!) the place where you want to go. Then the price will shown and there are some click-able options such as Adult, Concessionary for Seniors (my boyf bought concessionary instead of adult, once! DevilKid!) and Multiple if you will buy multiple tickets. Then the price will be posted on the screen, then you will insert the money, and then viola! Change and card will get out of the machine :)
MTR Line Legends

Hongkong is really a small city and is very accessible! Can you see the different train lines? It is connected to all of the places! Even Disney Land have their own train line! Not to mention that their MTR is way more better than our MRT or LRT. They are all safe, and fast! Ugh. If only I can show you and explain to you everything. 

It only took us 10 minutes or lower from Kwai Fong(Our Hotel Location) to Mongkok
These couple's shoes took my attention while we're on the escalator. Cute combination eh?

DSC03312 1
Before you go out of the very large station, you have to choose on whether what gate(A-F I think?) you will get out. For example gate A is for the ladies market, B is for the flower shops and so on and so forth.
DSC03314 1
They said that Mongkok is like Divisoria, But in my case, I think I can call it "Sosyal na Divisoria!"
Why? Besides of the cold weather and there are no trashes, all of the people are dressed up! And there are a lot of signature brands that are just opened in the streets! Scroll till the end and you'll know what I'm talking about. 
Authentic Louis Vuitton, Channel, Gucci, Name it, the have it! That is the "Milan Store" located also in Mongkok :)
These will surely call your attention when you get to see Mongkok. Can you guess what are they?
Clue-They are for guys! :))))))))))) Oh Mongkok.
Lights everywhere! And do you know what's funny about them? When you asked a price of an item, make sure that you have a money and you know how to bargain then you can buy it for a lower price or half a price for sure! Haha. that's why my boyf and I almost bought everything we wanted on our first hours, and then on the next hours, we already learned not to ask the prices. Why? Because when you asked and didn't buy they will tell you to name the price you want until you buy it. They will never let you go until you're not buying it! hihi. I bought a 200$ worth of Alexander Mcqueen Bag for only $100! :D such a steal!
Nike, Adidas, Crocs, what else? They have it for sure! Your boyfriends will surely get struck when they get here! Just like what happened to mine. haha.
Who said that they doesnt have Dr. Martens here huh?! hihi.
If you noticed on my previous pictures, Nike shops are scattered everywhere! But this is different, this is a whole building!
DSC03358 DSC03361
It took my boyf like 3 hours roaming the whole Mongkok searching the perfect shoes for him. Im telling you, you'll get crazy!
I spent like 5k of my pocket money just for one night of shopping at Mongkok! This is one of the best shopping experience of mine :) I'll see you again Mongkok! Soon! Or hopefully, maybe next year? :)

Share me your shopping experiences too!
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