Feb 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Most FAVORITE BOY :)

Hi dollies! I am sorry for not blogging this past 2 days I think. I've been so busy :( 
So for the mean time, here's a sneak peek of photos from phone on what happened to my 2013 Valentines :)

I went to school and Jan fetch me there. It was so traffic on the way to Serendra, The Fort.That's why Im camwhoring in the car! Not to mention that the internet was so faaaast!   LTE! hihi. Okay I know some of you doesn't know what LTE is. I dont know it either, before. hihi. 

We ate at Brazil-Brazilian Churasco and PIGOUT! :((  I will make kwento more about this soon! :) hihi.


Its my favorite boy's birthday today!
Pls greet him a happy birthday :D
Jan, I am so lucky to have you in my life. :)
You dont know how much you made me feel complete.
You are my bestfriend, boyfriend, brother, even daddy, driver, yaya, maid-LEN!(joke) haha!
You are my family. You are my everything :)
Later nlng yung whole message. mshadong clingy eh :))
By the way, here's the code for the special mission that I sent you
Combine it with the link that you got.
Then paste them in your browser. 
Hihi.. Dont hate me! :P 
Happy Birthday my love! I Love You So Much!


  1. hala girl! talagang sinabi mo dito number niya? haha! anyway, Happy Birthday Jan! :D pasabi na lang ha. hehe :))

    Rae :"3


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