Jan 14, 2013

Cheerping Cardinals at Pangasinan Day 1

Holliday is over, Summer is coming! yay! hihi.. Hmm.. 
Okay so, About this post, my pepmates, The Mapua Cheerping Cardinals,
Had our yearly outing last January 2 to 6 - Just the week before the classes started. 
We went to Tambobong Resort, Dasol Pangasinan! :)
Each of us really had a good time for sure! I will blog a separate post about our outing soon! 
But as of now, Lemme show you my outfit during Day 1 :)

(c) Marqui Sevilla
I so love my hair! Thanks to my pepmate Matsi :) loveyah fierce! :)

Hello Kuya Mark! :)
Hi Kuya B! :)
Hi Bence! (Before we fought...)
...After we fought :) That's what family is. :)
Cheerping  is my second family :) We are brothers and sisters :)

Hello Group Mates!! :) BEST GROUP! hihi.
Well, We have a lot of events during our mini vacation. (A lot of games such as amazing race and so on) We are 80 over all and we opt to divide ourselves into 3 groups :)

Stay Tuned for my next posts about this vacation! :)
Oooops by the way, You can also watch the video that I made about our outing :)
The video tells a lot about our outing anyway :)

Gotta sleep early for my early classes tomorrow.
Goodnight everyone!
xoxo :)

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