Jan 20, 2013

Tights. My New Favorite School Statement

Hello dollies!! Do you know that this will be my 4th post for this day already?
Hihi. I've been working on my backlogs and I just realized that I already have a lot of OOTDs that I have to show you. And I have to let go of them because I know that there will be much more queue on my back logs after my HongKong trip. So here I am, Spending my Sunday for blogging :)

It's been a while already since I last posted an outfit post. And just like what I told you on my last blog post, expect a lot of School outfit posts because I have classes from monday to saturday. Our class started last january 8 2013 and this is the first time that I will post a school outfit for this term. So imagine how many back logs I have! :| Thus, say hello to SCHOOL-OUTFIT-OF-THE-DAY starting tonight!
I am so inlove with this floral sunday dress from PINK FASHION.
It's been on my closet for quite some time now and I know I have to wear them already. But I have no morning gala these past few days where I can wear short skirts like this. So the moment that I bought this maroon tights from FOREVER21, I knew I will wear this dress to school :)

By the way, Im starting to love the dress-tights combo! hihi. So expect more outfit posts like these :) I've collected a lot of tights lately hihi. 
The floral details of the dress matched the color of my tights. Perfect Combination indeed! :)
By the way, Pls get used to my new H&M bag! I always wear this to school since this is just some of the few big bags that I owned. And you know, I have to bring a lot of stuff to school. So I think I am overusing it :|
Do you love my earrings? It is a gift from my boyf. :) And guess what? It is from FOREVER21! 
He knows how much I love that shop. hihi. It is my favorite earrings right now so expect to see them on  my next outfit posts! :)

DSC02696 DSC02683
Say hello to my new Hush Puppies oxfords! :)
Okaay, so this picture explains how boring I am into my class :|

Tights- Forever21
Earrings- Forever21
Shoes- Hush puppies
Bag- H&M
Shades- Mint
Watch- My secret Shop

How did you spent your sunday? Hope you had a great one!
Gotta finish my plate now!

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