Jan 24, 2013

Girly Military. Camouflage- 2013 Trend

Anyone who paid close attention to men’s fashion trends in 2012 knows that military style began to make a big impression during the late summer/fall months of the year. With the look popping up on runways throughout the world, it’s very likely that 2013 will see just as large an impact from military style clothing, and for good reason; the style can be very attractive when employed properly. While it’s not a look that will work for everyone -Yes not for me. Because I am the girly type of girl. But I know I have to give it a try becuase it’s one that is worth taking into consideration as being a top trend for 2013. 

Even if camouflage is not my thing, I still made sure that the "Trishie Look" will still be recognize in my over all look :)
DSC00127 DSC00129 DSC00140 DSC00147 DSC00145
Lovely necklaces from my mom! Thanks mom! Perfect :)
DSC00143 DSC00144 DSC00149
Corset Top- Vaintage
Vest- Friend's Vest (Gift)
Skirt- Old Navy. Thanks Mom!
Bag- Hued Bags
Necklaces- US Brand. Thanks again, Mom!
Cover up- Thrifted for 5 pesos
Shades- Secret Shop
Belt- Borrowed from boyfie :)

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