Dec 26, 2012


Hello dollies! I am really really sorry if my blog is not active these past few weeks again :( It is due to our finals week, and at the same time, its the holiday season that we are always waiting for every year. You know, Christmas Parties and Christmas Shopping everywhere! :)

Unfortunately, My friend broke my DSLR's memory card. It's kinda corrupted and all that. T.T As far as I know, I have 5 outfit shots and 3 event photos there T.T And I don't know how the hell in the world I can recover em... Do you have any idea how? PLS HELP! :((

So for the mean time - since I still don't have my outfit photos to blog about, I will just blog my ROMWE Shopping Cart.

Isn't this cute? :) 
A dandy dainty leggings.
I know I have to buy this so I can wear my short and dainty Trishie Couture skirts at school :)
Do you remember my Alexander Mcqueen Clutch that I'm talking about here?
Well sadly, I. LOST. IT. Even without taking picture of it while Im wearing it :(
So I never think twice when I saw this another Alexander Mcqueen Clutch from Romwe
I know it is expensive. But my heart is telling me that I have to buy this. 
And when I get it, I'll promise that I will take care of it :)

I feel like I lack black necklaces. So I know I have to buy this too! :)
I am not the edgy type of person. You know that! But this season shouts leather!
So why not? It's always fun to try something new :) 

All in all, I spent 150$, for FREE! :) And I still have 30$ left in my account.
Oh I so love ROMWE!

How's your Christmas everyone?
5 days to go till 2013!!
Please be good to me!

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