Dec 31, 2012

BEST OF 2012

It's hard to believe that another year is just beginning. Welcome back to what is likely to be an extremely busy 2012. This year has the potential to be a very challenging and fruitful year for me and I’m personally very proud of what "Anything About Trishie", Trishie Couture, "Your Fashion Architect" and I myself have achieved over the last 12 months, (11 months of blogging to be exact).

It's been so challenging to me because first of all, I started blogging. And tru this, I earned friends and even haters-that made my life even extra special slash challenging. I learned that I am an inspiration to some people, I even influenced 5 people to make a blog. And you don't know how much happiness that it gave me. At the same time, I also heard and saw a lot of criticisms and hate comments on my blog. Which made me more likely to blog and make them realize that they are all wrong and they can never bring me down just because of their filthy-hate-insecure-anonymous comments. hihi. 

Because of blogging, I become one of those lucky and blessed girl who are receiving free clothes! Who doesn't like that? I also started to attend random events where I also found a lot of friends from the fashion and blogging world :)
My 2012 Runway Ramp :) 
Some random agent asked me to model for SM Summer Super Models.
It is a scripted event though. lol. I have to pretend that I really joined the contest and I just won. hihi. And that was the first time I met ate Lau and ate Cams :) They both became my personal stylists that day :) Not to mention that we had a 5,000 worth of shopping spree... with them! hihi.

Blogging  has pretty much gotten my life better. With having now reached a regular rank 30+ on and Beauty Category (rank 9 as my highest rank)-  I know it is not about ranking and such. I am just happy that because of that ranking, it makes me really happy to think people can relate to me and enjoy what I do and write about. I learned how much I am blessed and how much you guys support my blog :) I wish I could blog more, but everyone is so understanding about my busy schedule right? And I just want to say a huge thankyou. It doesn't even matter to me about how many of you read it, whether it's 10 or 1000, I'm just grateful that you guys take the time to read it and I'm sorry I can't always come and check out everyones blogs. Alot of the time I do, but I just don't comment, and I think I should do that more in 2013. And thankyou especially to all my regular readers, I know some of you and I just want to say thankyou so much guys. You guys aren't just "readers" or "viewers", you're my blogger friends too, and to all the new friends I've made over chatting on twitter and such.. Just thankyou so so much. I hope I can keep it going smoothly in 2013! 

Moving on what made my 2012 the most fruitful and challenging is that...

Second, I continued my Fashion Design lessons that I started way back 2009. But guess what? I studied it together with my Architectural Course on a quarter sem school-Mapua. 
And I survived! Hooray! 2 birds in one stone huh? 

Third, 2012 is the year where I started to design gowns for clients! I even made an entourage gowns for a wedding! Weee. So it means that...

Fourth, it is the first year where I started to earn money for my self. Using my very own business- Trishie Couture. It is self fulfilling to buy your own stuff using your own money that you gave a hard work to. Besides that, I also earn money tru my own part time work which is as a...

Fifth, contributor writer on a magazine (DDG Magazine) which they pay an amount per word. 

Sixth, It is my first time to be featured on a magazine. But it is not just an ordinary magazine, It is CANDY MAGAZINE! :) Not to mention that I am also featured on DDG Magazines :)
Seventh, I achieve one of my dream, or should I say, every girls dream! A walk-in-closet! :) Plus a dream bedroom, and my very own house which I always beautify :) 

 2nd to the Last, I achieved one of my biggest dreams- I launched my very first clothing/couture line "Trishie Couture" Not just that I launched it, Trishie Couture has been a sponsor of several events already. It also even got featured on TV!
Myself wearing a Trishie Couture at The  Esquire Ball.

Trishie Couture Featured on FashBook

Trishie Couture Grand Launch

And last but not the least, I achieved another one of my biggest dreams -To have a charity/foundation in the future when I get rich. Who knew that this dream of mine approached me so fast? :) I just realized that that dream will not only be possible if you are rich. I am not rich, but I am so happy to help. And this year, I made my own charity. A Trishie Couture Charity :)

After all these roster of achievements, There are also things that gave so much challenge in my life.
First and foremost is the "Habagat Tragedy".  This will never be forgotten.

We gave shelter to 7 Families. This picture was in the vacant room of  the 3rd storey of our house. They got stranded just like us. :(

Second, is a broken friendship. I can't forget the words that she said to me "Hindi nga tayo close eh". How can she probably said that after I lend her clothes and let her sleep in my home. After I introduced her to my tattoo artist and made her her very first tatt. And after I brought her to a party and introduced her to my friends saying "Meet __, my friend". Only to found out that she is saying rude things about me, behind my back. Yes Im angry about her filthy behavior. And I just want to clear my hatred thoughts before this year ends. I will never say sorry. But if you can, I just want you to know that I can still forgive you. I still CONSIDERED you as my friend, after all  :)

See? Imagine that all of those things happened in just one year! I even didn't mention the events that I've been to, the outings that I had with my friends and relatives, and so on and so forth.  While there are some big and little things that bothered me  but never become a hindrance to my successes. And all of them wouldn't be possible without my very supportive friends, relatives, classmates and readers/viewers. Those are the people who shared their knowledge to me. The people who is there once in my life, the people who left me and the people who is always there for me. The people I inspire and whom I inspire. The people who loved me and still loving me. Those things are never possible without my ever loving mother who never stop understanding me and supporting me. My haters and the people who stoop on me, degraded me, doubted me and judged me. They are the one who made me strong and made me the kind of girl  who wont let anyone's discouragement and staring judging eyes to stop me from doing what I want and what will make me more successful. And I wanna THANKS TO EVERYONE OF YOU! :)

Have a wonderful new year dollies, KEEP SAFE!
HELLO 2013 :)

Trishie Couture on TV! Fashbook GMA

 Okay, I just realized that I never post this video here on my blog :| But if you're a follower on my twitter and a fan on my facebook, maybe you already saw this one. :)
About the video, Pls click HERE

By the way, Visit Trishie Couture's Website here:

Dec 28, 2012

Chritmas Outfit

This what I wore during the Christmas Day.
I made sure that what I'll wear should be something that is appropriate from day till night.
Gift giving on morning till afternoon, then party all night! Of course it is together with my family and love ones :)
This is how my walk in closet looks like after I put my make-up on. haha! M.E.S.S.Y.

This top from ROMWE is so simple yet elegant. And I so love it!

I dont have to add any necklace and bracelets because the button down's collar and cuff pailletes are already a statement to my outfit. 
I find this outfit so simple but the Zebra pouch added an extra oomph!
IMG_0581 IMG_0588 IMG_0586 IMG_0578 IMG_0571copy IMG_0589

Shorts- Random brand
Zebra Pouch- From States
Ring(Right)- HUED Bags
Ring(Left)- From Friend

Dec 27, 2012

Living Disco Ball - Christmas Eve Dress

Hi dollies! How was your Christmas? I told you that my friend broke my DSLR's memory card which have my 5 sets of outfit shots - that's why I am not posting outfit posts lately. And I cant wait to to recover the files before I blog another outfit post. That's why those 5 outfit shots will just serve as my "forever backlogs" lol. 

This time, I want to show you what I wore during the Christmas Eve :)
As usual, I am always late. And all of my family got surprised and tease me about my dress. They told me that I am a disco ball! haha! 
By the way, this shot was taken inside my house :) Do you love my Christmas Tree? hihi.
I am so into paillettes/sequens lately and I really love this ROMWE dress!
You are blind if you dont notice me on the street. It is really such a head turner dress! :)
Of course I accessorized with black and gold accents. You know me very well ^^
I remember when my auntie told me "Isasanla ko muna yang damit mo" HAHAHA. lol
IMG_0608 IMG_0609
O diba parang model lng ng SM Accessories ang peg. HAHA!
I so looove the bokeh effect coming from my dress and the christmas lights. 


This is my new favorite ring from my newest sponsor, HUED BAGS.
Check out their shop for their trend setting and statement bags!
IMG_0620 IMG_0621

Dress- ROMWE
Shoes- People are People
Watch- Omega
Ring (Circle)- From my gay friend Kuting
Ring (Beside the circle ring)-
Skull bangle-
Ring(Right)- HUED BAGS
Bangle with orange gem- YSL
Bag- From States, Pepe John
Necklace- Gift from Jan

How's your Christmas vacation goin so far? :)

"The Cheapest Global Online Clothing Store"

And yes! They are right! They are actually the cheapest online store ever.
I know this online store years ago way back when I am still not a blogger. 
And I always get lost on their shop because of the thousands of items that I actually like! Not to mention that you can buy clothes for as low as 1$.
I am so tempted to buy there but I don't have any credit card or paypal. 

So the moment that I started blogging, I contacted them if we can have a collaboration. And luckily, After looking my blog statistics, they granted my request to have a give away. And it is worth 50$ GC!

(I remember this hater who started to hate me because of this online shop. haha! She is telling me that wholesale wanna sponsor her blog but she declined it because wholesale is really a bad clothing store. Only to found out that she is asking clothes/shoes to them just lately. lol. And who would doesn't want free clothes whether it is bad or good? :P Do you get what I mean? What a barber girl she is. Maybe I have a short hair now if I believed you HAHAHA lol. I know I know I am mean. And I know that you are reading this.  SOCIAL CLIMBER. HAHAHA! JUST RANDOM.)

Moving on, My wholesale giveaway that time (When I was still on tumblr) was really a hit! 
I got 15k of entries! Holy Cow. I myself cant believe it!
hihi. So trusted my blog already, and they sent me worth 50$ of items (my choice) for review. Plus the 48$ I earned on my affiliate commission. (Someone bought on my link).

And that was such a great Christmas gift to me!
Check out my blog post HERE so you'll know what I'm talking about :)

If you type " Review" on your google, You will find tons, or hundreds of NEGATIVE REVIEWS. Luckily, I don't have to take any risks. I can try their shop without paying anything.

So as a thank you for them for sending me some of their products for FREE, I will get this opportunity to share with you "My shopping Experience/Review"

Let's start!
Let me show you the items that I got.

Accessories all in good and safe packaging
I didn't bought any other clothes because I love their shoes as much as their clothes. hihi.

I am so lucky because unlike the negative reviews and feed backs that you can gather on the web, 
I didn't experience too much worse just like them.

-Tons of choices. Thousands of products.
-Good Designs.
-Super Cheap Price 
Fact: A lot of local korean online shops get their products at
-They sent me all of my orders. Nothing is missing.
-Their customer service always do reply 24/7
-Almost all of my items are the same as the picture on their website. 
-Good packaging
-Less than a month delivery(2 weeks I think)

-Door to Door Delivery
(Unlike the other shops where I should go to the post office to get my items)

-I may say that they have a good quality of shoes, bags and accessories


FIRST: The shipping fee is too expensive. PROVEN.
I am just too lucky to get them all for FREE!

SECOND: I can say that they have a good quality of accessories. But there is one gold ring that they sent me which disappointed me. I don't even wear it for a whole day but I can clearly notice that the ring color is fading. The gold turned into red-ish.

THIRD: There is only one size or "free size" on their clothes section.

IMG_1551 IMG_1554
FOURTH: All of the shoes are just packed like this. They don't have any box :|
Okay maybe just to minimize the "bulky-ness" when they ship it.

FIFTH: The size. Notice that they are both SIZE 5.
And notice here that their sizes are really different! The brown one is bigger than my foot :(
I must say that there is no consistency on their size chart.
Well Im thankful that it is bigger than it is smaller. At least I can just put pads in it. 

SIXTH: Can you see that gold thingy on the ankle part of the shoe?
Supposedly, There should be a ribbon on it. But they didn't send me any.
But that is a good thing for me because I more like em without ribbons! :)

IMG_1592 1
 Lastly, What made me really disappointed is this.
Notice that the declared value is only 93.23$ which is the true value of my order is 100$+
They told me that they will lower the value so I wont pay too much on the customs.

IMG_1588 1
But hey! This one is shocking!
I had to pay 4,345 Pesos just for the customs and whatever shit! :|
Crazy Philippine Customs right?
C.O.R.R.U.P.T.I.O.N huh?

Well, I know that it is not's fault. But I may say that this is the thing that you have to take risk. The Philippine Customs! :|
I am just lucky that I didn't paid anything to even the shipping fee so I thought that i really just have to pay for it. Well,  4,345PHP is super cheap for a 7 pairs of shoes and tons of accessories. Right?

All in all, I may say that it is good to buy at  because they have a good quality of product (I just dont know about their clothes) in just a very cheap price. But you just have to be careful with your size and you should take the risk of the amount you will pay to the CORRUPT PHILIPPINE CUSTOMS. 

Oh. Maybe I'm in a jail right now if Cyber Crime Law is already approved huh? Lol :))

I hope this review helped! :)


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Dec 26, 2012


Hello dollies! I am really really sorry if my blog is not active these past few weeks again :( It is due to our finals week, and at the same time, its the holiday season that we are always waiting for every year. You know, Christmas Parties and Christmas Shopping everywhere! :)

Unfortunately, My friend broke my DSLR's memory card. It's kinda corrupted and all that. T.T As far as I know, I have 5 outfit shots and 3 event photos there T.T And I don't know how the hell in the world I can recover em... Do you have any idea how? PLS HELP! :((

So for the mean time - since I still don't have my outfit photos to blog about, I will just blog my ROMWE Shopping Cart.

Isn't this cute? :) 
A dandy dainty leggings.
I know I have to buy this so I can wear my short and dainty Trishie Couture skirts at school :)
Do you remember my Alexander Mcqueen Clutch that I'm talking about here?
Well sadly, I. LOST. IT. Even without taking picture of it while Im wearing it :(
So I never think twice when I saw this another Alexander Mcqueen Clutch from Romwe
I know it is expensive. But my heart is telling me that I have to buy this. 
And when I get it, I'll promise that I will take care of it :)

I feel like I lack black necklaces. So I know I have to buy this too! :)
I am not the edgy type of person. You know that! But this season shouts leather!
So why not? It's always fun to try something new :) 

All in all, I spent 150$, for FREE! :) And I still have 30$ left in my account.
Oh I so love ROMWE!

How's your Christmas everyone?
5 days to go till 2013!!
Please be good to me!
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