Dec 17, 2012

Palauig Escapade Day 2

Have you seen my Palauig Escapade Day 1 post HERE? How about my other Palauig Vacation Posts  HERE , HERE  and HERE? Well, if so,  Here's what happened on our Second day!
Always and as usual, Let us let the photos and captions do the talking :)
I just wore my swimsuit from SwimseaCandy and topped it off with a fashionable knit sweater from define luxe to protect my skin against the sun. 

We played a literal bow and arrow :)

Unfortunately, We wasn't able to use our jetski for some reasons. Battery discharge I think. :( So we just have to take photos on it :D hoho. Next time jetski! :) I'll be back!
Some of my cousins and relatives came on our second day :)

So instead of using our jetski, We just used our boat :)

Shades - Check. Vests- Check. Sunblock- Check.

Real Stolen Shot

The forever "Kunyari Stolen" Shot :))
The forever "Kunyare Titanic" :))
Obviously, Im not in the picture. I hope you get why? Err.
Playing around in the middle of the sea :) Result? Super negra ko na! grr. haha :|

That was a long day ahead. we raced using our bikes, filled our tummies with plenty of foods(As always), we played Volleyball and Touch Ball, and lastly, we drank. Unfortunately, All of us got tired of taking pictures. grrrr.. 

It was a one memorable vacation with my friends :)
Next stop? HONGKONG! :)


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