Dec 27, 2012 REVIEW

"The Cheapest Global Online Clothing Store"

And yes! They are right! They are actually the cheapest online store ever.
I know this online store years ago way back when I am still not a blogger. 
And I always get lost on their shop because of the thousands of items that I actually like! Not to mention that you can buy clothes for as low as 1$.
I am so tempted to buy there but I don't have any credit card or paypal. 

So the moment that I started blogging, I contacted them if we can have a collaboration. And luckily, After looking my blog statistics, they granted my request to have a give away. And it is worth 50$ GC!

(I remember this hater who started to hate me because of this online shop. haha! She is telling me that wholesale wanna sponsor her blog but she declined it because wholesale is really a bad clothing store. Only to found out that she is asking clothes/shoes to them just lately. lol. And who would doesn't want free clothes whether it is bad or good? :P Do you get what I mean? What a barber girl she is. Maybe I have a short hair now if I believed you HAHAHA lol. I know I know I am mean. And I know that you are reading this.  SOCIAL CLIMBER. HAHAHA! JUST RANDOM.)

Moving on, My wholesale giveaway that time (When I was still on tumblr) was really a hit! 
I got 15k of entries! Holy Cow. I myself cant believe it!
hihi. So trusted my blog already, and they sent me worth 50$ of items (my choice) for review. Plus the 48$ I earned on my affiliate commission. (Someone bought on my link).

And that was such a great Christmas gift to me!
Check out my blog post HERE so you'll know what I'm talking about :)

If you type " Review" on your google, You will find tons, or hundreds of NEGATIVE REVIEWS. Luckily, I don't have to take any risks. I can try their shop without paying anything.

So as a thank you for them for sending me some of their products for FREE, I will get this opportunity to share with you "My shopping Experience/Review"

Let's start!
Let me show you the items that I got.

Accessories all in good and safe packaging
I didn't bought any other clothes because I love their shoes as much as their clothes. hihi.

I am so lucky because unlike the negative reviews and feed backs that you can gather on the web, 
I didn't experience too much worse just like them.

-Tons of choices. Thousands of products.
-Good Designs.
-Super Cheap Price 
Fact: A lot of local korean online shops get their products at
-They sent me all of my orders. Nothing is missing.
-Their customer service always do reply 24/7
-Almost all of my items are the same as the picture on their website. 
-Good packaging
-Less than a month delivery(2 weeks I think)

-Door to Door Delivery
(Unlike the other shops where I should go to the post office to get my items)

-I may say that they have a good quality of shoes, bags and accessories


FIRST: The shipping fee is too expensive. PROVEN.
I am just too lucky to get them all for FREE!

SECOND: I can say that they have a good quality of accessories. But there is one gold ring that they sent me which disappointed me. I don't even wear it for a whole day but I can clearly notice that the ring color is fading. The gold turned into red-ish.

THIRD: There is only one size or "free size" on their clothes section.

IMG_1551 IMG_1554
FOURTH: All of the shoes are just packed like this. They don't have any box :|
Okay maybe just to minimize the "bulky-ness" when they ship it.

FIFTH: The size. Notice that they are both SIZE 5.
And notice here that their sizes are really different! The brown one is bigger than my foot :(
I must say that there is no consistency on their size chart.
Well Im thankful that it is bigger than it is smaller. At least I can just put pads in it. 

SIXTH: Can you see that gold thingy on the ankle part of the shoe?
Supposedly, There should be a ribbon on it. But they didn't send me any.
But that is a good thing for me because I more like em without ribbons! :)

IMG_1592 1
 Lastly, What made me really disappointed is this.
Notice that the declared value is only 93.23$ which is the true value of my order is 100$+
They told me that they will lower the value so I wont pay too much on the customs.

IMG_1588 1
But hey! This one is shocking!
I had to pay 4,345 Pesos just for the customs and whatever shit! :|
Crazy Philippine Customs right?
C.O.R.R.U.P.T.I.O.N huh?

Well, I know that it is not's fault. But I may say that this is the thing that you have to take risk. The Philippine Customs! :|
I am just lucky that I didn't paid anything to even the shipping fee so I thought that i really just have to pay for it. Well,  4,345PHP is super cheap for a 7 pairs of shoes and tons of accessories. Right?

All in all, I may say that it is good to buy at  because they have a good quality of product (I just dont know about their clothes) in just a very cheap price. But you just have to be careful with your size and you should take the risk of the amount you will pay to the CORRUPT PHILIPPINE CUSTOMS. 

Oh. Maybe I'm in a jail right now if Cyber Crime Law is already approved huh? Lol :))

I hope this review helped! :)


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  1. sama naman ng customs!! thas why i'm so hesitant to order stuff outside the Philippines..

  2. I guess that’s really the sad part of it. Oh! I hope they would change for the better. Thanks for sharing this information. You really have a great review.

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