Feb 19, 2013


Without any further ado, I want to tell everyone that MY BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY is extended till the last day of February! Yes! You're reading it right! It is due to the demand of readers and viewers who still want to join. Go ahead! Make more entries! 
About my outfit, Hello America! heehee..

Pls notice the mirror at my back. haha!
Okay Gotcha! Haha! I didn't really went to America. The title is just because of my sweater which screams like "Hello America" haha. lol. >.<
So, this is another WINTER FASHION! hihi. I wore this outfit to Ocean Park Hongkong and if you noticed, my outfit has 2 ways. In the first whole body picture, The sweater is tucked in. While on the next picture, it's not. Which do you think is better? :)
163315_586770424686243_2088296316_n 179638_586770474686238_318545978_n
Showing you the details of the scarf and sweater :)

Side Heel Stretch(lol. May ganun ba? :))). Buti pa nag Y-scale nlng eh :|

This? Okay. For the cheerleaders out there, Pls dont laugh at me :| I know I know.. My flexibility sucks right now. Its been more than a year since my last training :|

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