Feb 28, 2013


I actually went to Hongkong to attend some hollywood star studded event at The Peak. That's why I wore an evening dress (with a leopard skirt hanging in the closet below) that sent to me by Mikayla's Boutique...
And that is the reason why I have clutch and a pair of high heels here in my closet (See My HK closet HERE)
A random HK star escorted me. . .
And then I saw Robert Pattinson. . .
Gotcha! HAHAHAHAHA! Of course it was not a star studded event :))) But I was thinking I'll go to such event the moment I knew that we will go to Madame Tussauds! :D I knew that I will be seeing a lot of wax figured stars and I will have a lot of photo op that's why I opted to wear an evening dress to match them! I changed my Ocean Park outfit HERE to a leopard evening dress that I'm talking about but the dress itself cant comfort me with the FREEEZING weather (Oh I should've underestimated HK's weather :| ) that's why I have to layer it again with my Ocean Park's outfit stuff. 

Moving on, Madame Tussauds is a museum of stars and world's important people wax figures.
Below is Madame Tussauds itself. Above picture is her description :)
Doesn't she look likes real?

US Presidents Bush and Obama
DSC04249 Saddam Hussein 16426_586772401352712_955795464_n
William Shakespeare
DSC04256 DSC04252
I hope you know these two already :) Do I still have to tell?
  DSC04275 DSC04276
Yao Ming! He is high as this in real life!

Now let's go to Hollywood!
Audrey Hepburn!!!!
Marilyn Monroe!!!
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
My favorite! Captain Jack Sparrow! Aye Captain! hihi. Johnny Depp
The Beatles
DSC04278 David Beckham DSC04294
Lady Gaga!
And the last but not the least, Michael Jordan! Ay este, Michael Jackson! hihi. How I wish there are also NBA Starts too. 

How I wish that the next Madame Tussauds that I'll visit would be the one in London. hihi.
Happy Thursday everyone!

Feb 27, 2013


DSC02929 DSC02958 DSC02967

Shorts- Random Bazaar
Necklace- Forever21
Ponytail in my wrist- Fast Fashion
Heel Less shoes- Melissa
Bow belt- Japan

Showing you some random school outfit. Okay, of course I wore a cardigan at school! And I didn't wear a hat. hihi. I wore it the night before we went to HK

Speaking of HongKong, Here's another attraction we went to after we thrilled ourselves at HongKong Ocean Park that I blogged HERE
We intended to go to the House of Wax (which they call, Madame Tussauds) And then we found out only that night that it is located at the Peak. Without any doubt, we are so glad! Because we are going into 2 HK attractions in just one fare, effort and all that. It's like hitting 2 birds in one stone! Right?
So before I make kwento about the House of Wax or Madame Tussauds, I will show you first the place where it is located:

This is definitely the most freezing part in HongKong because its their Baguio version while the difference is that you can see here almost the whole HongKong City up high! The place is also like The Fort for me. All in all, It is the fort in Baguio but it is way more FREEEZING there. As in! You dont know how much I am freezing to death that time. The coldness is something that I don't want to feel that moment anymore well yeah it is because of my outfit, I underestimated HK's weather again. It is the kind of coldness where there is a fog/smoke that will come out to your mouth whenever you speak. (The firs time I experienced that was when I was in Japan :) And guess what? It is always cooler outside than the inside.

The Peak Tram is the specially made train from Central to The Peak or vice versa. Since The Peak is on the mountain top, and Central is not, the train goes up in a straight inclined position. This is the coolest train that I've been to!

Dont you love the architecture of this building? :)
I told you, it is like HK's The Fort (well, not to mention that almost all of the shopping centers of HK looks like The Fort. :))
Photo op with the city
View inside the Mall

House of Wax/Madame Tussauds is located inside the mall. Stay tuned for my next post! It'll prolly be House of Wax already :)

The Mapua Cheerping Cardinals Harlem Shake

Im sorry I cant help it :))))

Watch the NCAA Cheerleading Competition this March 9, 2013!
Let's support the Mapua Cheerping Cardinals! Viva Mapua!

Cotton Candy Dress - Trishie Couture


Sharing with you another creation from Trishie Couture :D
A cotton candy, ballerina, cinderella and fairy inspired cocktail dress ;)
My favorite colors of course! :D Pink and Purple. hihi..


Feb 26, 2013

White Valentines

I just got home from Gold'd gym! and here I am, blogging till death  even if I am super duper exhausted. You now how much I love you right? hihi.  So here's what I wore on a date night last Valentine's day that I blogged HERE
This photo was taken inside our dug out (Cheerping Cardinals Home)

DSC05691 DSC05682 DSC05658 DSC05660
Believe it or not, this is a stolen shot courtesy of my boyfriend. hihi.
AHHH. I love my Alexander McQueen clutch that I bought in HongKong! :)
DSC05629 DSC05633

 (Pm me if you want to purchase it :)
Belt- Genevieve Gozum
Necklace and earrings- Gift from boyfriend
Clutch- Alexander McQueen
Pumps- Christian Louboutin c/o wholesale-dress.net

You think valentines is over now? No no no! hihi. Here's a special SALE to all of you!
Have you heard such a story about Valentine’s Day?
The 14th day of per month is a Valentine’s Day!
The 3-14 is called White Valentine’s Day. Funny~~

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Feb 25, 2013

Zalora Brand Ambassador

Hello dollies! I have a special announcement to you! :) Have you noticed my latest banner on my right side bar? I am now a Zalora Brand Ambassador! hihi. Well, I know it's kinda late because since Zalora launched here in the Philippines, almost all of the bloggers who attended the Grand Launch became a brand ambassador. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the said event since I am not yet a stable blogger that time. But I am shocked when Zalora contacted me through email and asked me if I want to be their brand ambassador too! Of course I said yes right away! hihi.  

"Zalora.com.ph aims to bring you women’s shoes, men’s footwear, and a large variety of clothes from a range of well-known and emerging brands with ease, simplicity, speed, as well as value-added service like free home delivery and an amazing customer support. You can quickly peruse our well-known brands such as Folded & Hung, Crocs, Cole Vintage, DC, Dolce & Gabanna, Europak, Gucci, Holster, Jansport, Kipling and Bayo. Whether you are a daring fashionista, a conservative dresser, or a sports buff looking for workout gear, ZALORA is the way to go. Zalora guarantee that you will always find fashion that suits and flatters your personal style"

Now, Im gonna share with you the first item I got from Zalora :) Come on! Let's inbox it! hihi. 

A secured and perfectly packed product.

With Complete details

A Scarlet Brand Shoes from Zalora
Thank You so Much Zalora for this great opportunity!
To my readers, pls dont forget to use the 10% discount code made especially for you!
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Happy Shopping!

Feb 24, 2013

Hardwork pays you back :)

Finally! Authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy Hand Bag :"> 
(2nd Hand from friend) 
Chanel Perfume

Blogging through iphone5 again :) Just sharing with you my new stuff :) No classes tomorrow yey! :) Goodnight every one! :) 

Not the Usual Me

DSC04951 DSC04952 DSC04965 DSC04961 DSC04967 DSC04976 DSC04977 DSC04991
Studded Killer Shoes - Check. Boyfriend's Tee - Check. Ombre - Check. Bonet - Check.
4 pieces that is very unusual for me to wear. And yes, It is always fun experimenting! It's always fun discovering another side of yourself :) right? I wore this to school anyway.

Top- TopMan (Prize from TopMan Event)
Shorts- Thrifted
Ombre Tights- Romwe
Socks- UNI QLO
Shoes- J. Campbell c/o Wholesale-dress.net
Shades- Mint
Bonet- Romwe
Bag- DBL HongKong
Ring- Pop Fairies

I have to cut this blog post short because I have a lot of plates to do. 
Peace be with y'all! Have a Great Sunday!
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