Dec 12, 2012

Palauig Escapade Day 1

In continuation of my last blog post together with my posts  HERE , HERE and HERE, I would like to show you now what we have done on our mini vacation in our resort :)

Let us all let the pictures and the captions do the talking :)

We arrived there around 1:30ish AM and we just spent the night/dawn in our tree house. 

Laughing mode on! :) Happiness!


preparing our lunch. :)

The solids!

Wacky mode on!

Me and my Grandma in the tree house

The boys tripping on their beers :))

Grilling Time!

Eating time!!

Boodle Fight!

Swimming Time!

Beer on the Beach! Cool Eh?

Of course my baby swam too!

He looks comfy in the sand huh? :)) Cutiepatootie coby!

With my lola again :)

Enjoying the sunset :)

Playing around!

We ended up our swimming by surfing :) Then of course we ate dinner, then we made a bonfire! weeee! Unfortunately I wasn't able to take picture of it :(
Bonfire by the beach while drinking with your friends. How cool is that eh? :)

Yay! Wait till I post our Day 2! hihi..
I really have the coolest friends ever! :D


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