Feb 2, 2013


It is PROM SEASON again! And hey! I did experience Prom! Not once, but twice! 
Unfortunately, due to the lack of technology way back 2008 or should I say that I just dont have yet a nice camera that time, I haven't saved enough good quality pictures during the one of the most memorable event in our lives :(

So, here are just few of my Junior Prom Night! :) Pls forgive the low quality of photos :(
Can you find me? (2nd from the right. Haha)
That's me showing my back! Hello Back Less! :))
Then, this was during my Senior Prom night! My inspiration? Rose of Titanic in black and white! 
I am not yet so fashion forward those moments. Forgive me. haha. 

Since I already have shared with you my Prom Experience, 
Let me give you some Tips and Advices!
(Not in order. I'll just write whatever comes into my mind. hihi.)

1. Look for a perfect designer ( Ehem. Trishie Couture!) who will make your gown. Why? Who would want to have a same dress during the night? Well it can happen if you only buy your dress or gown on an RTW(Ready to Wear) Shop. Right? Plus, designer's clothing are a couture and is made for you. meaning, it is perfectly fit for you. Unlike those RTWs.

Well, if you don't have  that money or budget, there is always a way,

2. You can DIY(Do it Yourself) an old gown/dress or an RTW gown/dress so you'll have a unique and you'll be sure that you are the only one who wears that.

3. Do a run through with your dress/gown, and even your hair and makeup if they’re not getting done professionally. Make sure you have the right accessories too!

4. Bring only a small clutch or purse. A big bulky bag is not a good idea for prom!

5. Pack your purse/clutch with all the necessary things the night or days before your prom. 
Remember. NECESSARY things only. 

6. Wear a long lasting make-up! You'll have a very long night! 

7. Bring make-ups for a retouch such as lip stick and powder.

8. Make sure to wear the most comfy high heels! You don't want to sit all night just because your feet are aching right? Thus, these are the kind of shoes that you can wear to survive the night:

8.1 shoes with platforms on them! I know many girls want to get those sky high heels, but if you get a shoe with platforms on them, your heels will still be high but also you’d feel like you’re walking in 2-3 inches heels. Why? Your feet do not have to stretch as far as stilettos do so it wear out your feet through the night.

8.2 Choose shoes with coverage. The more your feet are covered, the easier or more comfortable it would be to walk in them. Why? When your feet are more covered, it’s like walking in tennis shoes which are of course, made for walking! Also it won’t make have that awkward walk when you have heels on.

And lastly but the most important,

 8.3 Ankle coverage will make it more comfortable as well. The straps around your ankle will help keep the shoe on and will keep you from worrying about your shoe slipping out of your feet. Guess what? I don't own a shoes (I think?) which doesnt have an ankle strap. If it doesnt have, it is prolly my booties and JCs.

9. Hire the right make up artist. Make sure that your face will not be too white than your shoulders! It is very noticeable not only personally but also on pictures!

10.If you have a date, make sure your date has bought a corsage!

11. Bring a mint candy that you will eat after dinner (Ugh. whatever candy do you call that. :)) I am not saying that you are bad breath or what. But it is better to be sure! Remember, you will be dancing with guuuuys! You dont want them to turn off if Amoy ulam ka :)) hihi. 

12. In case your dress rips or a strap detaches, safety pins will become your number one fix. Always bring a few just in case.  And also,
13. bring a few bobby pins in case your hair gets out of place. You don’t want all the time that was spent on your hair to be ruined because of a misplaced bobby pin.

14. Bring your smile and confident! You are all glam-ed up! Be sure not to waste the inner gorgeous in you! and lastly, just like what I am always telling, 

 15. Be true to yourself! And have fun making a lifetime memoryyou'll be proud to recall for decades! 

Oh, if only I can go back in time and experience another prom again :)

I hope it helped! Share it to your friends who are having a prom too!

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