Jan 23, 2013

New Hair style? - Velvet and Floral Combo

Hello dollies! Starting today, till I get back from Hongkong, all of my posts will be scheduled posts :)
I have a lot of backlogs and I don't want to make it even more whenever I get hiatus while I'm in HongKong. So why get hiatus when I can do scheduled posts? :) 
1 post per day even if Im not here in Manila. That's love for my readers :) 
As usual, this is what I wore to school few weeks before :)
And guess what? That day, a lot of people asked me if I got a new hairstyle. And some even just said "Nice Hairstyle". But actually, I never do anything on my hair :| Maybe its just that my hair is always on a bun and this is just some of the few moments that I let my hair fall freely. 
And if you were to ask if my hair is rebonded, No. "Shampoo lng yan" hihi. char.
I so love this velvet leggings from ROMWE:) So comfy yet fashionable.
Btw, Who would think that velvet and floral would be a great combo?
That's the power of experiment. hihi.
DSC02758 DSC02764 DSC02766
I so love it whenever I own a designer's item. This is an authentic Givenchy pouch that is gift given to me by my auntie. It is a perfect pouch for my SONYRX100 :) Thanks tita Con!

Just so you know, all of my outfit shots are taken by my SONYRX100. Thanks Sony!
DSC02773 DSC02778 DSC02768

Leggings- Romwe
Inner top (black)- H&M
Shoes- Designer's Brand USA-Enzo Angiolini. 
*Thanks mom for this shoes!
Earrings and Necklace- FOREVER21.
*Gift from boyf. Thanks love!
Shades- Secret Shop
Pouch- Parfum Givenchy
*Thanks Auntie!
Watch- Omega
Pony tail (Right Hand)- Fast Fashion
Bag- H & M

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  1. Wow you won in laureen uy's giveaway!!! Cool :(

  2. Hello anon! Nope, I didnt join and I didnt win. But I asked my boyf @janburgos to join though. Haha! He won and he gave it to me :)

  3. You look eye candy:) cool hairstyle by the way.
    These leggings are very comfortable. I tried the corduroy leggings from Hue and they were too tight and could not get them over my heel. I'm not kidding. These, on the other hand, are very soft, stretchy, & comfortable (in the same size as the corduroy leggings). You could even sleep in these.

    Nancy Davis Reagan.


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