Jan 20, 2013

December Back Logs

Christmas was done, New Year was done and my birthday was done as well. And I haven't still blogged some of my december back logs :| Jeez. Im so sorry. So before Valentines day will be done too, I will blog now my december back logs! :)

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So this is what I wore on a One-Night-Two-Events of me that happened last December 22, 2012.
I am so much in a hurry that I haven't had a separate outfit shots :(  So pls bear with those 2 pictures above.

I so love this dress from vaintage shop. I've waited for a right event just to wear this dress. That is how much I adore this glamorous dress but the pictures didn't give justice :|

Dress- vaintage shop
Shoes- Melissa
Bag- Thrifted
Cuff (Right Hand)- Tinsel Shop

IMG_0152 First Stop- Mapua Cheerping Cardinals Christmas Party 
Everyone had a blast here! We have tons of the coolest games ever! hihi.
IMG_0174 IMG_0181 IMG_0226
We watched a very heart warming AVP that was dedicated to our one and only 
Mother dear, Nay Kit Kat :)

And then what else should we done? DRINK AND PARTY HARD! hihi.

Unfortunately, I went home right after the program ended and just had a lil' party. Because as one of the DDG members and contributor writers, I had to attend the
DDG's 3rd Anniversary and Christmas Masquerade Party
Did you also noticed that our dresses have resemblance? hihi.
IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0282
We went to another bar after the DDG's event. I have no photos though. 
And then the night after these events, I went to Tides bar QC with my friends to chill :)
But Unfortunately, again, I have no outfit shots :( If only you knew how much outfits that I am not able to take pictures :|
IMG_0301 IMG_0305 IMG_0306
Yes! Finally! Done with my December Backlogs :) I have posted the New Year, Christmas Eve and other December events naman eh db? :)

Expect a lot of SCHOOL OUTFIT POSTS this first quarter of the year. Because I have classes from Monday to Saturday. That means a school outfit everyday till March! 

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