Jan 20, 2013

My 18th Birthday Party

Hello dollies! As promised here
"I will just show to you my previous birthday parties that I can never forget! :) And since that I wasn't able to show you those events because I am not yet a blogger that time..." 
I will show you now My 18th Birthday Party! Yay! :) 
So, during the actual date of my birth date, January 18, 2011, My high school friends surprised me! hihi. (My friends also surprised me during my 17th birthday. And that's another story). They went to my school, Mapua, unexpectedly and we had a drink! :) 

Moving on, Since I already had a traditional debut during my "Super Sweet Sixteen Party", I just opt to celebrate my birthday through a simple private party :) I just rent a small but cozy party room, with a jacuzzi where my friends and I can party till we drop! :) Well, my inner goddess screams "I AM LEGAL TO DRINK NOW" during those moments. HAHA!

And what made my party a success?
And lastly, is the fact that my friends from different groups(Like I have 7 group of friends who went there) got acquainted and they became friends! It felt so good when I saw pictures of my friends (from different group) together which they just knew each other that night. hihi. 

It was a blast! Memorable enough for a debut party :)
Let the pictures do the rest of the talking! :)
The Venue :)
Drunk friends! :)) I admit, I also got drunk that time. hihi.
My sister (from my father only) 
Pole dancing eh? :))
Mobile Bar :)
Jacuzzi! :)


By the way guys,  I wanna thank you for all the birthday greetings!! twitter, facebook, emails, calls, and text messages from family, friends, readers, sponsors and even from people I don't know :') I can't thank you all one by one :') I had such a simple yet wonderful birthday :) My family, friends and boyfie surprised me a simple birthday party! Angdaming nagmamahal sakin :') And I thank you Lord! I am so blessed. :) I love you guuuys :')

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