Jan 7, 2013

Missing Tumblr

It's almost half a year since I am using blogspot. And there are things that I miss about my old blog (www.anythingabouttrishie.tumblr.com), First thing is that I can reblog random inspiring posts/pictures that I want, second is the question and answer portion, and lastly is that I can post any random single picture anytime I want. And I realized that being a blogspot member is not a hindrance to post every single photos that I want.
hihi. So I will just share with you guys one of my sketches!

Summer id fast approaching!
Hope you like my sketch! :)

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  1. awww. same tayo dear. I sometimes think na tama bang nag-blogspot ako? hahaha. anyway, yieeeee! magkaka-summer collection ka na? :)))


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