Jan 20, 2013


Hello dollies! Have you joined my latest giveaway here? If not, join now! :)
By the way, To begin my 20th year here on earth, Let's all welcome my newest sponsor!
SheInside.com ! :) I've been eyeing this shop for so long because they  really have such a great items that you cant just find anywhere!
I find their website such an easy-to-use-website than the others since it is very well organized. Just click the top button, and then there will be a sub categories of different kinds of tops that you are looking for. 

For example, I am looking for sweaters that I can bring and wear to Hongkong on Jan. 25 (To continue my birthday celebration), So I will just click the top button > sweaters category > Vintage sweaters and then Tadaaaa!!
Showing all the perfect sweaters for my travel! :)

And not only that, They also have shorts, blouses, dresses, accessories, pants and so on!

SheInside.com will definitely complete your wardrobe!!
What are you waiting for?
Check out their shop now! :)

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  1. So great site. I have visited this site, there are many cute sweater and dress, i love the green striped sweater, so i bought it from SheInside. the material is soft, and the price is low, so i so happy select some my favorite clothes from this site. When i read your article, i want to buy some beautiful clothes from Sheinside again.

  2. I had heard SheInside before, the price of their clothing is pretty average. There are many cute sweater. I love your article. Thanks for your sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing very excellent online store. I bought 3 t-shirts from Sheinside. The good quality, cheap price made me very satisfied. I would recommend it to my friends.

  4. In fact this offer is very attractive and I am searching it for couple of weeks. Please do share more offer about 20% Off With Code.


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