Nov 4, 2012

Trick or Treat!

I know I have a lot (no, I mean A.LOT.) of backlog posts but I think that this event must be first on the list since I don't wanna post this one when it is already out of season. I mean I have a lot of events to look up to this november-december so I better be on time! hey trish! blog on time plss! lol. 
Well you can't blame me for not blogging on time. Its not easy as it may sound but being a fashion designer, fashion blogger and an architecture student  on a quarterm school all at the same time is hella not easy men. I am such a busy person. TIME MANAGEMENT and priorities. That's it :) hihi. 

We do this kind of halloween party every year! Yes when I say every year, It means every year! hihi.

We had a lot of cool games with cool prizes! 

I have the best and the coolest relatives ever! P.S. My boyfie was present also. Find him! haha lol.


A horse drinking a red horse beer :)) laughtrip! :))
The classic apple eating contest. But this time, Its not by pair. The kids have to eat it by themselves only :)) HAHAHAH! That was hard huh?

The "sundot kulangot" game! hahaha! P.S. Sundot Kulangot is a food famous in baguio.
I told you I have the coolest family ever! hihi.
The polvoron game. As usual, you have to eat it and then shout something while your mouth is full :))
But we gave it some twist. They should also eat bico in between eating polvoron :))
I'm a fairy wearing some of my Trishie Couture Creation and my baby coby is a Super Man Dog!
^ Here's a sneak peek of another Trishie Couture Creation.. hihi.. 
Party harder! woohoo! :)) No age limit here! :))

This is the game we played which I WON! hahaha! :P 
My boyf and I also won in our Pinoy Henyo game. hihi.

Love this dress? For orders, contact me #Trishie Couture
Any design/style will do. :)

This is the another Trishie Couture Creation! 
P.S. I made all of these! Im such a hardworking fashion designer! hihi lol.
Designed it (Sketch it). Cut it (Pattern Paper). Sewn it :)
I really love the feeling when I see my creations finished and when it is already worn by someone.
See the whole details of this cocktail dress HERE

If I will to choose the "Best in Costume Award", I will choose this(my cousin) because he is the scariest!! My boyf even didn't recognized him hehe.

What more can I say? It was a blast!
How was your halloween?! 

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