Nov 21, 2012

Trishie Couture: Minnie Mouse Gown

Last November 3, One of my favorite "inaanak" celebrated her Christening and her 1st birthday party.
Would you believe that she is my 14th inaanak already? :o Whew. Maybe I'm just that generous kind of person. hehe.. Err.. Moving on, I made a Minnie Mouse gown for her, Gab gab, to match the theme of her birthday party :)
With her lola

Honestly speaking, I never liked copying any designs which just directly defines a costume.  A costume is the process of copying or imitating any famous attire or outfit (e.g. Minnie Mouse costume is a red with white polka dots). But it just so happened that Gab's birthday theme is Minnie Mouse that opted her mother, one of my best friend, to ask me to make a Minnie Mouse costume for our lovely-favorite-cutie-patootie baby Gab. Thus, I just gave the costume a touch of my signature designs or what we, fashion designers, so called "trademarks".

I hope you noticed my signatures/trademarks on this costume/gown. But if not, It is the balloon skirt, and the laces :D Its so very me. Its so Trishie Couture :D Agree? :)

P.S. I didn't used google about the definition of costume. Its just in my own perception :D

Peticote under her skirt

Its been years already since I last attended a children's birthday party and I can say that this time, my friends and I really had fun! The childish part of us just came out! hihi. We even played parlor games! Errr.. haha! 

Le girlssss

Le Boyfff

Pa-cutie patootie face! hoho :P

And another Pa-cutie patootie face with le boyff! hahaha :P awesome! :))
Then back to normal face,
Next, Le Outfitey! :D
I just had to sport some outfit according to the theme. Haha. Well, As the fashion designer of the celebrant indeed :D

So, this is my modern version of Minnie Mouse :D I hope I pulled it of! 

I added up some turquoise, green-ish or whatever-ish color is that on my outfit to give a contrast and extra oomph on my over all outfit. And I really do love this Bow thingy on my hand! :D 
Aminin mo, It was too outstanding on my outfit! dvaaah? Haha chos. 
I know you liked em too! hihi.. Thank you so much Vina for this one! By the way, I miss you! :)

Vina Just opened up her new online shop that caters classic, elegant yet affordable accessories :D
She will soon have her first collection of clothes! So better watch out!:D
Check out her shop HERE

This elegant gem necklace is from her shop too.
Again, Thank you so much vee! Will never get tired of wearing em :)
Still have some accessories from her shop that I haven't get the chance to show to you yet :(

Dress- Random
Bag- Dalagita
Belt- Genevieve Gozum
Necklace and Bow bracelet- AAĆ¼
Shoes- Primadona

 It's only tuesday and yet my body feels so tired for the week already :(
Errr Mapua. Ohhh Plates. Naaaay School works :(
How's every body goin so far?


  1. your inaanak is cuuuute! :) love your outfit!

    i am your new follower :)mind checking out my blog?

  2. Hi!

    Do u sell that minnie mouse dress?
    How much? :)

    Darlyn :)

  3. Hi!

    Do u sell that minnie mouse dress?
    How much? :)

    Darlyn :)


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