Dec 19, 2012


Hello Dollies! Last Monday, I attended a taping for Fashbook's Christmas special episode.
Fashbook is a show on GMA 11 hosted by Solenn Heussaff. And I am shocked that they contacted me if they can feature my walk in closet on the said show.

The show scenario is like this- My walk in closet would be on the show's introduction saying that my walk in closet is every girls dream. And then because it is a Christmas Special, We will help a girl, a volunteer social worker, who is dreaming to have a walk in closet. So by surprise, We are going to give her her dream. 

The scenes/tapings and surprise thingy for that girl happened last Monday. And I also have a very short segment there while Im putting Trishie Couture Stuff on her newly made cabinet. 
Then supposedly,  the next shooting for my walk in closet should have been yesterday. But unfortunately, Im not available for taping because I have a lot of errands at school. PLATES!
So I asked if it can be move on wednesday (today)

Only to found out (last night) that the taping for my walk in closet is cancelled because the episode will air tonight! Yah I am kinda disappointed. Well who doesn't? But no one to regret here because plates, grades and studies are more important than anything else.

What if I go for the taping yesterday? Then I wont be able to submit my plates? Then what? I will fail and suffer to repeat the subject for 3 months just for the sake of my TV Feature? I hope you get my point. hihi. 

Well, I am still looking on the bright side. At least I made a girl happy because of my Trishie Couture clothes :) And at least I still have a very short segment on that episode. And lastly, Trishie Couture logo and website will be flashed on the closing billboard together with the show sponsors such as ACE HARDWARE and so on. Oh diba ang big time lng ng kahilera ng Trishie Couture? hihi.

I'm still blessed and lucky for this kind of opportunities. This is kinda free TV advertisement for my Trishie Couture. ( )  Right? :)

So guys, Dont forget to watch later all right? :D


By the way, since my walk in closet wont be feature on TV anymore, at least I have a blog where I can feature it! haha oh diba pak! hihi. :)
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By the way guys, its ROMWE's FINAL CHRISTMAS SALE!!
Everyone can get a Santa Claus’ Stocking with Mysterious Gift if your order over $60!
What are you waiting for? Check ROMWE.COM now! :)

It's almost Christmas! And there is only 1 month to go before my birthday!
Hooray!! :D By the way, I will resume my regular outfit posts this week! I know you are missing them already. hihi. xoxo


  1. Hayaan mo na girl! The opportunity will come at the right time =)

  2. hi trishie. you're really awesome :)) you're such an inspiration :))

  3. @jOYCE : Yah girl tama ka nga dyan :) Maybe may next time pa nmn db? hihi

  4. @KRIS: awww.. THANK YOU KRIS! <3 I am so honored to be your inspiration. xoxo

  5. Wow! I really love your walk in closet! EVERY GIRLS DREAM NGA! <3 ikaw pa lng sa pilipinas kilala kong may ganyan :( envy you I hope to meet you soon

  6. @Cheska- aww thank you so much! may mga iba din naman siguro. LIZ UY! hihi. I hope to meet you too soon! <3 xoxo

  7. Nice ate :D im happy for you


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